summer 2011 maximum

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  1. AoC Says:

    That would have been a nice image to have over the summer. But I prefer Autumn anyway, it’s such a nice season.

  2. Reese Says:

    Snax looks surprisingly good with tits.

  3. couchfort Says:

    This is not an update, Dan, this is just… just… oh Snax how you tease us so….


  4. Doo doo doo Says:

    But where’s Mr. Mopps? D: Oh, how I miss him so.

  5. Always bet on Dan.. Says:


    Dan being fast enough for a seasonal image? Surely you jest.

  6. Jo-ou Says:


  7. Plaid Says:

    Glad to have you with us, Dan. And it’s an exciting time. Next month everything returns to (Fate) Zero.

  8. woop Says:

    omg, rainbow hair!

    * pant pant pant *

  9. moe 2.0 Says:

    dan you’re a fantastic artist thank you!!!

  10. moe 3.0 Says:

    dan you’re an awe-inspiring person let me bear your children!!!!!!

  11. moe 4.0 Says:

    dan you’re the best artist eh draws snax and doesn’t afraid of anything

  12. Shawn Says:

    A summer image just in time for Australian summer. :0

  13. Suspicious Says:

    Oh you fools, it’s an imposter! Dan doesn’t draw boobs!

  14. TheEFAF Says:

    3 posts, he’s ruined us, we have no idea what to do when we are presented with three empty comment areas!

  15. jesusdan Says:

    meh…it’s a スタト. please continue…

  16. couchfort Says:

    Dan Kim is a true master of basterdness.

  17. RGE Says:

    This is like pornography for my eyes.

  18. Y Says:

    Oh, goody. Early Xmas.

  19. couchfort Says:


  20. Anon Says:

    Your DNS is nuts, Dan.

  21. admin Says:

    God fucking damn it. Is it still fucking up?

  22. nifty Says:

    yes. i mean no. wait, what was the question?

  23. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    Oh hey, the site is back. Good thing I missed out on NO UPDATES.

  24. jesusdan Says:

    I’m betting that something big is going to happen. don’t let us down dan. just make it work*…

    *the poster does not really believe this statement.

  25. licorize Says:


  26. Vayate Says:

    Dear Dan,
    Moar delicious Snax art. My folder is miserably small.
    The Internet (everyone)

  27. Doo doo doo Says:

    D: The Moe-Signal! Where is Moemaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan?

  28. iKo Says:

    Boards are down again, honeybunch Sir.

  29. Mysko Says:

    You’re starting to spoil us Dan…

  30. Dan Says:

    Boards should work now.
    The site should be faster in general, too.
    Let me know if you notice any difference…

  31. Dzhon Says:

    Sweet, now we can wait for updates faster than ever before!

  32. Dzhon Says:


  33. Dzhon Says:


  34. Dzhon Says:


  35. Dzhon Says:


  36. Y Says:

    just as planed

  37. jesusdan Says:

    so this is what the site looks like on something other than my phone…well done sir. please give me a reason to continue coming. seriously, i need to come.

  38. Moe 5.0 Says:

    Come 5.0

  39. Taichi Says:

    Finally! I could access the main site, but there would always be an error whenever I tried to read the comments on your posts. Not that I missed much, it seems…

  40. cwDeici Says:

    She’s delicious…

    … I fapped.

  41. couchfort Says:


  42. iKo Says:

    Thanks Dan. I know we don’t use the boards, but we like them being there.

  43. jesusdan Says:

    dan, I’ve finally reached the point where I can say for sure that I lo…I really LO…cough…really loathe you.

  44. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    At this point I think it’s a question of who doesn’t loathe him.

  45. Naota Says:

    I’m on to you, Dan. I’ve got a present all lined up and ready.

    Merry Un-Christmas, and enjoy the legions of new fans sure to despise you utterly within the week.

    …all two or three of them, anyway. S-Shut up! It’s not like I did this just for you o-or anything! You just happened to be a little good at drawing things!

  46. Dan Says:

    So I guess I should read Erfworld?
    As for this clown mango fella, he sounds like a pretentious twat.

  47. Reese Says:

    Hey Dan, you should rename the comics section Clone.Comics, because that’s what they are. Because you are Canadian.

  48. admin Says:



  49. totoro Says:

    I come here for the comments ;__;

  50. jesusdan Says:

    how do you feel?

  51. Y Says:

    dan are good, thankyou

  52. couchfort Says:


  53. render Says:

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  54. totoro Says:


  55. admin Says:

    ▲ ▲

  56. admin Says:


  57. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    Oh, so it’s perfectly acceptable to be the little girl and make pies but it’s near impossible to get an update? Fuck you, Dan. Fuck you.

    … I hope you’re enjoying Totorin too. <3

  58. Dan Says:



  59. Always bet on Dan.. Says:


  60. Dan Says:

    This game reminds me why I love moe.


  61. jesusdan Says:


  62. Plaid Says:

    We’re missing you Dan. I’m staying busy with my own projects (translating Shakugan no Shana, studying for the JLPT, occasionally working on the TRPG book) but would love to read/see more from you.

  63. totoro Says:

    this is why we cannot have nice things

  64. jesusdan Says:

    I eat something salty, I crave sweet. I eat something sweet, I crave salty. I come here…and by god I just crave!

  65. couchfort Says:

    Sweets on top, salty on bottom, delicious Snax

    Yeah, I really just went there

    BRB killing self…

  66. Y Says:


  67. moe 6.0 Says:

    o-oh h-hey, Dan…

    If you could uh-uhm d-d-draw some m-m-m-more stuff…

    Th-th-that w-would be, um, cool I g-guess…

  68. Supernymous Says:

    Der Sers,
    I am Barr. Superny Mous, an attorney of law to a deceased Immigrant property Magnate, who was based in the U.K, also referred to as my client. I have contacted you initially to assist me in repatriating a brand new 24 inch monitor, and possibly ownership of some of the property left behind by my client; this is to prevent ownership of both reverting to the state. All I require is your honest co-operation and confidentiality to enable us sees this deal through. Please remit one (1), 1920×1080 resolution-sized new and distinct Joint Photographic Experts Group item, your choice.

    Keywords: I.M.N.S Odn shoulder bird coconut snow et al

    Presciently yours,

    dictated, not read

  69. cwDeici Says:

    Is he serious or is this a fancy joke? 😀

  70. cwDeici Says:

    Oh well no bot protection here so probably an ad… but ‘Der Sers’. Hilarious ^^.

    Also, no disgusted reaction to my earlier comment. *disappoint*
    Eh, as expected since the audience here would just go ‘Sanka? You mean you go there to read the NEWS?’

    Also, like Dan’s posts on himself. Lol, for a sec I didn’t realize it was him when he told us to go read Erfworld (I do though). ^^

    though to be perfectly honest… I do have difficulties following some of the more wordless mangas.

  71. cwDeici Says:

    Anyways we’re glad u’re alive. ^^

  72. cwDeici Says:

    Thanks for the sevent house link btw. It is really nice!

  73. jesusdan Says:

    oh well. tomorrow’s another day, eh? right dan?…it’s a new day dammit. nouveau!!!!

  74. Reese Says:

    If I sent you naked pictures of myself, would you post another black page?

  75. Supernymous Says:

    I am totally serious about wanting a new desktop background for my new monitor. O_O Nao would be good. Dan.

  76. couchfort Says:

    @cwDeici: reread the last line, he seriously spelled out the acronym for JPEG. This is a giant joke to request a new wallpaper. Its okay. Took me a minute to realise wtf it was too.

  77. Dan (not him) Says:

    @Reese Is that all it would take? Fuck. Taking nekid photos now. They shall be arriving in your inbox shortly Dan.

    Everyone flood his inbox with nekid pics. That should get the updates rolling!

  78. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    I’ll send him some loli.

  79. couchfort Says:

    @Always bet on Dan: What? So we never see him again?

  80. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    I figured he’s already a lost cause after playing Totori so I thought some extra loli couldn’t hurt.

  81. Dan Says:

    I want to play Totori in Dark Souls. : (

  82. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    I think it’d be rather cute to see a little girl invading me and attempting to kill me through bombs and pies. I’d give her my souls, if you know what I mean.

  83. Aristagon Says:

    Breadcrumps for the masses. Now he can look at the crowd starving at the front door.

  84. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    Who knows, we might get a new top pic for Christmas. That should tide us over for another year or so.

  85. jesusdan Says:

    troll on dan, troll on.

  86. Mysko Says:

    Oh, we’re back to waiting now? I need to come back here more often.

  87. moe 7.0 Says:

    Congratulations, Dan! I’ll find a Red Mango near me soon!!!

  88. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    >Oh, we’re back to waiting now?

    We never stopped.


  89. couchfort Says:

    We’ll never stop


  90. couchfort Says:



  91. Dan (not him) Says:

    When an animal’s surroundings are controlled, its behavior patterns after reinforcement become predictable, even for very complex behavior patterns. Behavioral psychologist B. F. Skinner distinguished between fixed-ratio schedules of reinforcement and variable-ratio schedules of reinforcement. Under a fixed schedule, a rat received a reward of food after it pressed the lever a fixed number of times—say 100 times. Under the variable schedule, the rat earned the food pellet after it pressed the lever a random number of times. Sometimes it would receive the food after pressing 10 times, and sometimes after pressing 200 times.

  92. Dan (not him) Says:

    Thus, under the variable schedule of reinforcement, the arrival of the reward is unpredictable. On the face of it, one might expect that the fixed schedules of reinforcement would be more motivating and rewarding because the rat can learn to predict the outcome of his work. Instead, Skinner found that the variable schedules were actually more motivating. The most telling result was that when the rewards ceased, the rats that were under the fixed schedules stopped working almost immediately, but those under the variable schedules kept working for a very long time.

  93. jesusdan Says:

    we’ve worked so hard for next to no results, so we can expect a pellet anytime now, correct? or never….fucking variables.

