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Gallery: Reader Works (Cupcake!)
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I somehow, unforgivably, didn’t label one of the Cupcake pictures. If that delicious Cupcake labelled ‘????’ is yours, please contact me. Sorry, brah, I suck. Also, if you have a website you want me to link to with your fanart credit, mail me! Also, also: If you sent me something and I didn’t post it, please send again- I probably saved it somewhere strange and lost it.

13 Responses to “Gallery Updates”

  1. anon156 Says:

    You’re missing cupcake in a bathtub of cupcakes by kekekeke.

  2. admin Says:

    If you sent me something and I didn’t post it, please send again… I probably saved it somewhere weird and can’t find it.

  3. Hamblasto Says:

    Oh! You posted it.

    By the way, you can just drop the “Steven” in my name. :X

  4. Jo-ou Says:

    Dude, how did you not get my shitty MSPaint pic? Also, I see the Black Page has finally infected T42R.

  5. Replica Says:

    Needs more KJXA.

    Nuff said.

  6. couchfort Says:

    I, for one, am glad MY shitty MS-Paint cupcake is lost forever. Srsly.

  7. ahr2nd Says:

    That last one is fantastic. SHE’S SO COOL!

  8. admin Says:

    I was saving the Cupcake cupcakes for that big illustration…

    Well, I might as well put ’em up.

  9. Replica Says:

    Dan Dan Dan.

    Is there any way i could convince you to create me an image i could possibly wall canvas for my new place? Ideally i’d like something that shows just how unsettling the facebirds are like this but with possibly less breast 😉

    (Chicks don’t dig naked chicks with creepy birds on their arms being plastered on your wall like yo.)

  10. badscribbler Says:

    And my abomination makes it to the website. If I would have known it’d take this long I would have taken a bit longer on it so it wouldn’t be so bad.

    At least people who can use a computer got some stuff in.

  11. admin Says:

    Thanks for the Cupcake!

    Sorry it took so long. I’m going to try and be more diligent about these things.

    I shouldn’t take on any new tasks — you’d be waiting until 2056.
    Congrats on the new place, though!

  12. Replica Says:

    Thanks anyway Dan!

    Will put my RMX Angel canvas up in the meantime 8D

  13. badscribbler Says:

    No problem you asked for it with that sock puppet account, though I reserve the right to submit a cupcake that isn’t completely awful though. I am a bit better than what that picture puts on but I can not do digital art at all.