Cupcake Designs + Merch?


Cupcake Designs: Cupcake and Pepper

CUPCAKE CUPCAKE CUPCAKE. Finally, I can draw her consistently and comfortably. On the down side, drawing non-stop for a week has turned my hand to mush.

I’m going to celebrate by taking the next two days to oekaki (just very light drawing, not this non-stop scramble) and read some books I’ve been neglecting. Maybe I’ll actually go outside, too…?!

After, switching regularly between Cupcake and On The Subject of Witches!

Also, what do you think about Cupcake merchandise? Specifically, FLAT CUPCAKE OPPAI MOUSEPADES and CUPCAKE’S 63 MEGATON WEAPONS-GRADE BADONKADONK MOUSEPADS…?

25 Responses to “Cupcake Designs + Merch?”

  1. Moe Mocha Says:

    I actually do need a new flat mousepad. Can you print them with cupcake-flavored ink?

    >carbon neutral
    >turns threads to shit
    >too lewd

    If only I had such amazing powers as these girls.

  2. maaya Says:

    Dan, why don’t you make some round flat coasters too :O they might be easiest to make and printed on thick paper :3 and then laminated for goodness

  3. Zinaida Says:

    Go for it, Dan.
    You go for it, and don’t stop until you see dawn again.

  4. w Says:

    I like your character designs, Dan; they make me smile 😀 Glad to see Momoka Corner making an appearance again.

  5. Not One Of Us Says:

    Sounds cool and shit, but what’s this “outside” thing you mentioned? New game on Steam?

  6. Zinaida Says:

    No, isn’t Outside that zombie team-survival game that’s supposed to come out?

  7. ahr2nd Says:

    >Also, what do you think about Cupcake merchandise?

    That was cruel! I thought you were being serious for a second or two.

  8. admin Says:

    I am serious.

  9. ahr2nd Says:

    Yes, I would purchase Cupcake merchandise.

  10. Epi Says:

    i would like some cupcake-cupcakes

  11. Zinaida Says:

    I think I need a Cupcake pin, at the least..
    I need my pins.
    How else will people know that I’m a douche?
    By talking to me? Fuck that noise..

  12. I am a disgusting fat neckbeard man Says:

    And I need a mousepad that doesn’t get stained to disgust with my sweat whenever I play hard core videogames for hard core video game players such as myself
    since you people seem to be experts on the subject I would like some recommendations

  13. Exodisma Says:


    Get a custom one from Artscow with Cupcake-tan on it, remember to manipulate the system to get it for free until the end of the month!

  14. admin Says:

    Ok, I’m going to investigate Cupcake merchandise a little more seriously. I’ll post an update if anything happens.

  15. maaya Says:

    Dan, if people here really like buttons, button machines are a couple hundred but the supplies are cheap. You can make buttons frrlz all the times :V unless you want all 3 sizes of buttons then it’s a little harder :S

  16. Zinaida Says:

    People only really dig the one-inch pins, y’know?
    ‘Cause they’re the most stylish.
    But I guess it would be hard to get all of Cupcake on a one-inch..

  17. jesusdan Says:

    as i mentioned previously, i’d be happy with a t42 t-shirt re-issue. that being said, a cupcaketan shirt would be cool too, you could just put two cupcakes on the front (where my boobs would be if i were a woman, or a larger man), and maybe a drawing of cupcaketan on the back…i will give money for this.

  18. ahr2nd Says:

    Seconding a T42 shirt. I have a history with T42. Cupcake, while dear to me, is still new.

  19. Plaid Says:

    I’m going to the Madoka movie in Shibuya this weekend, so the drawing could not be more fitting. Thanks.

  20. admin Says:

    Argh, I’m envious. I wish there were a showing in Canada.

  21. anon Says:

    How about Cupcake-tan dakimakura?

  22. admin Says:

    It really needs to happen: a dakimakura of Cupcake holding a dakimakura of herself holding a dakimakura of herself.

  23. ahr2nd Says:


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