  94. RGE Says:

    Yes, all this waiting is hard work. Good thing I have an entire internet to keep me distracted.

  95. why you no update Says:


  96. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    >expecting updates

    I seriously hope you guys don’t do this.

  97. jesusdan Says:


  98. mrah~ Says:

    > Good thing I have an entire internet to keep me distracted.
    I only have half an internet. Luckyyyyy. 🙁

  99. moe 8.0 Says:

    This is the 99th reply.

  100. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    This is the 100th reply.

  101. Dan Says:

    What in the everliving fuck am I doing?
    God damn it. I am wasting my life when I’m doing anything besides comics.

  102. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    It’s time to quit your job and become a NEET again.

  103. jesusdan Says:

    oh kyu…cough…dan, will you grant our wish?

  104. couchfort Says:

    Reality slowly sets in for Dan

  105. Taichi Says:


  106. couchfort Says:

    Hey Dan can we get more upsetting pictures of little girls and bad dental work? It drills awesome imagery into my brain when I’m getting cavities filled.

  107. couchfort Says:

    …. pun unintended.

  108. maaya Says:

    No Dan! You don’t waste life! You have karaoke nights, bootleg korean (chinese) barbeque, bubbletea, and vidya games to live for! Or lower your standards for what constitutes as what is ‘useful’: e.g. seeing things roll: like cows, baby seals, dogs, katamaris!!

  109. Doo doo doo Says:


    Also, Dan, you should look up Cyriak for inspiration. 😀

  110. jesusdan Says:

    *beats dead horse*

  111. rar Says:

    you haven’t yet reached your true potential!

  112. moe 9.0 Says:

    Don’t worry, Dan, this is gonna be the deadest horse you’ve ever seen!!

  113. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    That poor horse.. ;_;

  114. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    Obligatory daily beating of the horse.

  115. nifty Says:

    this horse has already decomposed and is nothing more then a pile of old bones

  116. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    The bones can still be beaten.

  117. Shawn Says:

    Whose bones are these? My bones. Horses bones. Bone bone bone.

  118. Obligatory Says:

    I am the bone of my horse.
    Beaten is my body and dead is my blood.
    I have created over a thousand posts.
    Unknown to new content, nor known to updates.
    Have withstood floggings to belabour a point.
    Yet this waiting will never bear fruit.
    So as I pray, unlimited post works.

  119. moe 10.0 Says:

    Oh, Danny boy,

    the horse, the horse is rotting

  120. jesusdan Says:

    if suddenly a gift horse appeared, I sure as shit would not look him in the mouth…

  121. Dzhon Says:

    Rotting horse? Moe Moe!

  122. Dan (not him) Says:

    Horse shit!

    If wishes were horses we would all be on our high horse running roughshod over a horse of a different colour, taking our warhorse with the cart before it, chomping at the bit, healthy as a horse, feeling our oats causing us to change horses in midstream, giving us a charley horse. That is straight from the horses mouth.

    Maybe he will be less dead if we ease up a bit on the beatings?

  123. jesusdan Says:

    >Maybe he will be less dead if we ease up a bit on the beatings?

    now…I’ve known about this place forever…been coming here often just recently. based on what I’ve observed…the beatings should continue forever regardless of what the outcome is, correct? *continues beating the so obviously dead horse at this point…hnnnnGYA*

  124. moe 11.0 Says:

    Dead Horse’s Divine Comedy

  125. Dan (not him) Says:

    If you are not the sort of person to beat this horse, then you stopped coming here long ago. Clone-army is now made up of professional horse beaters. Long live the clone-army!

  126. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    The Clone Army mascot is no longer Nana or Snax or anything like that, it’s just a pile of bones that was once a moe loli horse that did absolutely nothing wrong but countless people still beat her constantly anyway. She took the abuse believing that, perhaps one day. Dan Kim would be her saviour and actually update. She clearly hadn’t been here long. How do you live with yourself, Dan?

  127. Dan (not him) Says:

    Did you just say moe loli horse? I am disturbingly aroused.

  128. Dan Says:

    Okay, quitting my job again. For at least a year and a half – maybe two years this time.

    See you at the end of November, ze.

  129. rar Says:

    That’s the spirit!
    Never give up~

  130. couchfort Says:

    Like you’re gonnna do comics when you’re not working. Don’t bullshit us Dan, we know you.

    We know you Dan.

    We know you.


  131. rar Says:


  132. nifty Says:

    maybe we can resurrect this loli horse… into a zombie loli horse! moe moe!

  133. jesusdan Says:

    oh how enticing, this siren’s call. leave me to choke in your brackish waters…here with my trusty stead, who has gone where the woodbine twineth so many days ago.

    unless you’re really going to make more stuff, in which case…carry on sir.

  134. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    That’s it, come back to the NEET side. We have dead loli horses and cake.

  135. moe 12.0 Says:

    I’m tired of dead horses.

    Dan, may we please have more moe girls, de geso?

  136. Dzhon Says:

    Zombie moe loli horse with tentacle hair.

    You have your assignment, Dan.

  137. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    And the tentacle hair is doing naughty things to Snax. MAKE IT SO.

  138. Anon Says:


  139. licorize Says:

    I only come here one or twice a month, just to read these comments.

    And i never regret it.

    I hate you so much.


  140. Reese Says:

    Hey Dan, what are you doing with your free time these days? You don’t have an 80-hour workweek, you (apparently) aren’t working on content for the site, and there aren’t any good moe shows this season (except [email protected], but you need to have already been a fan to appreciate it). What DO you do?

  141. admin Says:

    Read, mostly.

    – Piano
    – Games
    – Waste time on the interbutts
    – Overhead tasks (dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, etc.)

  142. Not One Of Us Says:


  143. Shawn Says:

    You read? What do you read, Dan Kim?

  144. moe XP Says:

    Dan Kim reads empty books, full of …. wait for it…

    blank pages.

  145. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    So Dan resorts to plagiarism for his work? You’ve lost my respect, Dan.

  146. admin Says:

    I LOVE ME SUM BOOKS, bronovski.

    When I was younger, I used to be able to read a 300 page novel in about an hour and half to two hours. I cleared out every soft-cover sci-fi book at my public library branch between third and fifth grade (lots of Star Trek novels, along with harder Sci-fi like the Red/Green/Blue Mars series, the 2001 series, as well as trashier stuff like Piers Anthony [I remember “Killobyte” very fondly], smutty fantasy like the Clan of Cave Bear series [exciting for a kid]), and the usual age-appropriate fluff [I loved Bruce Coville]. I also ate up a lot of general science books (mostly books about stars and our solar system, preferably with lots of color pictures). I also tried, on a recommendation, Douglas Adams, but I didn’t really understand the humor until I reread it a few year later.

    That went on until I was fourteen, when I discovered a yellowed, but curiously unworn copy Descartes’ Meditations on the shelves of my highschool library. When I read it, it changed everything. Prior to reading the Meditations, I had always been complacently satisfied to think of ourselves as meat computers, hold reason as the exercise of some faculty that was sensitive to ‘the way things really are’, that this exercise was the only virtue and that the world, being governed by underlying laws discernible and fully captured by reason, ought to have all its particular facts deducible from (what I would later learn are normally called) metaphysics. All that was thrown into question, and I went from being an intolerable, over-read, under-sophisticated arrogant asshole to an intolerable, over-read, under-sophisticated miserable asshole. My reading habits changed. I read more philosophy, pop(ish) social criticism (think Neil Postman) and mostly abandoned sci-fi in favor of Murakami, anime (which I was crazy about in highschool), and fairy tales.

    This continued through university. It was only after university, after reading Rorty’s ‘Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature’, that I was able rid myself of that intense skepticism, loneliness, and desperation (which motivated Paper Eleven) and replace it with a more benign concern for the activities of imaginative redescription and self-creation (which motivated NNN).

    Today, my living room bookshelf has:
    3 feet of Rorty, Donald Davidson, and Robert Brandom
    3 of Foucault, Robert Dahl, Chomsky
    4 feet of Spinoza, Kant, Nietzsche, Locke, Berkeley, Hume, Hegel, etc.

    … and all of Nabokov’s English novels, all of Kafka’s work (I can reread his short stories again and again…), some old books about books or art (most of which I now hate — books like “Story and Discourse” and compilations like “Theories of Art Today”, and a few I still love, “The Irresponsible Self”, “How Fiction Works”, “Anatomy of Influence”), Lewis Carrol (of course), the Grimms’ fairy tales, lovecraft, Jefferson’s collected writings, “Democracy in America”, Politics Among Nations, Camus, Melville, all of Shakespeare’s works, Joyce (abandoned Ulysses at 15%, maybe I’ll come back to it…), along with oddities like Flann O’Brien, Naked Lunch, and a few photography books (“Japan Underground”, and photobooks of natural rural landscapes in Japan), etc. Some poetry (Yeats, John Ashbery [holy crap WHAT], Blake), Anton Chekov’s short stories, a selection of Dostoevsky’s short stories, Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire, Edgar Allan Poe (who seems to get worse every time I return to him), and then all the usual suspects: Proust, Dickens, Updike, an abandoned copy of Infinite Jest, etc.

    … and in the corner, there are a few novels I’ve left at the halfway point and will probably never return to (Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, the Dune series — I’ve lost the taste of these sorts of works, apparently).

    And my closets are full of novels and comics and old math/CS textbooks from school, tokyopop manga, more novels…

    Always bet on Dan
    Cormac McCarthy said, “the ugly fact is that books are made out of other books”. The thought used to bother me, but one of the best things that Rorty has done for me is allow me to say the same– but without regret: the word “ugly” has no place in that sentence. The new will always be parasitic on the old, just because what it takes to count as having said something is that we can either contextualize it into our current vocabulary or that it recontextualizes part of our existing vocabulary. None of that has any bearing on the romantic, imaginative, or inspirational ambitions of literature, nor its ambitions of (something like) secular salvation. We can still “believe in literature”, in Dorothy Allison’s sense of “Believing in Literature”.

