Himehorn’s Daily Life 60-62

Himehorn’s Daily Life: 60, 61, 62

5 Responses to “Himehorn’s Daily Life 60-62”

  1. sp_ Says:

    I still check this site every day!

  2. admin Says:

    ;w; Thanks!

  3. TheMockingCrows Says:

    I’ve been following your work for so many years, I don’t recall when I started. It was ages ago though, back when I was still in school. You’re the only artist I’ve ever seen quite with your style, so even between moves and computer changes, or losing my saved lists of sites, I’d lose touch.. then come back and get to wallow in all the wonderful new things you’d made and touched on.

    You’re a big inspiration to me. I hope you keep creating for many years to come.

  4. admin Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, MockingCrow. ;w;

    I’ll keep at it! I have to update more often. Work is getting in the way at the moment… I need to learn how to balance things out.

  5. couchfort Says:

    One day… Penny.

    I know how it’s gonna go, too. It’s gonna be like NNN. Nothing forever, and then one day, you’re shitting out 10-15 pages a week, until it’s done. CANNOT WAIT!