Cupcake Designworks + Schedule (?!)

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Design Works: Cupcake-tan

Some doodles and design work I did while on my trip.

In other news, there a phantom schedule on the main page. Drawstreams abound. Let’s see how this works out.

15 Responses to “Cupcake Designworks + Schedule (?!)”

  1. Exodisma Says:


  2. couchfort Says:

    There ya go, Dan! Force yourself to actually abide by a written schedule!

    Looking forward to the final design of Sleepdusa, that’s flippin adorable XD

  3. Exodisma Says:

    >Her electric moon-spiders obey her every command — they’ll rub their heads on you and make your hair stand up.
    >Pepper with over-sized horns.

  4. ahr2nd Says:

    So Snax et al. are now part of the Cupcake universe?

  5. admin Says:

    Here’s an old picture of Parnelle:

  6. admin Says:

    I think it’s a good fit.

  7. misfire Says:

    Cupcake-tan (DAT BUTTS), Snax (mai waifu), hats (!) … I do believe I shall be planning my days around your schedule. No pressure.

  8. Aristagon Says:

    Wow, I WANT to see the Snax Moppy Castle!!!!!!!!!!

  9. couchfort Says:

    I like the sketch cuz she’s all sleepy and wearing jammies 😀

  10. AoC Says:

    Funny how over the week I found myself missing having the stream playing in the background. This constant schedule will work out for you and us, I’m sure of it. Go for it you crazy bastard, show everyone what moe is all about.

  11. Jo-ou Says:

    Snax is back. I always had faith.

    AUTISMAL QUESTION: How do you pronounce Asatimine? mee-neh or mine?

  12. admin Says:

    Well, I used to pronounce it ‘min-neh’, but I’ve taken it pronouncing it ‘min’.
    So, Ah-sah-tih-min.

  13. Zinaida Says:

    I always said it ‘Ay-sat-ah-mean.’

  14. X Says:

    Don’t lie Dan. Just keep drawing the large breasts and buttocks.

  15. Jo-ou Says:

    I can roll with that.

    Also, daily reminder that your handwriting is turrible like dayum.