  147. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    Oh, I completely agree with that statement, especially with recent media. That’s no excuse to blatantly copy blank pages for your own work though. Either way I was clearly joking… I have no respect to lose in the first place. <3

    On a more serious note I like your list of authors listed, definitely some nice material in there. You mention you were crazy for anime in high school though, has that changed much now? I know you still play Touhou and still keep up with flavour of the season stuff like Madoka but do you still put as much time into it as back then? Will that change at all while having no job? What about games? Are you keeping up with recent popular titles like Skyrim or do you just stick to doujin type stuff?

  148. Reese Says:

    That huge block of text just made up for three months without comic updates. I love hearing people talk about their passionate interests, especially books.

    My phases of Low Fantasy/High Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror/Non-Fiction/Classics aren’t very interesting, so I’ll spare both you and my fellow commenters the long piece and just note that I’m currently reading The Count of Monte Cristo, and after that I’ll be starting (in no particular order) the works of Voltaire.

    It would be lying to say I am unconcerned with the termination of your employment. Have you anything else lined up? Another job? Going back to school? An indefinite amount of time bumming around?

  149. Dzhon Says:

    I understand what you mean about Edgar Allan Poe. Every time I go back to him, it seems a little bit more of the magic is lost. I have a similar experience with Nietzsche. Perhaps the both of them just had more substance within a cynical, angsty adolescent mind.

    The opposite is true with Lewis Carrol. I never get tired of reading his work.

    Have you read much of Roger Zelazny’s novels? I recommend them for their integration of sci-fi, mythology, and fantasy.

  150. admin Says:

    Always Bet on Dan
    Re: anime

    I don’t like it or watch as much of it as I used to. Some of that just has to do with the fact that having watched more, I’m pickier. There’s also selective memory and nostalgia goggles. But there’s also moe. Within every genre, moe (which I like in combination with other things) has crowded out too many other important features. The shows have become vehicles for slickly engineered moe moments rather than the working out of some intense individual, idiosyncratic fantasy. K-ON! and Gurren Lagann are instances of the same breed, as I see it, with Gurren Lagann just substituting ‘epic’ for ‘moe’. Well, that’s not a recent development — maybe the engineering has just gotten a lot slicker, better, more successful.

    I still read some manga, but I’ve come to dislike the mopey, too-clever semi-autobiographical sketches of contemporary suburban tween-to-twenty-something life (which are usually ‘creative’ or ‘risky’ in the usual barren, banal, boringly exhibitionist way) which seem to be the norm across the indie and seinen scene (at least in terms of what’s translated and available online — maybe this is just because the interests of translators are reflected in that selection).

    Even the best of anime and manga available at the moment seems more interested in commenting on or fancifully commandeering old material or scraping for survival (with moe, remakes, adaptions, etc.) than trying to open the possibility of future works. Evangelion set off a movement — Madoka only manages to clear some brush and tie up some loose ends. Despite that, I’m still hopeful and looking forward to new works from this area of culture — I have a quarrel with anime and manga, but it’s a lover’s quarrel.

    As for games, working as a video game designer has put me off gaming for pleasure. At least, I can’t enjoy it the way I used to. I still play the usual weeaboo games (Dark Souls, Atelier Totori, Disgaea 4. etc.) but I can only do it for about twenty minutes at a time — then I want to go do something else.

    So — what do you read/watch/care about/do?

    re: Lewis Carrol

    High five, broski. Alice seems inexhaustible. I hope the magic lasts forever.

    re:Roger Zelazny
    Nope – I’ve heard of him, but I haven’t tried reading any of his books. Somehow, despite my best efforts, I’ve never been able to get into Fantasy outside of Tolkien (and even that didn’t last long). Strange, considering Penny, I know. I tried reading some Discworld, A Game of Thrones, and other things along that line… I tried some Neil Gaiman on a recommendation — but somehow it just doesn’t seem to work for me. I suspect that I can’t get a foot in the door without a certain kind concern for style on the part of the author — or maybe it’s better to say that I’m unresponsive to a certain range of styles… which is true of nearly everyone, I guess.

    re: The Count of Monte Cristo

    One of my sister’s favorite books.

    No need for worries. I’ve been very diligent and very lucky: I have about 5 years worth of savings (changing nothing about my life style), zero debt, no family or relationship responsibilities, and I’m still under 30. All the conditions are right to take time off and make the comics I’ve been dreaming of.

  151. Reese Says:

    I have to ask what Gaiman you tried but couldn’t get into. If you didn’t like how American Gods turned into a Steven King novel, that’s understandable. If you couldn’t get into The Sandman because DC Comics, that too is understandable. If you didn’t like the novelization of Neverwhere, you really are dead to me.

    If you ever want to try science fiction again I’d tell you to try The Worthing Saga by Orson Scott Card (1990 printing, if you can get your hands on it), Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein, or anything at all by Kurt Vonnegut.

    Another writer I would put up with Carroll in the “it keeps getting better” category is Jules Verne.

    Good luck with the comics. I envy your illustrative talent, so don’t you dare squander it!

  152. couchfort Says:

    Sandman is definitely what turned me away from Gaiman. I haven’t tried any of his other works because I couldn’t enjoy Sandman in the slightest.

    Also, I’m 100% with you, Dan, on anime. Except I really enjoyed K-On! and found it a refreshing change of pace from a lot of the new stuff that seems much more formulaic. And over the last few years, I’ve completely lost interest in the black and white pages of manga. I read through Nana and while being greatly enjoyable, was the first thing I’ve read since Hellsing ended. Otherwise I haven’t bought new books in years. I read the last two volumes of Hellsing sitting in B&N, I don’t even own them.

    Watching through Kino’s Journey, and the only reason I’m even still going is cuz its only 13 episodes and its just interesting enough to make me wanna see it to the end, otherwise its fairly boring.

    I watched High School of the Dead and had very mixed feelings about that. Great writing ruined by overabuse of fanservice. It was such a negative distraction it felt uncalled for and greatly took away from the show. And it really just pissed me off. It was like “Really? Really? Even the sluttiest of girls in real life aren’t this bad. C’mon”.

    Trigun the movie fucking blew. I was so thoroughly disappointed. I can’t tell if it just takes place sometime before the end of the series because Wolfwood is alive and nobody is phased by this, a few blanks I missed because I don’t follow the manga, or just completely non-canon. And I don’t even care. The writing was lazy and stupid. The characters had so much of what made them great in the original taken away from them. And the whole thing felt more like a 90 minute episode than a movie.

    Gundam 00 had a great first season, but went downhill fast the second seeason. I don’t like they brought back the one guy the same way they brought a chracter back in the movie Beerfest, but tried to play it serious not comically. Gundam Unicorn is actually shaping up pretty good, even if the characters are a little on the meh side.

    And thats all I can think of for anime I’ve watched in the last couple of years and didn’t stop after one episode. IE Gurren Lagann was insufferably bad, I couldn’t get past the first 10 or so minutes. The whatever Blacksmith or whatever was obscenely retarded. And Baccano was disappointingly too boring to go more than two episodes. I say disappointingly because the trailer I saw for it made it sound flipping awesome.

    And thats my anime rant.

  153. admin Says:

    Thanks, Reese.

    Yeah, I’ll have to be dead to you. I’ve tried American Gods and Neverwhere and gave up on both after about 30-40 pages. I’m flipping through the amazon preview of Neverwhere to refresh my memory, and it’s still dead on the page to me. A great deal of it is very flat — like a closed caption description of a TV serial — and in other places the writing grasps clumsily at pithiness and ends up somewhere between unintentional parody and highschool fanfic.

    Here’s a good line on page 10:
    “London grew into something huge and contradictory. It was a good place, and a fine city, but there is a price to be paid for all good places, and a price that all good places have to pay.”

    The lazy reversal, the failed attempt at evoking complexity, the steamrolling of the character’s voice by author’s, the utterly face-palm inducing (and utterly avoidable) narrative flag waving (“Uh oh… a PRICE to be PAID?!”) — which is fine in principle, but at such a high level of abstraction either signals that the author is more interested in getting the action moving than toiling over style, language, imagery, form… or just can’t manage to get a handle on those aspects of writing. That’s fine — I imagine Gaiman calls himself a story-teller anyway. But that’s not what I want from a novel these days (though, who knows, I might want it again in the future, and I might have liked it back when I was reading Ender’s Game, Star Trek novels, etc.).

    Here’s another example, on the same page:

    “Here’s your tea and eclair,” he told her. “It would have cost less to buy one of those Tintorettos.”
    “Don’t exaggerate, ” said Jessica cheerfully. “Anyway, there aren’t any Tintorettos at the Tate.”
    “I should have had that cherry cake,” said Richard. “Then they would have been able to afford another Van Gogh.”

    That tea, eclair, and Tintoretto could have been replaced by anything and these lines could have been said by anyone. Why even have these lines? What does it matter that Jessica knows her Tintorettos and Richard doesn’t? The answer is that these motions are just establishing Richard and Jessica as a known type — instancing Jessica and Richard by repeated stamping of a known hieroglyphics. Again, aggressive flag waving: “smart sophisticated girl and streetwise bloke duo coming your way folks!” That Gaiman tells us Richard “stepped backwards into Jessica” at the Louvre, has him have a too-cute episode with her and then finishes off the vignette with “… and, well, that was the start of it all, really.” is so trite, so empty, so prepackaged and obviously at home in the universe of plastic sit-com couples that the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. For me, anyway.

    What I want from a novel is a fantastic dream — where the dreamwork of language induces in me a dream realer than I could have possibly imagined. At best, Gaiman seems to me a competent teller of tales – a perfectly acceptable describer of what he sees in his internal TV set. But I want to be put under a spell, and he’s no magician.

  154. admin Says:

    Oh, I liked K-ON!, too. I loved it.
    But that’s like saying I love the chocolate in chocolate chip cookies — it’s true, but I don’t want the chocolate chips to crowd out the dough, and I don’t want cookies to crowd out other foods.

