Drawstream Today!

is this moe?
Drawstream: Starts at around 2 PM EST (16/08/2012) and streaming all day!

I’ll be drawing Cupcake 002, a Cupcake illustration and (if there’s time) another comic project (probably Metal Fist)

Also: If you mail or tweet me a picture of a cupcake (MS-paint tier is fine) I’ll include it in the Cupcake illustration!

9 Responses to “Drawstream Today!”

  1. Always bet on Cupcake-tan.. Says:

    You’re now seeing Moe Man wearing those panties.

  2. mycoffeeblack Says:

    Alrighty, I know where I’ll be at appoximately 2pm EST then.

  3. Aristagon Says:

    the devil knows no mercy

  4. jesusdan Says:

    FREEBIRD. my mind = blown.

  5. couchfort Says:

    ಠ_ಠ Offline

  6. jesusdan Says:

    i’m still watching…sporadically.

  7. ahr2nd Says:

    >Madoka OST
    >finished yesterday

    Too soon.

  8. maaya Says:

    dan o_o you should start these things earlier in the day in the future =( so you get more rest!

  9. Exodisma Says: