Witches, Lewdness, Fanart


On the Subject of Witches: minor edits, +14,15,31
Graveyard: Excised material from Witches edit

Cupcake’s Secret Album: TOO LEWD (18+?)
Fanart: Nana fanart(Thanks, Tickerbug!)

Still working hard on Witches. I’ll be back to drawing soon.

24 Responses to “Witches, Lewdness, Fanart”

  1. Zinaida Says:

    Put the Dayman in there, somewhere.

  2. Zinaida Says:

    But damn, that’s cool..

  3. admin Says:

    What’s a Dayman?

  4. Zinaida Says:

    Th-.. The Dayman? I…

  5. admin Says:

    Well, that was pretty cool.
    First I’ve ever heard of it.

  6. Zinaida Says:

    The Nightman Cometh, in which the Dayman was a prominent character (The main, in fact), is a recurring story/song (later turned play) on the show ‘Always Sunny in Philadelphia.’

  7. Aristagon Says:

    Nice Art, I liked the new rendering style of the Face and hand on 14 and 15.

    Why was the scene with the arriving Boat cut?

  8. X Says:

    agrabe – too much like Lewis Carroll? Sticks out like a sore thumb to me.

    One day I hope to see the Fun Dan and the Dark Dan in one story.

    O’wise pretty cool

  9. Zinaida Says:

    I think Fun Dan and Dark Dan are gonna be in this Cupcake dealy we got goin these days.

  10. Aristagon Says:

    Yes I think so too. Pepper is going to the slautherhouse in the end, after Locorice died an goresome death, and Cupcake become inhumanly cruel or whatever. I bet this will be twisted. With chocolate confiture on top and butts.

  11. Zinaida Says:

    Oh, most definitely.
    White chocolate.
    It’ll fuck with our emotions.
    And our penises.
    But not in the fun way.
    We’ll be bent by the time this is over and done.
    Lives changed.. Warped, by the fear and loathing the experience in this one comic by the man with the iron heart, Dan Kim.

  12. Aristagon Says:

    @Dan: There have been so many interesting Kickstarter Projects out there, Is that a possible Way of funding Projects on Clone-Army? I would love to see, some Specialedition anual PXI or Artbook or Clone-Miniatures or… or……….or……………..

  13. Zinaida Says:


  14. Aristagon Says:

    Its done: http://medicalwhiskey.com/?p=7756#more-7756

  15. Zinaida Says:

    Dan.. Do you think you could draw a violin?
    I see people try a lot and fail so hilariously hard..
    I’m just curious about how yours looks.

  16. couchfort Says:

    I’m very glad you’re working on Witches/Penny again, tired of this Cupcake slut’s shenanigans!

    Still think the story telling approach is too NNN. I don’t mind a somewhat odd approach, and a little bit of confusion, that’s what I’ve come to expect from a long-term Dan Kim story. But when it just feels like random images and a whole lot of nothing happening, it gets tiresome. What pulled me into the ranks of the Clone Army wasn’t the ridiculous, grotesque, gag-a-strip T42R, it was Paper Eleven. What worked so well with PXI was even when things got confusing or really hard to follow, it still made sense in a way through connectible images, or it became more clear that much sooner. So please, be abstract but tie it together as you go along, not lay it all out and THEN pull the string to close it up. 30+ pages with no dialogue and random scenes from a potentially interesting world without really letting us explore it just doesn’t work.

  17. admin Says:

    Don’t worry, Couchfort — the next 400 pages or so will be straight up short stories, then more fragments to bookend, then Pale Fire-like commentary.

  18. admin Says:

    Also, Cupcake is a pure and sweet maiden, you insufferable cocklizard.

  19. admin Says:

    I should also point out that you probably won’t get something just like Paper Eleven again — it’s always been my policy to avoid retreading old ground. PXI did what I wanted to do in that area, NNN was different from PXI, and Subject of Witches will be different from both NNN and PXI.

  20. Always bet on Cupcake-tan.. Says:

    >Also, Cupcake is a pure and sweet maiden

    Today I learned that Cupcake-tan is Sanae. A filthy whore.

  21. Zinaida Says:

    Made to be one.. It’s not her fault!

  22. couchfort Says:

    Oh, so Penny will be more of an anthology than an actual story? Or are the stories connected in some way? Either way, looking forward to that! Git drawin’, boy!

    I’m not saying exactly like PXI, I wouldn’t expect or even want a repeat, just meant more narrative than what we’ve seen so far of Witches.


  23. dunno Says:

    As I see it, for every 2D character they exist similar to instances in Object Oriented programming. There is the original object (original pure maiden cupcake) and then there are instances (cupcake all sticky covered in syrup, frosting and whiskey). This also works when someone else has your waifu so you don’t need to be jealous because everyone has their own instance of the same waifu and then you can say, “oh you seem to have good tastes, good sir”.

  24. dunno Says:

    @couchfort, at least for me when Dan is doing a long story I only get to understand a bit of what’s going on like after 100 pages even with PXI. And after reading the completed PXI was that I understood the story. (At least I think I did.)

    Personally with NNN it felt like if a had picked a book from a library of another world. It’s confusing and even with the text parts it’s hard to understand what I’m reading but at the same time it’s interesting to the eyes and charming with its mysterious world.

    For me, Penny had a good mixture between the known and the unknown, following what happened with Penny in that Mansion/Castle and the whole world being strange and full of unknown events and things.

    What I think is that the more unfamiliar and original the setting and the characters are, the more they need some kind of dialog or explanation to be understood unless your aim is to keep the readers in the dark and then, after that, explain what happened …just that waiting to get everything until the end is not so fun. Or maybe at least having a “common” or “normal” point of reference, so that the readers can have a familiar spot to stand in so they can explore the story without feeling so lost, helps.