    I’m with you on the Trigun movie. What a letdown.

  155. Reese Says:

    So you did reach the part that he takes in the filthy girl, the universe forgets about him, and Croup and Vandemar decide they want to fuck him with knives, and the writing style still prevented you from having any interest in the story itself? I suppose I’ll have to chalk it up to taste, dear departed manling.

  156. admin Says:

    Sure, I have an interest in the story — but the writing overwhelms my interest in the story.

    Think of the most beautiful piece of music you know. Now imagine it being played by instruments which produce a texture completely irritating to you (say, nails on a chalkboard, crying infants, etc). The response is almost physiological — you can’t decide to ignore it. Reason and Will are not in question here: you respond the way you would when stubbing your toe: it’s automatic and uncontrollable.

    Now, you could get used to it or overcome it through repeated exposure or by taking on certain other beliefs or practices, but whether you choose to or not will depend on whether you think this is a good trade off in terms of time, the other things you could be doing, the pleasure you expect to get out of it in the end, etc.

    Also, the view that there is such a thing as “the story itself” is somewhat problematic – as soon as you ask someone what the story is, they have to describe it in a certain way. Provided with every true description of the things that happen in the book, why choose one over the other? Is there a fact of the matter about which is the ‘story itself’? Which is the real or genuine description? Anyway, it’s a cliche and very tired argument but suffice it to say that I take the line between story and telling, between ‘what is described’ and ‘description’ to be very blurry. It matters very much whether “She was Dolores on the dotted line” or “when she signed off on documents, she wrote her real first name — which was ‘Dolores'”.

    Anyway, I’ve tried to articulate why style matters to me (and why I don’t see style as easily separable from story)– but I don’t think for a moment that such reasons, even if they’re fully justified, rationally obligate others to be LIKE TOTALLY BORED with Gaiman. These reasons are just a story I tell myself and others to give an idea of why someone might spend their time with other authors and other books.

  157. couchfort Says:

    Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there should be more shows like K-On!, just wasn’t sure how you felt about it. It was refreshing BECAUSE there’s not any shows out there it reminds me of. It’d be nice if the more serious animes out there could bring more fun back, and actually try to write worth a damn, not just recycle and regurgitate. Actually, I forgot I watched Darker Than Black and found that surprisingly really good. I went in not expecting much from it and was pleasantly surprised with how smart it is with the story telling. It felt a little rushed at the end but thats fine. Haven’t watched the sequel series yet.

    And don’t even get me started on what I think of Rumiko Takahashi. Let’s just say she epitomizes “good idea, bad execution” in everything she does, and leave it at that. Not to mention the same characters in everything.

  158. Reese Says:

    I’m making a spirited attempt to see your point of view. I think a reason for discrepancy in tastes could stem from the fact that I tend to see story and telling as two completely separate elements. For my example I shall use Hitchhiker’s Guide (by Douglas Adams) East of Eden (by John Steinbeck) and L’histoire de l’oeil (by Georges Bataille).

    The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy does not spend all of its time focusing on the story. What I liked most about the book were the (often far-removed from the plot) tangents Adams liked to make concerning the setting, philosophy, and thinly-veiled parodies of aspects of real life. Even if this content is considered part of the story, the author’s writing style is really what makes it enjoyable to read.

    Eden of the East is (in my opinion) a shitty book. He wrote a drama that looks interesting enough in synopsis, but Steinbeck’s writing is unforgivably flowery while (contradictorily) also seeming unforgivably dry. Somehow, the man found the perfect formula for making an entire novel feel like purple prose. While I wouldn’t compare this over-read hack to an author I admire, in retrospect I can see where you’re coming from.

    Story of the Eye is a wonderfully grotesque novella by an author you’ve probably never heard of. I bring it into this discussion because as engrossing as I found it, the English translation was poorly written. It conveyed the action and general meaning of the original text, but didn’t actually add any flavor. Trying to be entertained by the sentence structuring is like trying to finish an ice cream cone simply flavored “cold.” All the pleasure to be had comes from the story itself, and the drab exposition does not much detract from that.

    While there are obviously more factors and subcategories than simply story and telling, this comment box was not designed for writing essays in.

  159. Reese Says:

    re: couchfort
    If you liked K-ON!, I would normally recommend Sora no Woto. However, if you didn’t like Baccano you have tastes divergent of every other anime fan I have ever met. That is an honest statement.

    I haven’t seen either season of Darker Than Black, but most of /a/ pretends the second season doesn’t exist. I don’t know if it’s Tsukihime-level bad, but I’ll wish you luck.

  160. admin Says:

    Yeah, I think I see where you’re coming from. There’s a lot to be said for seeing story and telling as distinct — it’s not an open and shut case for either side, certainly. It would be less interesting to talk about books if it were.

    There’s also a lot to recommend when it comes to Gaiman. I just wouldn’t recommend him on the basis of style (as I see it, anyway). I don’t think that diminishes him as an author, just because I don’t think there’s a category called ‘the author’ and a cosmic report card against which we can grade him. Different writers and readers have different goals and desires to be fulfilled. All we can do is make suggestions about which goals might be worthwhile and where those goals might find fulfillment.

    I’m just happy if we all read different things and care enough about books (and each other) to have lively, enriching conversations about them.

  161. admin Says:

    And thanks for taking the time to type all that out.





  162. Reese Says:

    I saw that edit! In any case…


    (Please allow 7-10 days for delivery of fist. Fist may not be as friendly as when first shipped.)

  163. couchfort Says:

    @Reese Divergent is definitely one way of putting it, lol. My tastes in anime really kind of are all over the place. There’s definitely specific things I look for when deciding what I feel is a good or bad anime. I have friends that even when we agreed on an anime being good, it was for completely different reasons. But thats just how I roll.

    Baccano attracted me because of the concept. Unfortunately the pacing of the episodes killed it for me rather quickly. I think I watched more like 3 or 4 episodes, not just 2, but either way, I remember feeling like it wasn’t moving at an enjoyable pace. It felt very static and did nothing for me. Maybe it gets better with patience and after x amount of episodes, but I seriously didn’t feel like going any further than I did.

    There’s a 5-issue American comic series that does a similar concept called “Turf”. I highly recommend it. The first issue is a little too wordy, but by the second issue, it really kicks it up a notch. The ending is too rushed, like they tried to cram everything all in there, and get it over with without spilling into a 6th issue. But really… it should have went into a 6th issue. Or maybe expand how many pages were in Issue 5. Either way. Its still a good read, and the art is pretty fantastic with sorta a 30’s pulp kinda look to it.

  164. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    >All the conditions are right to take time off and make the comics I’ve been dreaming of.

    I know it’s not like me but I really do wish you the very best with this.

    >So — what do you read/watch/care about/do?

    I’ve read quite a number of the books named above already but that was years ago when I was in college, these days I read very little to be honest. I don’t seem to have the motivation to stick myself in a good book and instead find myself browsing the interwebs all day instead. Yes, I’m a faggot.

    Anime wise I’ll watch whatever is decent in a season. While I’m not one of those “popular hating” people I tend to stay away from stuff like Lucky Star and K-ON! simply because it’s not my preference. Like couchfort my tastes are all over the place which is true for most of my tastes really, I enjoy a very wide range of games, music and anime. For this season I’m watching Shana S3, Fate/Zero and Mirai Nikki off the top of my head though I also download a number of other series’ for if I ever get bored but they just end up being added to my 500gb+ backlog that I’ll never get around to watching.

    For games I’m pretty much the same as Dan; Dark Souls, Atelier Totori, Ico/SotC collection and Disgaea 4 are some of my games I’m playing right now. I’ve also just recently built my new computer so I’ve been backlogging a lot of my games on Steam that my old computer couldn’t handle like The Witcher 2 and, thanks to the recent sale, GTA4. I’m also fond of RTS games so I play StarCraft 2 and Dawn of War 2 quite a lot and thanks to my new PC I’m also playing Shogun 2. Same story with as my anime though, I have around 30 games in my backlog that I’ll probably never get around to finishing. Curse my lack of motivation.


    Honestly I think my school killed any story by John Steinbeck for me. I had to read and analyse Of Mice and Men for a whole 2 years for a single exam and I can happily say that I was glad to see the back of that book afterwards. Since then I’ve avoided any of his other stuff simply because his writing style just completely puts me off now.

  165. Aristagon Says:

    Hi all,

    I am honestly surprised about these recent comments. It is somehow touching to a degree which generates a feeling of bewilderness. As others stated before I appreciate your open comment about your bookshelf´s content. Mostly I feel the same, regarding a change of reading habbits, but can still enjoy Game of thrones and Gaiman. It seems that the worlds books offered as a form of escapism was more collourfull or is it just me who grew out of it into some shades of grey? At some point I lost a fascination that was always my backdoor. Now I feel rather cornered and under siege by all grey. I am from a more or less anti-culture-attitude Workingclass family of emigrants, so reading books and be interested in Sciences was on the one hand rebellion against the parent generation. With concentration deficit and asberger my social skills were fucked up anyway, so books and the lonely hours at the local library. As times flew by, I attended Artschool/University and still tried hard to pretend to be smart, well I am not, not realy. Well I do have foucault, walter benjamin and susan sonntag on my bookshelf next to some art related theorists, but Kant, Hegel and so on? Well There is still this ansettling fear of not beeing able to understand those ones. So I never tried, keep running in disguise, reading some backcover summeries. And now? Well I think we are at a similar age Dan, I will finished my Diplomas more or less teh next couple of months in Fineart and Design, but I had always a lack in substance. I am running out of time for beeing pretentious about myself and overpainting my flaws. I hope the bottom on which I fall will not be as hard as expected. Well so I switch off my reality mode and going on pretending to know how to go on. With drawing, making art and selfpity. Yesterday I have watched Synecdoche, New York a good film by charlie Kaufmann, it struck me with awe and terror, that i also could build an emty House in an emty house in an emty house and all way back into nothingness and all way back into Anomie.

    In my darkest hours I open a certain folder and go on with my redrawing of PXI which goes on now already for some years 😛
    I am a fan of your works Dan, write sometimes my very weird fanmails, and always looking of something new is up on your site here. It have been nearly 8 years that I found clone army, and it have always been a quality bar that I wanted to archiev. So well good luck to your next step in breeding clones and comics!

  166. Aristagon Says:

    Rereading my last comment, I think I should be executed for my use of the word “well” and that my english is more crap than German Text translated with google translate. OMFG… what a day.

  167. couchfort Says:

    Aristagon: I think at the end of the day, all the mean jokes aside, we all come here because we admire Dan and his work and 100% support what he does. And thats why such a conversation between Dan and his readers can exist as a break from our usual relentless douchebaggery.

  168. TheEFAF Says:

    Jesus what happened while I wasn’t here.
    I don’t especially feel like writing a long and interesting description of what books I used to like and what books I still like, why my tastes have changed (or not, really…), what anime and games I watch or play, etcetera, but I always have to throw out this name when books are brought up:
    Michael Moorcock

    Found him when I was 10 years old and I have been clutching on to his work ever since. Most people consider it a bit…rough? Now and then? I forget the exact words – he’s not very good at foreshadowing apparently, and he’s not considered very “polished” as a writer (he wrote in installments for mags mostly, what do you want from the guy). Regardless though I just plain enjoy his worlds, his ideas, his characters, his descriptions, and I like noticing how much influence he’s had on genres and ideas that most people don’t even know about. I’ve got a tidy little collection of his works growing amongst my shelves, including spin-off items such as comics and music albums. He’s a prolific sort of guy, and even in his ripe old age he still mucks about on his website answering forum questions. It’s nice.

  169. moe 13.0 Says:

    How do you expect me to read all that when I have a pile of horse bonemeal to bludgeon?

  170. Plaid Says:

    @TheEFAF He’s a good storyteller. There are several authors I like whose style isn’t that polished, but create involving worlds full of interesting characters that keep my attention. I consider Moorcock to be part of that category.

  171. couchfort Says:

    Wow, what an unfortunate name. Sorry, it had to be said.

  172. Always bet on Dan.. Says:


    You just said what we were all thinking.

  173. TheEFAF Says:

    Yeah. Being in middle school and being asked who my favorite author was…
    Well let’s just say that nobody ever took it seriously at that age, and it’s an achievement even with adults. Maybe that’s why he had about a dozen pen names, haha

    And that’s what I was looking for, Plaid. He’s a good storyteller, but not considered polished. I’m all about storytelling. I like the way in which he makes things disgusting and sickening – I’ve never really found another author that provokes such gut reactions in me. It’s wonderful.

  174. couchfort Says:

    Hey Dan, how about more dental drawings in honor of how many times I’ve been stabbed with novacaine the last 2 weeks and how that picture is seriously all I think about the entire time?

    Permanent retainers have done nothing the last 10 years but make proper cleaning impossible and give me a TON of cavities that need to be filled. So many fillings, so horrible an experience every time.

  175. R Says:

    From elementary school through high school, I read every free moment I had. Mostly fantasies and mostly to escape a crushing feeling of loneliness that probably could have been resolved by reading less and trying to talk to people (or give them more of an opportunity to talk to me) in the first place, but that’s another matter. Sort of.

    It’s a lot harder for me to get sucked into books now. It must have been strange and shameful for an English major to read little more than what was required for courses–but in college I could make the excuse that I needed that time to study. Now that I’ve graduated, and have free time in abundance, I feel a little lost. Reading was always part of my identity. I have time to read again, provided I don’t get too distracted by videogames and the internet, but I feel like I’m just not as compelled to keep reading as I once was. I want to love Gaiman, but it took me months to read America Gods. I used to speed through Terry Pratchett but I can only get through about half of a book before the adrenaline runs out and I forget about it entirely. I was reading the Wheel of Time at the pace of about a book per week in high school but I couldn’t get past 30 pages of A Game of Thrones. I still watch a lot of anime, but I’m more interested in listening to the Japanese than in the stories. Same deal for webcomics–these days I wouldn’t read half of what I used to keep up with (but I’ll stay with Dan for life!).

    I’m not sure if this is because my tastes in books/stories have changed as I’ve gotten older, or because I don’t “need” a simple escape anymore. …or if that amounts to about the same thing. I probably enjoyed just about anything as a kid as long as it was enough to distract me from the lack of social interaction. But now I’d be reading for a different purpose? Maybe?

    I want to be a bookworm again. But I don’t want to feel like I’m forcing myself to finish a book either.

    Lately I’ve been reading amateur Japanese webnovels at a fairly steady pace even though I haven’t picked up many paper books. I was lucky enough to find an author I adore, though I’m not sure if I’m more interested in the stories or in seeing how the language itself is constructed. So maybe English webnovels (or ebooks in general, maybe classics on Gutenberg) might be a good way for me to start reading more again, since clearly I’m at the computer too much for my own good anyways.


  176. Taichi Says:

    Wow. Not sure if it’s appropriate to say this, but thanks for the comments above. I really appreciate reading all of them and just getting a view on everyone’s preferences. If no one minds-

    Lately, I’ve been checking out books on ‘contemporary’ art to make myself understand the history and perhaps appreciate it more. I think my main issue is that most artwork of that kind that I see…I can appreciate the message and their work, but I don’t find their product pleasing or in-line with what they were talking about, if that makes sense. For now, there isn’t an author I’m binging on so as for actual novels I’m reading, they’re assorted; Hotel de Dream was a pleasant surprise. I have no idea whether Edmund White was faithful to Stephen Crane’s style, but I found both story lines to be very engrossing (rather than one idea suffering or just bad in general). Currently, I’m almost done reading The Magicians; the ideas and the characters are interesting enough to read about, but his style isn’t fantastic and everyone is starting to become insufferable.

    And there’s my contribution…

  177. cwDeici Says:

    Dan is quitting his job to pursue his dreams? Yaaaayyy!!

    This… this is a good thing, right? I don’t want him to starve any more than absolutely necessary.

    Srsly though, do you have a donation box or merchandise to sell us or are you in the money?

  178. TheEFAF Says:

    cwDeici, he’s already stated that his savings alone could support him for about 5 years. I mean, things can happen, sure, so I’d put that at a generous year a half with all random emergencies included, but that is a really comfortable period of time. He is not going to die from lack of money at least.

  179. couchfort Says:

    That reminds me, when I finally get back into the working world, now that film school is done sucking the life out of me, I need to buy Paper XI and NNN. Not that I really paid much attention when you were even doing NNN, but maybe I’ll appreciate it more in physical form and reading it start to finish. As much as I love webcomics (and I do love webcomics a lot), I tend to be a little old fashioned in preferring a physical complete book when one is available. Something to hold in my hands and feel. Not observe through the digial window. Plus I’ve been wanting to show you some real support besides word love for a while. That and a physical copy of Paper XI would look fucking awesome in my graphic novel collection.

  180. Dan Says:

    I should really remove that embarrassing reading guide section from the PXI book. Looking back on it, I really misunderstood my own project.

  181. Jo-ou Says:

    oh my god so many words

    Not gonna repeat what others said, and you know I got your back, Dan. However, I’m a bit worried at something you mentioned up there, and what appears to be a pattern. To wit, the fact that you work to save up money to then quit work and slave away on comics for years at a time, until your cache empties and you resume the regular “workforce”. I simply fail to see why both cannot coexist.

    I also fail to understand why you refuse to take advantage and profit from your comics. I see this as a personal failing of mine, to be unable to properly communicate this to you. I can understand the desire to resist “commercialism”, as it were, and the very real and ugly things that comes with such a brand, but there are many fine ways to work on what you love and profit from it, with no loss of integrity in the equation.

    You were a rather large influence on my upbringing, however indirect, and I never quite felt right being unable to repay it to you in some way. As much as I threaten to publish your work, I only do so because I honestly feel you should be getting something back, something more. (It is only half an empty threat; NNN is absolutely untranslatable and I hate you and love you for it)

    But whatever it is you choose to do, I will make damn sure to be there to see it.

    NNN really is something special in print. I straight up refused to read it once I realized it would be better suited to dead tree format, and when I finally did it was quite the sight to behold. It’s too bad the colour version of PXI is still sixty fucking dollars.

  182. couchfort Says:

    Yeah, that was the impression I got when he first started it. That it would be something I won’t be able to fully enjoy or appreciate until its in a completed book I can hold.

    @Dan, I don’t know what you put in the guide, but I don’t even think the slugline you have on the PXI page itself is an entirely accurate description of the comic. I think I’ve read it two or three times and never got that out of what I read. Still remains to be one of the most beautifully constructed comics I’ve ever read and the main reason I became such a big fan of your work. T42R is hilarious, April & May has its moments, but when I first found this page forever ago, Paper Eleven had me sitting there and all I could say was “Wow”. I have yet to see artwork as complex in its simplicity as your’s.

    Also, MOAR PENNY! Seriously, I’m enjoying the reboot so far, but man, the original strips you did, what an awesome world you created. Penny is adorable, the world is dark and cynical, and the rest of the cast truely feels fleshed out. So you have that little ray of cute light trying to shine through the darkness and I love it. Mostly cuz I’m a sucker for stories about hope.

    While part of me wishes you just continued where you left off, the rest of me likes the idea of the reboot simply because in the few pages so far, I can see you clearly took a step back and REALLY expanded Penny’s world, and bringing the story to the very very beginning, instead of the sorta beginning like in the original did. You probably have a book FULL of notes on this story. And I sure as hell am looking forward to seeing it all come together. And eventually adding that to the Dan Kim book collection as well. 🙂

  183. admin Says:

    Yeah, the slug line was a mold that the comic rapidly grew out of, but I never threw away. PXI had legs of its own in that respect… I shouldn’t have tried to squish it back into its mold again and again with bad tag line and unhelpful, manufactured explanations (as in the reader’s guide).

