T42R 333-339 + Cupcake Pics


T42R: 333 – 339 (Read in Order!)
Cupcake’s Personal Album: Cupcake VS Sandy/Walmartburgernight
Drawstream Gallery: Requests and Messy Eating

Everyone please leave a message of encouragement for @kappukekitan and the other brave magical girls fighting alongside our brave emergency workers and staff in tonight’s walpurgisnacht/walmartburgernight.

19 Responses to “T42R 333-339 + Cupcake Pics”

  1. Zinaida Says:

    Oh god, Pepper! Why did you leave me!?

  2. whatisthis Says:

    I miss the top bar with the comic names phasing in from the white.

    That being said, I still like the changes.

  3. Zinaida Says:

    Anyway, totally love them Cupcake X Sandy pics.

  4. ahr2nd Says:

    If that’s the same woman in 336 and 339, then I for one fear for our fluffy friend.

  5. Zinaida Says:

    Yeah.. This is definitely that Franken Fran chapter…
    Poor Veronica.. Her first real friend that wasn’t trying to sell her to pedophiles was killed with her underwear and turned out to be an escort for pretty much anyone in town.
    BUT, everyone got hyper gonorrhea because of some fancy virus that Fran made. Which.. I guess was kinda funny.

  6. Zinaida Says:

    Or at least it has the same air, now.
    A coming storm of depression…

  7. anon156 Says:

    The one thing I’d like to see is the drawstream split into subsections of days. The one long page to rule them all is starting to bog down my browser. Also I can never remember which images I’ve already seen until I get to something memorable like FREEDOM CUPCAKE or chen halfway down the page or Birdy nearly at the bottom but that’s more of a personal issue.

  8. Plaid Says:

    It was fun seeing Henrietta from GSG pop up in the story.

  9. Zinaida Says:

    Did she? Where?
    Or is she the madame?

  10. admin Says:


    Noted. I’ll spend some time this morning and get that done.

  11. admin Says:

    Okay, Drawstream gallery split sub-galleries.

  12. Zinaida Says:

    Damn. Never realized you drew so damn many.

  13. Zinaida Says:


  14. Aristagon Says:


  15. RGE Says:

    The desired icing bath made me think of the logistics of something like that. Clearly that icing is meant to be consumed, so I guess Cupcake would have to lick it off her own body, much like a cat. But unless her tongue is really long she won’t be able to reach every place. And now I finally figured out why Licorice is Cupcake’s best friend. Licorice must be the one who licks the parts that Cupcake can’t reach, and then she pukes up the icing into Cupcake’s waiting mouth, much like birds feed their chicks. Is Licorice secretly a facebird?

  16. Zinaida Says:

    Whatever she is, you’ve made her a sex symbol to me.
    Thanks, guy.. Real cool…

  17. Aristagon Says:

    @ Dan:

    As stated in your Twitter before, you should do an Artbook, and maybe send some nice images over to http://beta.threadless.com/ All in All I think you might have a good chance there! Look at this Guy —> http://beta.threadless.com/profile/361734/nielquisaba/designs
    I think you can do better. And I am thinking I am not the only Fanboy who would buy a Facebird T-Shirt, or a Penny Pinup, or a Maya Corpse T-shirt. or a Bag full of Heads.

    There also have been quiet a lot of People already running a decent webcomic, raising a lot of Money out of Kickstarter : http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ryanandrews/nothing-is-forgotten-a-collection-of-short-stories

    I think you should not hesistate to do such a crowd funding. It could grant you a nice income of you reached 20k+, than deliver 2 Books a year and its nice.

  18. whoever Says:

    > It could grant you a nice income of you reached 20k+, than deliver 2 Books a year and its nice.

    I see a problem in your plan.

  19. Zinaida Says:

    A seriously overlooked flaw..
    Also, we’re way too greedy to let Dan in to the public.