Cupcake-tan 002

Cupcake-Tan: 002


I hope someone cosplays this someday.

37 Responses to “Cupcake-tan 002”

  1. Zinaida Says:

    Haaa, haa, haa, haaaAAAGH..!

  2. Licorize Says:

    wh- why….. why i’m enjoying this…?

  3. admin Says:

    It’s called moe, man. Moe.

  4. Licorize Says:

    Didn’t know Moe included implied demon loli incineration. …wait, it’s you Dan, you can moefy Everything!

  5. couchfort Says:

    Dan… I don’t know what is we did to receive this punishment, but I’m sorry. Maybe it was one too many mean jokes thrown your way, I don’t know. But please. Please stop. It’s just… no….. Just no, Dan. Why do you have to hurt us so, Dan?

  6. admin Says:

    This is the most fun I’ve had doing comics since the end of NNN.
    This… this probably won’t stop any time soon.

  7. Not One Of Us Says:


    Welcome back, Dan. Welcome back.

  8. Doo Doo Doo Says:


    P-pepper.. Pepper did good, right?

  9. ahr2nd Says:

    This cupcake universe is going places!

    (And thanks for setting up a stream–makes seeing the finished product very satisfying.)

  10. Jo-ou Says:

    I’m glad you’re having fun, Dan, but if this means you haven’t been drawing Penny it will make me very, very mad.

    (also, i was srs about the dress designs. you shld ttlly send me those)

  11. maaya Says:

    I laughed *w*

  12. ashurei Says:


  13. Exodisma Says:

    pepper no ;_;

    DAN PLEASE ;_________________;

  14. Oblivion Shinma Says:

    Didn’t see that coming.
    Loved it.

  15. Zinaida Says:

    Gettin’ hot in here.

  16. Reese Says:

    Consider me entertained. Long live Robot Dan!

  17. maaya Says:

    o_O you want people to cosplay the exploding cupcake or pepper? *confused* and D=< you should make it easier to cosplay characters!! Hunting down ribbed fabric even at the end of summer is crazy-talks! This is almost as hard as finding gold trim during Christmas when all the Pageant-mom's HOARD it all for their ANGELIC SMALL CHILDREN costumes! Exploading cupcake is totally do-able though~

  18. Replica Says:

    5/5, Best Webcomic Ever.

    Also is the twintails one part cyborg or is that just some fancy armor im seeing there?

  19. admin Says:

    Fancy impenetrable armour.
    Her only weak spot is her zettai ryouiki.

  20. admin Says:

    That cupcake isn’t exploding! It’s… overflowing with received affection.
    I’d like to see a group cosplay someday. It’s nice to dream.

    I’ll throw something up on to the Design Works page once a get further into Cupcake.

  21. Jo-ou Says:

    Jawsome. I’m gonna shave my legs in anticipation.

  22. Zinaida Says:

    So how many of us actually realized that it was liquid luvvin coming out of the cupcake when we saw it?
    I mean, it ‘is’ Dan..

  23. maaya Says:

    =P how many characters will there be Dan? Will you be uploading concept arts eventually of front back and side views =P? I have 2! 2 other people interested in cosplaying from this now!….. but uh you will need to design that tanned chick you promised in the stream xD! plz ! tanned and not blond I hope o_o; anime has too many tanned x blond characters @[email protected]

  24. ahr2nd Says:


    Could be icing from a pastry bag. (There’s one visible on the first page of the series–looks like a potential sidekick / familiar.)

  25. admin Says:

    I’ll make sure there are front and back views.
    Tanlines will happen. : >

  26. Zinaida Says:


    “I mean, it ‘is’ Dan.”

  27. Zinaida Says:


  28. Jo-ou Says:


    Just make her a brown loli. White hair gets you extra points.

  29. admin Says:

    Why not both?
    Brown with tanlines?

  30. maaya Says:

    brown with tan lines and different hair colour than blond or korra? korra’s got dark hair goin already =/ also grey hair has been done with viletta and purple hair with that chick from utena o_o!

  31. Aristagon Says:

    @ Dan & the Clone-Crew

    This was one of the best webcomics I had read so far this year. Just catched up to the recent page.
    It has some references to Satres Play, The Hell are always the Others. And It kind of reminds me to Dans Less-Cupcake-Stuff, only that you actually understands a stringency in narration more quickly.

    Well Enjoy it

  32. couchfort Says:

    Caught up as well. Really doesn’t get interesting until the second Act. Kinda weird Ter hasn’t figured out they’re all dead yet. Oh well, I’m intrigued, I will keep reading this as it updates.

  33. Aristagon Says:

    I see it different but, I also agree that the second act is starting to develope some very interesting directions. Did you also regognized that Bet call Ter by the other name, when they depart? I guess thats a hint on his bandaged Head when he arrived at the Apartment in the beginning. I hope the answers are going to be great as the expectections rise pretty hight after all the mysteries develloped.

    Do you have some reading surgestions, Couchfort?

  34. couchfort Says:

    Yeah, I picked up she called him Ral, the name of the first roommate. Bern definitely plays a much larger role in this than he’s letting on. I think Bet(ty Paige) is the porno ghost. And I’m not sure how the actual porno itself, besides the name, tie into the story just yet. It’s either a personal hell for Ter, where the residences are all based on people he’s seen and actually met, or it’s purgatory. Also take note that with the exception of Z, who’s just one letter, Hank and Bern, who are four, everyone has a 3-letter version of their full name. That is soooooo gonna have a reason! strip, non-series format comedy revolving around mythology, fairy tales, religion, and folklore. Fucking HILARIOUS. This just finished at a mere 125 pages, but its fucking amazing. Light-hearted, charmingly child-like fantasy about a boy trapped in the world of dreams and his journey to wake up. Beautiful writing, beautiful art, amazing coloring. Probably the best new webcomic I’ve read this year. Definitely on my top comics for 2012, which is a very short list since webcomics have really been going down in quality the last few years. It’s why when I find one I really like, I latch onto it.

  35. Replica Says:

    >Tanlines will happen. : >

    This is my fetish. I love you Ser Kim.

  36. ToastCrust Says:

    That was perfect.

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