  184. admin Says:

    Yeah — there may be a way to strike a happy resolution. Penny may actually be publishable and readable… and I’m not opposed to very cheap Kindle and iPad sales.

  185. Jo-ou Says:

    I maintain that you should, uh, “acquire” some HQ assets for the first few parts of PXI, cause honestly I don’t see that stuff printing well. Other than that, it’s perfectly fine. Certainly a much easier pill to swallow than NNN (for the general audience, I mean). I haven’t actually read the Guide, though now I’m verrry curious.

    Self publishing is also a great idea, though you shouldn’t underestimate the power that the dead-tree format holds yet. Hell, Dark Horse have published much worse shit, I don’t see why they wouldn’t jump at this. But now we’re just going in circles.

    I promise you man, profiting from your own work was decriminalized like, fifteen hundred years ago AT LEAST.

  186. Plaid Says:

    I got a reader to help me deal with the small house living + no space issue, so I’d like to have the books in digital formats as well. There is something I’d like to see from Dan. I’d love to have an illustrated guidebook for Penny’s world. I have several things like that for the Nasuverse I ordered from Japan and they’re fantastic. Your worlds are rich enough to justify things like that, and you can give extra details about the world that aren’t explained in the comic, or notes on how sorcery works in that world. Sources of inspiration, music to listen to while you read the comic, etc.

  187. Reese Says:

    I’ll throw my vote in that NNN is much better in print. I’ve read it at least six times, and trying to piece together the order of events, what is connected to what, and which parts take place before or after Penny is great fun. In my opinion, the best way to maximize enjoyment is to assume absolutely nothing is a red herring.

    However, being the awfully stingy bitch that I am, I’ve only ever read my cousin’s copy (now half the country away). Cute drawing of M. in the back!

  188. Jet Says:

    I really like fantasy, but I really tend to dislike “cheap knockoffs”; like, as a kid, one of the obligatorily recommended titles, if you liked LotR, was “Sword of Shannarra(sp?)”. And it was terrible; it was LotR’s style, without the substance. “Without a soul”, if you’ll forgive hyperbole. Probably the thing that really struck me about it was that … it really didn’t seem to have any point. It was just a fantasy setting for the pure sake of novelty – they made this faux-medieval world, and threw some elves in it because … I guess that seemed cool or something. This shouldn’t be confused with the idea that a work is supposed to have a “moral message” of some kind – what I mean is that a work should be trying to essay some idea. I’ve never seen a better description of the notion than this:

    So it’s really like … if you’re gonna do fantasy, it needs to have a reason to be fantasy; you don’t make something fantasy because fantasy is cool, you make something fantasy because you simply can’t explore the ideas you’re interested in without it. What seemed to be the big kick in lotr, was that all of the different races very much seemed like distilled, “absolute” portrayals of some aspect of humanity. That by making them essentially people, but with something changed about them to expose something about man’s essential nature – removing something that otherwise often annuls or contradicts that part. The easiest example was, with the hobbits, exploring the idea of what heroism means, by portraying heroism through the agency of characters that could never be “heroic” in a classical (think greco-roman) sense – characters permanently trapped in frail, child-sized bodies. The whole point of hobbits was to be an absolute refutation of that as a character possibility. That the author wasn’t just throwing hobbits in for the lulz, but they were necessary to explore the ideas that the work was about.

    I see so much work out there that’s just fantasy or sci-fi dressing for it’s own sake, rather than using the genre to explore some genuinely unique idea.

  189. Aristagon Says:


    If you would like to do something to sell, I would love an artbook or some of these making off books they publish to films, relating to your main(I talk about the finished ones and Penny)works. I dont know, somehow the Guy from DresdenKodak makes a living from posting ONE page or less á Month. Well and he is living in NYC…

  190. jesusdan Says:

    I really love you dan. *tries to insert tongue during abbreviated kiss (n..n..not that I would actually…try), gets slapped…goes to bed with no love or supper* I still love you regardless. thanks EVERYBODY for expounding. Seriously enjoyed everthing you put out there, very nice read. onward hoooooe!!!

  191. moe 14.0 Says:

    So Dan, are you done with drawing?

    I’d like to see more from you because you’re so amazing, and I think you style has amazing potential. But if you’re too busy IRL then please feel free to ignore all the kisamas!!!!

    Moe Edition #14 signing out!

  192. cwDeici Says:

    Dan has people half-threatening to publish him because he’s so awesome but indie? … wow! o_0

  193. cwDeici Says:

    So, how many people enjoyed Lucky Star but are unable to watch through a whole K-On episode?

    I find quite a lot of us like LS but not K-On, but yet they seem to be treated as the same.
    To me they’re different because LS is ‘wacky’ slice of life, whereas K-On is a more pure form of slice of life with a musical centerpiece. I guess, to me, LS has more energy, whereas K-On is more based around personalities, which didn’t connect with me/my tastes.

    So what about you all? Does anyone like K-On but not LS, hate both or love both or feel like me, and what do you think are the differences?

    It might be a bit of a limited and easy topic though. Anyway it is nice to chat here. : )

  194. cwDeici Says:

    Btw. comms seem a bit decentralized here. I’m kinda curious about Dan’s artistic career, so if anyone knows any central piece of information to read that’d be appreciated, otherwise don’t worry, I can find it myself for sure or just alt-f through the longest comment threads. : )

  195. jesusdan Says:

    >So, how many people enjoyed Lucky Star but are unable to watch through a whole K-On episode?

    I purchased the LS series disc by disc as they were released and still love it. I’ve watched exactly one episode of k-on. to be fair, I didn’t despise it, i just didn’t feel compelled to continue watching.

  196. Plaid Says:

    @cwDeici I thought Lucky Star was a really good comedy. When I was last in Japan I visited some of the important spots from the show in person. K-On! just felt rather ordinary to me in comparison.

  197. rar Says:

    i’m going to imagine the top-pic is how fuka-eri looks like.
    anyone else reading 1q84?

  198. Dan Says:



  199. rar Says:

    about half way done.
    i would be curious to see it as an anime (it almost reads like a manga without pictures… wait, what?)

  200. Reese Says:

    @cwDeici: I’m in the opposite camp as far as those shows go. I can’t fucking stand Lucky Star. On one hand I don’t like the characters, and on the other hand I don’t think the jokes are funny. No appeal at all for me.

    While I think K-ON! isn’t a very fun show to watch regularly, it did get an absolutely terrible dub courtesy of Animax Asia that jettisons it up to the “So Bad It’s Good” category. Great to laugh at for all the wrong reasons.

    200 GET

  201. jesusdan Says:

    i’m not an anime or manga expert. i can’t follow a lot of the threads on /a/ but i watch a smattering of anime from most of the genres available. i’m curious only because the conversation has skewed towards this topic. i liked (a lot) Lucky Star and i’ve only seen a few, what i would call, slice of life anime somewhat recently. perhaps the term “slice of life” covers more (or less) than what i know of, it’s certainly possible. so let me throw a few other titles out there and you all can voice your opinions on them…these are just my personal favorites, so feel free to lay into me as you see fit, or completely ignore this particular post.
    ichigo marshmallow
    pani poni dash
    ika musume
    soredemo machi wa mawatteiru
    hen zemi
    these were all i could think of at this point in time. if any of these shows do not fall correctly into this particular genre, please excuse me, i’m still trying to become truly learned.

    (i’d like to put some other shaft projects here as well, but i think perhaps they have too much of an actual sort of plot to fit? arakawa, SZS…?)

    the shows i’ve listed are obviously not directly related, but they all cause me to feel a certain something…to one degree or another, that makes me look at life in a different way than i would in my everyday reality.
    i think that if i were to take another chance on k-on, the same thing might happen as with the shows i’ve listed. i just haven’t gone through with it yet. i’ve always told myself i’d give anything a shot. i’ve got a backlog just like everybody else who’s attempting to keep up with this flood of potentially mindblowing goodness (or not, you never really know) that japan offers us in what is their everyday normal entertainment.

    regardless, i know that i like what i like. at the same time i know that others won’t necessarily enjoy the same thing. this is human life and human individuality. not everyone’s gonna like what i like and i’m not gonna like everything they like.

    i like dan’s stuff though, and so do you. we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t.

    sorry for the “somewhat” drunken post.

    lastly…harlan ellison & dan simmons…check ’em out.

  202. jesusdan Says:

    lastly, lastly…dan? dan?! new top pic dan? it’s gotta be commin’ soon eh?

  203. couchfort Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed K-On and despise Lucky Star. I think I watched 2 episodes tops and just found it absolutely infuriatingly pointless. It has no direction, its just stuff happening and zero story. I could care less about the characters.

  204. Jo-ou Says:


    Woah now, I may be a “publisher”, but only in the loosest of terms. Okay, no, I’m a proper publisher, but no-one really cares what gets published in Argentina. I’m not convinced it is financially viable to publish PXI or NNN, but Penny man. Penny.
    A wise man and fellow publisher once told me that you should keeps book you love in your own shelf, and publish the books that sell. I agree, but I feel I’m cheating people out on the awesomeness that is slightly niche indie mindfuck comics (of which all of this site is a part of).

    Also Lucky Star is a huge pile of otaku-pandering shit. K-On is only slightly less so, but better paced, with better characters, and more structure in general. Nichijou is what LS wishes it could be, watch that if you want off-beat comedy.

    There’s nothing wrong with liking otaku-pandering moeblob shows (I adored YuruYuri, but I am in no delusions as to its integrity), just like there’s nothing wrong about reading Murakami despite him being a lifeless hack OH SNAP

  205. couchfort Says:

    ^^^ THANK YOU!

