T42R 325-332

T42R: 325 – 332 (READ IN ORDER!)

Made some progress on Witches, too — but I want to do more Cupcake first.

27 Responses to “T42R 325-332”

  1. admin Says:

    Sorry about indulging in biographical comics. I’ll make up for it with some real comics next.

  2. Churuya Says:

    Hooray, Nana’s standing up for herself!

  3. Zinaida Says:

    Oh man, oh geez.

  4. maaya Says:

    I love these “SPIRIT OF COMICS” shorts :> Did the earthquake happen during or after the completion of the ‘Spirit of Comics’ ?

  5. Aristagon Says:

    omg….. semi regular udates…. cant handle it

  6. Henry Says:

    Very curious to see how this one ends since I happen to be in a very similar spot right now too. =P

  7. Oblivion Shinma Says:

    I missed Sakura.
    Pretty nice to see Nana again too.
    Excellent Cupcake in T42r soooooooo dishlishus, let’s have a slice

  8. Reese Says:

    I’m imagining someone reading T42R before any of your other comics, and never having any idea what’s going on or where the other characters are coming from.

  9. RGE Says:

    Only Penny can save him now.

  10. Fronzel Says:



  11. admin Says:

    That IS the end. No answers, only black pages.

    How’re things at Catinabox?

    I love her butt.

    Don’t be silly, no one reads my comics.

  12. ahr2nd Says:

    Ar… are you okay?

  13. couchfort Says:

    Dan has to draw himself going outside cuz its the only way he’ll do it on any existing plane.

  14. Farfeght Says:

    ;_; last page… So Beautifull!

  15. Not One Of Us Says:

    Tears of fucking joy, Dan. Tears of fucking joy.

    And it’s been longer than 12 years, hasn’t it?

  16. admin Says:

    It’s been a long fucking time.
    The first comic I drew (with my classmates) was in 7th grade. I was already hooked.

  17. Aristagon Says:

    Yes 7th grade was my start in comics too. I did a slasher comic with figures from the stuff we learned at school, mixing historical figures with Zombies and Vampires….. hey I wish I had a copyright on the idea, looking at recent films

  18. Zinaida Says:

    Got my hopes up, too. Hopin for some Pepper comics.

  19. maaya Says:

    Pepper and Nana in heaven comics? :V

  20. Zinaida Says:

    So fuckin depressing..
    But Pepper would go back to Hell.
    Not ’cause she’s bad, but because she’s a deeeeeemon.

  21. jesusdan Says:

    good stuff. keep at it, eh? i swear i’m not let down at all…

  22. Not One Of Us Says:

    Dan: was that the two-parter with the ambulance? Even if not, fuck does that take me back.

  23. admin Says:

    Pak-man Saga (1996, 7th grade):

    The ambulance one was the first real Clone Army comic, Cotton Candy Cindy:

  24. maaya Says:

    . . . . I’m amazed you somehow managed to keep everything o___o

  25. Henry Says:

    Cat-in-a-Box took a hiatus due to a project contract gone south. I ended up taking a full-time job, but after a year of that I was feeling it wasn’t for me. So technically I’m back on Cat-in-a-Box now, but really I’m on take-a-few-months-to-unwind-and-reflect.

  26. admin Says:

    Ahh, that sucks. I know what you mean about the full-time thing, though — the rat-race isn’t for me, either.

    Best of luck, whatever you decide on doing.

  27. saline Says:

    omg new tomoyo! so happy! Don’t ever stop please. This stuff makes me happy when I’m blue. Here’s some amphetamines and valium to help you sleep later.