Drawstream is online! (as of 7pm EST 15/09/2012).

Reminder: the drawstream schedule is on the main page!

9 Responses to “Drawstreaming”

  1. jesusdan Says:

    damn you dan!!! stuck in an airport with just an iphone. i can’t see shit on the fucking iphone! the background music is soothing however.

  2. Replica Says:

    God damnit Dan, im so drunk. Its 3:45 am here and i’ve been clubbing (seals) all night.

    Let me rest! This drawstream is too distracting! T_T

  3. jesusdan Says:

    two flights and a hamburger later, and it’s still going. i guess i sorta don’t completely hate you.

  4. jesusdan Says:

    and now it’s over. i mean, come on. fuck.

  5. Zinaida Says:

    You do this right after I leave for food, then I get back, and it’s off.

  6. admin Says:

    Sorry man, 2am here.

  7. Doo Doo Doo Says:

    Tra la la la~ These are the golden days, Dan. Sometimes, I almost feel like there is Tomoyo around the corner. :’)

  8. Zinaida Says:

    Your apologies are a -crying- a burden on my l-life..!
    -sob sob-
    I.. I’m hurting, Dan!
    You make me cry!
    From everywhere!

  9. X Says: