A Cutest and A Bat World Tour – Sweden, Finland, Poland!

Cutest and Bat World Tour: Sweden, with Alexander!
Cutest and Bat World Tour: Finland, with Oskari!
Cutest and Bat World Tour: Poland, with Vok!

Thanks for bring such great hosts to the a cutest and bweh! Ah, I’m so happy. ;w;

4 Responses to “A Cutest and A Bat World Tour – Sweden, Finland, Poland!”

  1. sp_ Says:

    m…my comment… you… *sniff*


  2. admin Says:

    ;ww; ehh?

  3. couchfort Says:

    Today I used you as an example of showing patience for comic artists when they take hiatuses



    Oh, and I never told you how TCAF went. It needs a bigger building, or just claim the rest of the library. Saturday was overwhelmingly packed. Sunday was much better. Shintaro Kago's panel was really good. Megumi Igarashi also had an excellent panel. There was a great panel about indie comic publishers. I think the only thing I found disappointing was that a lot of the artists with tables were people I regularly see at cons in the US, so I didn't really feel like I left the country to see something different. Still pretty fun! We (my fiancee and I) might get a table next year!

  4. admin Says:

    >burning yourself alive
    Th-thanks for sticking around

    And thanks for the TCAF report… I wish I could have seen Shintaro Kago. Oh well. Good luck to you and your fiancee if you manage to get a table! =w=