Test Post. Please Ignore.

ORANGE BLUE!! SO DYNAMIC!! Testing post reader…

108 Responses to “Test Post. Please Ignore.”

  1. admin Says:

    This is a test comment, ze.

  2. someone Says:

    This is some test love. Please ignore.

  3. Cyber-Kun Says:


  4. Jo-ou Says:

    All. Of. My. Hate.

  5. AoC Says:

    Main page says that T42R and the rest updated a couple days ago. Which is untrue. I think, at least I recall that last page from Penny.

    Run Dan, run for the future!

  6. S Says:

    What a coincidence that I visit on the day of your resurrection. : )

  7. Markavu Says:

    I was hoping you had actually died so I could stop being disappointed 59/60 days and just stop checking.

  8. Taichi Says:

    The rest of the blog posts are gone forever?

    I think this is the first spark of anger I’ve ever felt against this site.

    But I guess it couldn’t be helped ;__;

  9. TheEFAF Says:

    HOLY FU-

    Well that’s cool.

  10. Dzhon Says:

    Oh… Hi Dan.

  11. Fronzel Says:



  12. mooper Says:

    Updatin’ liek its 1999!!!1

  13. zz905 Says:

    oh please be back

  14. Keys Says:

    Welcome back to the Matrix, Mr. Smith.

  15. Doo doo doo Says:

    ;__; Dan, I was so scared!

  16. couchfort Says:


  17. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    I was lost without you, Dan.

  18. x Says:

    test hate, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  19. moe 2.0 Says:

    We love you dan de geso ~

  20. Reese Says:

    Damn, got unnecessarily hyped about t42r updates. Would anyone be able to provide ye olde Metal Fist comics? As in, the pre-reboot ones?

  21. tempanon Says:

    What happened to all the old posts?

  22. x Says:

    dan we hate u this is good

  23. Aristagon Says:

    I was checking like every day if there is some Epitaph on Clone-Manga and Dan

  24. ma5h Says:

    I am glad you are back.

  25. Licorize Says:

    This is a test reply.

  26. TheEFAF Says:

    You realize this means our 300+ comments on one post achievement has been wiped…
    Oh Well!

    Also I suddenly had the idea that maybe all the Vs in the character names were supposed to be pronounced like a roman V…
    I hope not. I’d like it better if they really were Vs.

  27. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    >You realize this means our 300+ comments on one post achievement has been wiped…

    Well it’s not like he’ll be updating any time soon…


  28. render Says:

    Never stop posting ze~

  29. Greg Says:

    New penny fuckyeah
    Now just keep it up dan
    And I can gladly donate a few bucks if it means keeping the site up

  30. Atlas Says:

    Wasn’t sure what had happened and automatically feared the worst. Glad things are back up. 🙂

  31. Facebirds Unlimited Says:

    Had me a little worried there when the site was down.

  32. Mysko Says:

    Oh, Why Herro Thar Mishta. Dan!!!! Wercom Backk!!!

    For a sec I actually thought I called it with the whole “Site down due to massive updates” prophecy a few pages back.

    Glad to see I still have my precognition skills with me. 😉

  33. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    >Site down due to massive updates”


  34. Mysko Says:

    A man can dream, can’t he?

    A man can dream….:(

  35. maaya Says:

    Daaan are u sending these messages from a microwave??? y so short D=

  36. couchfort Says:

    Goddamnit, Dan


  37. admin Says:

    The rest of the blog posts are gone forever?

    Yep. Along with the discussion boards, but those were pretty dead already.

    Would anyone be able to provide ye olde Metal Fist comics?

    I’ll throw up an archive.

  38. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    Don’t forget to add the favicon again.

  39. RGE Says:

    When the site was gone for two weekends I tried to google to see if anyone knew what was up, but Google couldn’t find anything recent. I suppose I could’ve gone to 4chan, but that seemed like a big place to search manually. I just didn’t know what to do. So I did what I do best. I did nothing. *thousand-yard stare*

  40. admin Says:

    Yeah, that was a problem.

    I set up a backup page on faceblag:

  41. Always bet on Dan.. Says:


    You expected better from you, Dan.

  42. admin Says:

    You expected better from you, Dan.

    You should know better by now.

  43. Aristagon Says:

    Is the Horizontal Line on the topimage new or I just blind?

  44. admin Says:

    What horizontal line?

  45. Mysko Says:

    >”What horizontal line?”

    ….I see what you did there….

  46. joe Says:

    I am having trouble viewing the site. Is there a new address for clone manga? I thought I saw it up a day or two ago.

  47. Some random faggot Says:

    Still the same for me.

  48. admin Says:

    It should be up.
    Try flushing your dns cache if you’re still having problems.

  49. Aristagon Says:

    Horizontal Line….

    I saved it, was I realy the only one who saw it?

  50. Aristagon Says:

    Yesterday was thinking this to be some NNN mindfuck or something, dont know…. I refreshed the page 3 times to be sure than save the image. Well seems to be just some minor foult.

  51. couchfort Says:


  52. Aristagon Says:


  53. Anonymouse Says:

    I also googled, but the best I could find was what seemed to be Dan’s home address. With fans like these, it seems somewhat dangerous to have than information floating around on the internets Dan…
    … Daaaan….
    …. you’re shorter than I expected Dan….

  54. admin Says:


    I sleep in a tissue box and ride to work in a wind-up 1950s firetruck.

    : (

  55. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    How did Nana fit in your box before she got lost around the world?

  56. Jo-ou Says:

    You still have a job? Consider me impressed!

  57. couchfort Says:

    @Aristagon: I was making fun of you because I found you saving a pic of a graphical error to show Dan utterly ridiculous.