    Also, I know its a little late but…

    200 COMBO!

  206. Doo doo doo Says:

    I would buy NNN so hard if it was in print form. You’ve pretty much designed NNN in a book format, so why not let it accomplish it’s dreams? But I guess it’s kind of impractical and unprofitable on your end, eh? :<

    Also, I can't say I really care much for slice of life comedy. There are certainly some cases where I enjoy it, but that's only because it's not really comedy. Black comedy, perhaps? Some of Asano Inio's works pretty much describe all of that. (Though it gets kinda disturbing at some points.)

    And I can't stand moeblob comedy at all. I can see why people would like it, but I can't stay interested in it – no matter how cute it is.

  207. admin Says:

    NNN is available in print form!

  208. Markavu Says:

    Hey Dan, can I borrow 25 bucks to buy something? (´・ω・`)

  209. Stencil Guy Greg Says:

    If I had a few thousand dollars to spare, Dan, I’d throw them at you under the condition that you actually write Penny.

  210. couchfort Says:

    Oh he definitely has Penny fully written out. He just needs to draw the damn thing.

  211. cwDeici Says:

    Wow, thanks for all the replies everyone!

    And I’ll definitely watch that list you gave us Jesusdan (I’ve only seen a good fraction of Pani Poni Dash, which I liked but lacked time to finish)

  212. cwDeici Says:

    (I’ll try to write more proper answers later.)

    Stencil Guy Greg: I think if Dan was responsive to all of us throwing money at him it would’ve happened by now. : )
    Bloody Indie cred… ;P ^^ (JK)

  213. Doo doo doo Says:


  214. couchfort Says:

    The dentist pic is my new AIM icon.

  215. Y Says:


  216. Y Says:


  217. X Says:


  218. Aristagon Says:

    Well I still hope something will be updated before we reach the 300 comments again…

  219. couchfort Says:

    We’ll hit 298 and then he’ll update, the fucker.

  220. couchfort Says:

    Excuse me, he’ll “update” with a new side pic and one sentence go accompany it.

  221. jesusdan Says:

    something is better than nothing…

  222. couchfort Says:

    Dan uses that exact line on girls sensative about their extra small breasts.

  223. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    I’m stealing the loli horse so I can beat her all by myself.

  224. Reese Says:

    Oh, I’m sure you’ll be beating something all right ( ̄~ ̄;)

  225. couchfort Says:


  226. Plaid Says:

    W- what was that black flash with the painting when I just loaded the site? You got something up your sleeves, Dan?

  227. Reese Says:

    That’s the actual Clone-Army front page. Been there for a couple years. Just redirects to the Manga main page because Games doesn’t have any complete work and who cares about the Boards anyways? It’s not like I tried to register because I wanted to post or anything! S-stupid Dan!

    You can find that full painting here.

  228. moe 15.0 Says:


    I love you 🙂

  229. Jo-ou Says:

    Come on guys, we have to make it to 300.

    To show our contempt for Dan, if for nothing else!

  230. Plaid Says:

    Suddenly I want to play that Kanami VN you worked on a while ago. How about releasing different chapters of it over the years, kind of like how Umineko was released? That’d be pretty spiffy. You’ve got the programming skills for it and you’ve certainly got the art skills. You could also do multiplatform release on renpy.

  231. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    I felt bad for the loli horse so I gave her a wash, a change of clothes and a hot meal. She’s now asleep on my bed.

    The beatings will resume shortly.

  232. Reese Says:

    What does the loli horse look like? Is it a loli that has horse-like characteristics (like some form of horse monstergirl), or is it a horse with loli characteristics (like a My Little Pony character)? I wish to imagine these beatings in greater detail.

  233. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    A loli with horse-like characteristics, fitting in the 10% category. She has wonderful long black hair to represent her mane and a lovely fluffy tail. She also has rather cute ears. Overall a rather delicious loli who is worthy of a good beating, if you know what I mean.

  234. Jo-ou Says:

    Remember when I told you guys to keep posting? I take it back. Stop.

  235. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    But.. 300.. ;_;

  236. Reese Says:

    You can’t tell me to stop! You’re not my real dad!

  237. Dan Says:

    3 Days til quittin time!

  238. couchfort Says:

    And 3 months till the next update from you!


  239. Not One Of Us Says:

    3 months? SOMEONE’S optimistic!

  240. couchfort Says:


  241. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    Somewhere on the internet there’s a betting site that has the odds going on the next update from Dan Kim. 1000-1 for this week, 500-1 this month, 250-1 in the next 3 months, 5-1 the next year, 2-1 by 2020. Personally I have my money down on 2020.

  242. rar Says:

    on the internet, no one knows you are a loli

  243. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    Unless you browse /jp/ in which case everyone is a little girl.

  244. Jo-ou Says:

    Goddomot Dan, spot quittin yer jerbs.

  245. jesusdan Says:

    two days and counting…

  246. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    55 comments in 2 days? Challenge accepted.

  247. couchfort Says:


  248. jesusdan Says:

    party, party, party…all…motherfuckin’…night…long…yo.

    300 here we come…dan will probably usurp us though. shifty bastard.

  249. Reese Says:

    I don’t care if Dan updates. There, I said it. I don’t need you anymore. I’m gonna go crash at Lesnick’s house.

  250. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    Stop being tsundere, Reese.


  251. couchfort Says:

    Reese is in serious denial

    Its okay Reese, Dan laughs at your pain and knows you’ll never leave him, what with your battered wife syndrome and what have you.

  252. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    >Dan laughs at your pain and knows you’ll never leave him

    It’s the unfortunate truth. ;_;

  253. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    Nobody commented while I was asleep? I’m disappointed in you guys.

  254. Naota Says:

    I may be a bit late to this particular party, but it was extremely interesting to hear about your preferences in reading material, Dan. As a reader with a preference for science fiction and alternative fantasy (Jack Vance, for instance) that grew up with H.P. Lovecraft and the aforementioned Lewis Carrol, would you have any suggestions or favourite books in particular that I might look into? I always enjoy expanding my literary horizons alongside the woefully small collection of books I own.

  255. jesusdan Says:

    postin’ just for the hell of it.

  256. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    We require more comments.

    /Queen voice

  257. couchfort Says:


    /English accent

  258. couchfort Says:


  259. jesusdan Says:

    it just so happens i was looking fer a comment whore at this particular time…what’ll $12 get me?

    /kyuben accent

    *puffin’ cigar as he sits forward*

  260. couchfort Says:

    I’ll comment the hell out of you all night long, baby, but any rough comments is gonna cost you extra

  261. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    Do you have a delicious flat comment?

  262. couchfort Says:

    Like a monitor screen, hot stuff

  263. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    I shall now suckle upon your delicious flat comment.

  264. Dzhon Says:

    WHAT IS THIS. I will not allow this to continue even one more comment.


    Oh, godannit.

  265. Reese Says:

    Oh my, it’s just a comment ORGY in here!

  266. jesusdan Says:

    i say, don’t mind if I do…

  267. rar Says:

    * comment abstinence *

  268. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    Ooooh, I have a RAGING comment right now.

  269. jesusdan Says:

    y’all know what’s gonna happen if we keep on keepin’ on here right?

  270. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    The loli will be beaten some more?

  271. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    +1 before bed.

  272. jesusdan Says:

    not giving up yet, by god. gotta keep goin’, just gotta keep…

  273. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    +1 after glorious sleep.

  274. Reese Says:

    Just 26 more to go, people.

  275. Plaid Says:

    To anyone else challenging the JLPT next sunday, good luck!

  276. Stencil Guy Greg Says:

    I took the JLPT last year when I was in Japan, but no one told me that they upped the difficulty on each level until long after I had signed up
    so now all I know about my Japanese skillz is that I’m mediocre enough to fail level 4

  277. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    At least you know some Japanese, I can’t read a single word of moon and I can only understand extremely basic spoken dialogue. I really should get around to learning Japanese some time but it just seems like too much effort.


  278. jesusdan Says:

    ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘

  279. couchfort Says:

    I’m amazed Dan hasn’t taken the time to CRUSH our dreams of 300 posts yet, being so close. Maybe when we hit the 290’s he can disappoint us with a faux update for the sake of combo breaking.

    I tried learning Japanese 10 years ago and gave up rather quickly. Would love to try again, but sooo many easier languages I’d rather learn. Like French, so I can harass the fucking Canadian bastard that is Dan Kim in BOTH his country’s native languages.

  280. rar Says:


  281. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    I had 5 years of French taught to me in high school and I think I can only remember 10 words. Hooray for worthless education.

  282. Reese Says:

    Wait, you did five years of high school? Here in Canuckland we only do 4, and French is only mandatory for two of them (but by that point we had been taking French since first grade, so you can choose opt out of it after ten frickin’ years).

  283. TheEFAF Says:

    They tried to teach me French in 1st grade, then decided for 2nd and 3rd that I should be taught Latin. Then they gave up until jr high when I chose Spanish for 2 years, which resulted in:

    I only remember about 4 words/phrases in french
    I can remember some of the basics of how sentences/modifiers work in spanish but not the words themselves, and a few phrases.
    I can make correct/good guesses as to the meaning of a decent amount of latin words, or at least parts of words (suffixes and prefixes being the most useful thing someone could learn)

    Conclusion: Latin is pretty awesome and has actually helped my understanding of science. I should learn some more. Also, they taught me everything all wrong because latin and french was literally being handed a series of lists and being asked to memorize them, and spanish focused way too much on shit like “future perfect tense” which to me means gibberish. I already pay absolutely no attention to the classification of tenses and words in english (what the hell is a prepositional phrase? I took years to learn what adjectives and adverbs were, and the only reason I did was so I could play madlibs) so how they thought they could teach me anything real in spanish by using that route, I have no idea. They’d probably have done better by giving me a good spanish book and a translation dictionary.

  284. couchfort Says:

    Took Spanish for 4 years, got pretty good with speaking basic Spanish, but it wasn’t mandatory my Junior year so 17 year old me thought “I’ll never need this! Fuck that” and stopped. Now I can remember only a few words and phrases and really am not a fan of 17 year old me, especially around the time I went to film school and half my class spoke at least two languages mininum, including Spanish.

