Whiskey Strikes Back


Medical Whiskey, being the lewd, corrupting bastards that they are, have set their sights on Cupcake’s pure and demure behind. What MW marks is never clean again.

MW will be streaming Porn Wars 4 on Sunday Oct. 21, 5PM PST/ 8PM EST.

Poor, poor Cupcake. I expect everyone to be in the stream on Sunday. EVERYONE.

16 Responses to “Whiskey Strikes Back”

  1. Zinaida Says:

    What..? I.. I’m so confused…

  2. admin Says:

    Medical Whiskey is a collective of LEWD artists who are also pretty cool brahs (and lehdeys) and sometimes draw waifus on /a/.

    I drew that Whiskey comic about one of their artists being corrupted, so now they’re returning the favour.

  3. ahr2nd Says:

    That misc. comic suddenly makes a lot more sense.

  4. Zinaida Says:

    I gotta stop asking the same thing on here and FB..

  5. Aristagon Says:


  6. Jo-ou Says:

    I like how they freestyle’d just like Snax.

  7. Not One Of Us Says:

    Sunday? But that’s football day. You don’t schedule things on football day in AMERICA.

  8. couchfort Says:


  9. Formar Says:

    Why must I work on Sunday!!!!

  10. saline Says:

    I got excited thinking it was time, but then I realised it’s still Saturday morning in ‘merica. Hellllooo from the fuuuuture.

  11. Zinaida Says:


  12. iKo Says:

    I want to join a group.

  13. Aristagon Says:

    OMG I looked into all stream chanels, this is….. unspeakable…………..squish

  14. Aristagon Says:

    Ah gosh, maybe Dan got all the hellish way down to the Metaplot hell of screwdness and this MW Massra..stream of Cupcake is part of the Storyline?

  15. Always bet on Cupcake-tan.. Says:

    …. I’ll never look at her the same way again. ;_;

  16. ahr2nd Says:

    It’s like Cupcake skipped the story and went straight to the fan art. ;_; [2]