    @Jo-ou: Dan’s full-time job is giving us false hope and crushing our dreams of moar.

  58. Elliot Says:

    > a wind-up 1950s firetruck.
    A FIRE TRUCK? You rich wench, I have to work in a Ford T1. 🙁

  59. couchfort Says:



  60. RGE Says:

    Yes. I request more Penny Tribute. It is much easier to understand a comic where the main character is new to her environment, and we can discover the world along with her. Is that all she ever was? A peep hole for a world building exercise? If only I could muster the hatred so we could get Dan rolling. Like a fat goth being tipped over and then rolled around the mall, puking energy drink all over the floor. Blblblgahsplooosh.

  61. Oscar Says:

    Yay~ I can see the comment page now, too!

  62. maxie Says:

    glad it ur back…testing

  63. jesusdan Says:

    hmmm. so you’re not dead after all…s’pose you should get to work then ‘eh?

  64. Reese Says:

    >no 9/11 10th anniversary sequel to The Last Laugh
    I am very disappoint.

  65. couchfort Says:

    ^ this x1000

  66. Y Says:


  67. Atlas Says:

    And the Facebook said, “Please leave an appropriately venomous message of hate to let me know you’ve dropped by.”
    …Do you expect any less of us Dan? 😛

  68. Riddle Says:

    We now return to your regularly scheduled nothing.

  69. couchfort Says:

    @Riddle and hating, don’t forget the hating. lots of hating.

  70. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    That’s pretty much obligatory, couchfort.

  71. couchfort Says:

    At this point, not hating would actually be a surprise.

  72. couchfort Says:

    C’mon guys, what is this. What is this? We haven’t even broke 100 posts yet. It’s been half a month already, we should have 100 posts down to an art by now. Pretty sure we don’t start really counting comments until we hit the now Dandustry standard of 100 comments.

  73. Dzhon Says:

    I’m sure it has something to do with the sporadic access to the blog pages recently.

  74. Y Says:


  75. jesusdan Says:

    contribootin’…& seething.

  76. Always bet on Dan.. Says:


    I-it’s not like I’m commenting for your sake or anything. I.. I just felt like posting a comment.. that’s all!

  77. REESE Says:


  78. Plaid Says:

    The Tartan guy, checkin’ in.

  79. Oscar Says:

    This blog is tsun so that it keeps hiding itself.

  80. mrah~ Says:

    Contributing to the post count and failing at Dan hate. I just want Dan to love us… ;_;

  81. elsonine Says:

    Okay guys, something has been bugging me. If Nana is in the same universe as Gunslinger Girl,
    why has she not yet been mind-wiped, given robotic limbs, and trained as an assassin for the Italian
    government? I mean Rico had the same basic problem.

    Don’t tell me it’s because of the horns,
    because there are hats for that. >:(

  82. Doo doo doo Says:

    ^Because Nana has vectors, ages too fast and would be too fucking happy to have limbs. Nana can’t be happy. >:( She’s not allowed to.

  83. Haggis Says:


  84. Y Says:


  85. sleepy Says:

    what is this

  86. Plaid Says:

    Waiting warmly for new content.

  87. Ultroll Says:


  88. admin Says:

    Trolling in the comments is like pissing into an ocean of piss.

  89. couchfort Says:

    I don’t think what we do is even trolling anymore. Pretty sure it hasn’t been trolling in YEARS (the last time Dan finished a real comic book not pages of words) At this point its just how we show our affection for Dan.

    Dan we fucking hate you <3

  90. admin Says:

    Ugh, it has been a long time, hasn’t it?

  91. Doo Doo Doo Says:

    It’s alright, Dan. We understand. We understand like how you understand us.

    Besides, as long as you’re even willing to do small updates, I’m happy enough. I guess it’d be pretty sad if things were over so soon, right? Though I’d have to say, Penny XI was the most complete thing I’ve ever read. It ended at a good place, and didn’t need more black screens or anything.

    Anyway, don’t do this just because you have fans pressuring you or jack shit like that. It affects the quality of your work and stuff. Do it because you want to.

    Though.. y’know, it’d be nice… :D?

  92. couchfort Says:

    @Dan Makes you wanna get back on that Penny train, doesn’t it?

  93. Jo-ou Says:

    Remember when April and May were sock puppets? Good times, good times.

  94. TheEFAF Says:

    Remember when…

    Actually I can’t remember when, it’s all from so long ago I’ve forgotten.

  95. nifty Says:

    Dan, just do us all a favor and quit drawing. You’re already half way there.

  96. smarle gost.- Says:

    yup yup !!
    Mr. Dan haha greetings from Chile
    testing reply xd

  97. Taichi Says:

    The blog has a different icon (or something, the tiny picture in a tab next to the website name) than the main website. Just noticed that.

  98. couchfort Says:

    test comment.

  99. couchfort Says:

    another test comment

  100. couchfort Says:


  101. jesusdan Says:

    dammit dan, do something!

  102. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    >Doing something

    Oh you.

  103. RGE Says:

    Well, well, well. It looks like someone is a cheating troll. Please continue.

  104. jesusdan Says:

    we huffed and we puffed. le bastardo.

  105. TheEFAF Says:


    That is because when someone bookmarked the main site, the forum, and the blog in order, their bookmarks would show a tiny Nana.

    Unless you mean he changed Nana’s head out and back while I was gone?!

  106. jesusdan Says:

    sorry…sorry e’rbody (excepting dan). I meant to say “el bastardo”. i’ve been on the drink since dan left us…again…malaise…yeah…ohh.

  107. holyshiter Says:

    o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ

  108. vps Says:

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