Cupcake Sketches

Gallery Update: Drawstream

I like how Cupcake’s face keeps getting wider and wider. Her butt, too.

10 Responses to “Cupcake Sketches”

  1. ahr2nd Says:

    Tomboy looks a little miffed–how does she survive in such a saccharine setting?

  2. Ryusajin Says:

    All widening accounted for via cupcake intake. This rate should not pose a problem, however.

  3. Zinaida Says:

    And Cupcake is getting LAA~AARGER!

  4. Jo-ou Says:

    That’s not wide at all!

  5. couchfort Says:

    I like the girly sailor outfit, mostly because it’s not a retarded leotard cupcake butt thing, partly because it’s flippin adorable and I love the girlishly cute pose.

  6. Aristagon Says:

    Its nice seeing things running.

  7. maaya Says:

    wide face a la ume aoki? wide and flat heads … so wide.. so.. flat.. like a bean V_V;;;;

  8. Trust Jollin' Says:

    I’m betting we see an appearance of obese Cupcake-tan within two weeks.

  9. acriman Says:


  10. ahr2nd Says:


    It had to be said.