    Oh well. I could try picking it back up again, but I really want to learn French for some reason. So I think I will try to get on that sometime 2012. I think I get started on that long before Dan fucking updates again.

  285. TheEFAF Says:

    I had gotten it into my head that I really wanted to learn Welsh (kind of a fascination with “I could read original King Arthur texts!” and “wow, pronunciation is always the same all the time literally, that’s cool”)
    I actually did start and I remember the words I learned, but I didn’t get far before I had too much work to do. Should also get back to that. Latin, or hell any other language, would be far more useful in an everyday world though…

  286. couchfort Says:

    C’mon guys, almost there!

  287. couchfort Says:

    Don’t quit now!

  288. couchfort Says:


  289. Reese Says:


  290. couchfort Says:


  291. TheEFAF Says:

    Tumblr is down I have nothing better to do ;_;

  292. jesusdan Says:

    like sands through the hourglass.

  293. couchfort Says:

    @Reese I will comment spam the HELL out of this bitch! *beats loli horse*

  294. jesusdan Says:

    you can’t spell damnation without dan. or mad at.

  295. couchfort Says:

    ^ Made me lol

  296. Kasumi Says:

    Contriboot to 300.

  297. couchfort Says:

    More comment whoring!

  298. Reese Says:

    What’s that sound?

  299. Reese Says:

    It almost sounds like….

  300. Reese Says:

    300 GET

  301. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    Heigh ho heigh ho it’s off to 400 we go~

  302. X Says:

    I’m sorry, did someone post something?

  303. couchfort Says:


  304. couchfort Says:

    Okay Dan, you actually let us get to 300+ posts, c’mon buddy, update time = now.


  305. couchfort Says:

    My greatest Dan Kim-inspired fear happened today…

    I wish I took a pic of my mouth before rinsing at the dentist today, cuz it seriously looked like poor Penny’s mouth in the previous side pic. I’m not exaggerating. When I rinsed, solid red came out of my mouth the first few rinses. Little did I know “crowning” means “drill the tooth into fucking oblivion and carve up the gum underneath”. And then they put in a fake tooth and sent me on my way. FML

  306. jesusdan Says:

    the impending chance that there may have been an update kinda made me feel the same as when that preacher said he knew the date the world would end. i knew the likelihood of it actually happening was nil, but still, a tiny, tiny part of me sorta wondered…maybe?…just maybe? then nothing at all happened. i guess this is what it truely feels like to be the follower of a madman.

  307. Reese Says:

    It took more than two months to get here, but victory is in our grasp!
    To 400!

  308. couchfort Says:

    I’d really really REALLY like to think there will be an update before then…. but again, I am an optimist to a fault and give Dan WAY too much credit.

  309. couchfort Says:

    This is like last time we hit 300+ (before someone cleared the memory on their DanStation 3!) where Dan went into a corner and cried it actually happened. Eventually Dan will stop sulking about it (or reboot the page again, fucker) and make comics again.

  310. Jo-ou Says:

    >and make comics again.


  311. couchfort Says:

    D: It could happen! You don’t know!

    D: I Believe In Dan Kim.


  312. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    My bet of 2-1 on Dan updating by 2020 will come true. I can feel it.

  313. couchfort Says:

    Maybe instead of beating the loli horse, we should be beating Dan

  314. jesusdan Says:

    i think perhaps dan’s beating us at this point. which is just downright mean…

  315. Dzhon Says:

    Or perhaps he’s just watching us beat ourselves.

    Kind of like when you let a kid throwing a tantrum hyperventilate until they pass out, and then have a nice quiet cup of tea.

  316. licorize Says:

    So when is Dan Nukem Forever coming out again?

    (jk Dan, the irrational part in me still believes in you… and fairies, magic, myself and that i can manage a relationship.)


  317. couchfort Says:

    Think Dzhon has the right idea. Pretty sure Dan checks this every day, laughs at us throwing our MOAR PENNY tantrums, hyperventilating, and eventually passing out.

    And then continues to not draw comics. Fucking Canadian bastard.

  318. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    >So when is Dan Nukem Forever coming out again?

    It’ll never be released.


  319. Jo-ou Says:

    You’re overthinking it, guy.

  320. Dan (not him) Says:

    But Duke Nukem Forever was released! Sure, it was 13 years late, but the quality of the final product speaks for itself.


  321. couchfort Says:

    So… Penny in 13 years?

  322. cwDeici Says:


    Dan rebooted a comments page? He must’ve felt guilty! We’ve got a rope around him!!

    Hmmmm, will it burn him out if he feels guilty? Nah, he’s not that sensitive. Pull!

  323. cwDeici Says:

    Wuh? It’s clearly Decemer the 3’rd in my country.

  324. cwDeici Says:

    Hey, would anyone take a comission on a horse-like loli being beaten?

  325. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    MORE DELICIOUS SNAX IN 13 YEARS? I BELIEVE. My loli horse may well be dead by that point but I’ll never stop believing.. and beating.

  326. couchfort Says:

    Dan, new top picture: loli horse being beaten by your readers.

  327. jesusdan Says:

    dan, new top picture. something…anything. ffs.

  328. couchfort Says:

    Seeeeloooowly creeping our way up to 400, Dan.


  329. rar Says:

    SEE YOU IN 3012!!!!

  330. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    3012? My body is not ready.

  331. Reese Says:

    Dan, new top picture: loli horse being beaten by your readers.
    This begs the question: What does Dan think we look like?
    Hell, how do all of you imagine your fellow commenters?

  332. couchfort Says:

    What does Dan think we look like? assymcgee.jpg
    how do all of you imagine your fellow commenters? assymcgee.jpg

    In all seriousness, artistically he could draw us like Anonymous, maybe give each Anon a nametag with our names

    Or we could submit photos of our ugly selves via email to Dan, if he actually wants to draw us draw us.

    All assuming Dan wants to draw this…

    All assuming Dan wants to draw, period.

  333. Always bet on Dan.. Says:



  334. jesusdan Says:

    dan wants…wants to draw…c’mon man, DRAW. as we wither away. yo.

  335. admin Says:


    This is taking a while, though. I’ve gotten quite rusty. I’m working a new top pic to get back into the habit… and trying to improve my background work:

  336. couchfort Says:

    Random boobage is always nice. But seriously, such awesome detail in all the facial expressions

    And the Penny thing, the second link, is 100% stunning.


  337. Jet Says:

    I like it when dan does this.

  338. Dzhon Says:


    The crushing feeling as I realize I’ll never be as good as your worst.

  339. cwDeici Says:

    Jubilations, for he is alive!!!

  340. cwDeici Says:

    Nice pics, Dan. : )

  341. Not One Of Us Says:

    heh, boob.

  342. licorize Says:

    >In all seriousness, artistically he could draw us like Anonymous, maybe give each Anon a nametag with our names

    Isnt it ovbious?, he would draw everyone as angry lolis shouting stuff at him… (If someone actually draws that, it would be hilarious).

    >The crushing feeling as I realize I’ll never be as good as your worst.

    Im happy at least his worst is as bad as mine.
    (…but i never got better ; _ ; (and its my fault))

  343. couchfort Says:

    >draw everyone as angry lolis…

    Holy fuck that’s brilliant.


  344. jesusdan Says:

    thanks Dan.

  345. cwDeici Says:

    We don’t have much time now. We need to find a topic to spam about to reach 400 before he can post his new stuff!

  346. jesusdan Says:

    Shush dear, don’t have a fuss. I’ll have your spam. I love it,
    I’m having spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, baked beans,
    spam, spam, spam, and spam!

    yup. I did that. ごめんなさい。

  347. admin Says:

    Oops, a bit late, but…

    Naota, Re: suggestions
    If what you find worthwhile in Lovecraft is the sense of abject resignation before incomprehensible inhuman forces, and what you find worthwhile in Lewis Carroll his fantastic, unencumbered intimacy, then Kafka is where it’s at:

    … but then, I think nearly everyone should read Kafka, so you may not want to take my recommendation too seriously (at least on those grounds).

    If what you want is sci-fi, fear, weirdness, and playfulness… hard to say. I haven’t really been into the sci-fi scene in a long time. : /

    If anyone knows about someone who could rightly be called Lovecraft’s successor, they better post below, because I want in on that, too.

  348. Aristagon Says:

    @Naota & Dan

    Stephen Baxters Sequel to the Time-Machine of Wells. It is brilliantly written and have some very thoughprovoking concepts and Ideas. In its complexity (while still readable) I had never read another such SF-Novel. Its named The Time Ships, 1995. Anyway look through his Wikipediaentry.

    Another brilliant Author who have a philosophical view in his Stories is Jorge Luis Borges, who created with The Bibliothek of Babel a timeless collection of some of the best Books of Phantastic Literature.

  349. admin Says:

    I’m definitely going to pick up Borges.

  350. jesusdan Says:

    Has no one read any harlan ellison? perhaps i’m the only one who enjoyed any of it? bordering on science fiction (though fully classified as such)…short stories…tricks of hand and mouth and mind…good stuff Maynard.

  351. Naota Says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about mismatched suggestions; I have a fairly broad spectrum of interests. Reading further into detail on Kafka and seeing his writings described as this pretty much sealed the deal on top of the fact that I was already planning to give them a shot, because hey… you think everybody should read them, I’m everybody, and I’m looking for something new to read. What’s the worst that could possibly happen?

    (I fully expect to follow this comment up with one of absolute and terrible woe, having discovered that Kafka is in fact the true author of the Necronomicon, the Malleus Maleficarium, Franken Fran, and Tokyo Akazukin all at once, the latter two following his reanimation as a zombified arm clutching an ink pen hewn from child-bone.)

    I will, of course, look into Borges and Baxter as well. Curious how they sound like an 18th-century manufactory for industrial shaving razors when put together like that, isn’t it?

  352. Lowell Says:

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