Lunarian War (Graveyarded Pages)

Moved some Lunarian War pages to the graveyard!
Graveyard (Lunarian War): 1-5

After some long consideration, I’ve concluded that the current format for Lunarian War isn’t serving the comic very well. After the initial chapter, what I wanted to get at was a catalog of grievances — straws on Alice’s back — rather than plot or development. I think the single-image + text format that I’ve been playing around with on Twitter is very promising for this kind of subject, so I’ll be switching to this. Additionally, this will let me create a higher quality image, which I haven’t done in a while.

Also, I will be starting a new series shortly: “Let’s Clean the Moon! State Servant Stories”. This will be in a very simple vertical format with regular frames — like Nana’s Everyday Life. The simple format and regular beats should be perfect for State Servants.

Let’s see how it goes!

I’m very happy right now, actually — even after all this time, there’s still a lot of new territory to explore in comics and the various worlds I’ve working on. Even Big Egg isn’t nearly exhausted for content. I’m excited for the future!

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