Drawstream Again

is this moe?
Drawstream: Starts at around 2 PM EST (17/08/2012) and streaming all day!

I’ll be wrapping up Cupcake 002, then do a Cupcake illustration and (if there’s time) another comic project (probably Metal Fist)

Also, Gallery Update: cupcake’s personal album

12 Responses to “Drawstream Again”

  1. Zinaida Says:

    Why am ‘I’ the first..?

  2. Reese Says:

    Because SOMEBODY has to be.
    Lrn2lgk 5crub

  3. Plaid Says:

    Is there any way to submit faxes? I’m over here in Japan and have no access to a scanner …

  4. admin Says:

    faxes; nope, unless you have a way to fax to an email address.
    If you do, fax that to [email protected]

  5. maaya Says:

    do we send fan art to the same address =O?

  6. admin Says:

    Sure, that’ll work.

  7. Zinaida Says:

    I wish I had a scanner..

  8. Exodisma Says:


  9. Doo Doo Doo Says:

    What a trooper, Dan. So much work done during the streams. :3

  10. White Ren Says:

    >He thinks grimdark is better than moe


  11. sp_ Says:


  12. saline Says:

    it totally syncs up to “Island Girl” by Elton John. Huh…