Make a Christmas Wish!


DEAR INTERNET: What do you want for Christmas? I want to do something special for you this year. What would you like?

e.g. 24 hour all-request drawstream? An old favorite returns for a short special (April and May, Snax, etc.)? Printable poster? Special erokawaii “Merry Christmas, Mr. President” Cupcake video voice by internet VAs? Cupcake butt-touching flash game?

Let me know your heart’s desire! (LEAVE A COMMENT)!

52 Responses to “Make a Christmas Wish!”

  1. JustAGuy Says:

    April & May!

  2. Escher Says:

    Something Snaxxy, plz!

  3. Reese Says:

    My votes (in order of descending difficulty and ascending personal appreciation):
    1. Special erokawaii “Merry Christmas, Mr. President” Cupcake video voice by internet VAs
    2. April & May & June!
    3. A single character sketch for the request drawstreams THAT I ALWAYS MISS

  4. admin Says:

    Votes recorded.

  5. Darcy Says:

    All of the above!

    Failing that, a Snax Christmas Special would be awesome.

    I will accept an April & May special only if it includes Economist X.

  6. mg Says:

    N-Nana Holiday Special!

  7. admin Says:

    Votes recorded!

    Oh Economist X! [swoon]

  8. RGE Says:

    Cupcake butt-touching flash game?

    This would be like a more graphically intense version of that Java-dialogue menu where you’re asked if you have a small penis, and then every time you try to click the “No” button it jumps to another position, forcing you to either shut down the page/browser or click the “Yes” button? Except Cupcake would also throw various enchanted/cursed cupcakes at the screen right after she and her butt teleports to a different location. u kant tush dis!

    Oh well. That wasn’t my vote really. I’m a sucker for stories, so I vote for:

    “An old favorite returns for a short special” (I’m not very particular about which old favourite, because they’re all great. But June maybe?)

  9. Ahegi Says:


  10. Replica Says:


  11. couchfort Says:


  12. admin Says:

    Votes recorded.

    Vote recorded. If updates don’t win, no more updates. I HOPE YOU’RE REAL HAPPY WITH YOURSELF.

  13. Hieronymus Says:

    I’ll wish/ask/beg for moar Kanami, because I’m one of the crazy bastards who prefers your srs stuff to all this moe moe butt stuff.

  14. Always bet on Cupcake-tan.. Says:

    Going with updates. <3

    Alternatively how about Snax going on a Christmas adventure? Cameos of other characters can be included if your urge for cupcake butt is not satisfied.

  15. Replica Says:

    @Admin (I don’t know how to bold things..)

    Also on a more serious note, Always bet on-‘s snax christmas adventure idea is pretty splendid.

  16. Aristagon Says:

    1. Updates & your bloody hell artbook, which i nearly wait for since a decade

    2. The Girl from the Water from the Graveyardsection

    3. Snax Special with more Environments, ye Lazy old Ass

    4. Switching the Moe charas in a special, drawn in serious style.

  17. Epi Says:

    TR42 !

  18. forgottencake Says:

    I like the 24-hour drawstream and old-favorite-returns special ideas. I’d love to see April and May again. : D

  19. Trust Jollin' Says:

    Updates o:

    Barring that, a Clone.Manga Christmas Special would be kind of cool.

    Or whatever, it’s n-not like I really care if y-you do anything special anyways.

  20. vred Says:

    Black and white pages.

  21. Scrooge me sideways Says:

    Finish Kanami. T-T

    Or y’know, moar pink glitter, flat chests, and icing. Whatever makes you happy.

  22. Dan Says:

    Votes recorded.

    Cupcake, Snax, AMJ in a three-way tie!

  23. Not One Of Us Says:

    APRIL, MAY AND JUNE YOU FUCKING CUNT oh hi dan love you <3

  24. Aqnde Says:

    All of them!

    You would receive so many internets for it.

  25. Noseless Says:

    Delicious, delicious SnaxXx! :3

    Or Penny. Or any of the others. But I vote for Snax!

  26. Anonymous Says:


  27. Oblivion Shinma Says:

    April and May.
    and possibly June, though I prefered those first couple of strips with just April and May.

  28. noita Says:

    The Snax Wars Christmas Special on VHS

  29. noita Says:

    Featuring special appearance by The Hoff and other Favorite Celebrities

  30. Reese Says:

    If I ever become a billionaire, I will produce the shit out of that. But it will only be released on…


  31. Dan Says:

    Votes recorded.



  32. ma5h Says:

    Butts and glasses!

    Office time cupcake!

  33. elsonine Says:

    I want you apologize to Nana.

  34. AbandonedOnIRC Says:

    Nana in a Box.

    That is all.

  35. Zinaida Says:


  36. ahr2nd Says:

    [TR42 SHIRT]

  37. admin Says:

    Votes recorded.

    HA HA HA

  38. Zinaida Says:

    Right. ‘Cause that’ll totally happen.

  39. gzero Says:

    Timelapse your 2013 draw streams and upload a big timelapse compilation in a batch each month on a video sharing site [or this one] wink*

  40. chrometsuba Says:

    April May and June plz!!!

    whatever you put up will make for a more merry xmas, if we are lucky a moe merry xmas too =)

  41. iKo Says:

    An old favorite returns for Christmas.
    And I want to see them happy.
    Non of this ‘Oh u wanted 2 c Nana so i cruficied her 4 u lololo’ noise.

  42. Kir Says:

    April & May / Snax: Yes please! Your pick. Or both in a holiday crossover epic. Whatever.

  43. admin Says:

    Votes recorded.

    They’re all already on livestream… I don’t get it — what’s the point of compiling them?

  44. Staccato Says:

    Something involving Lilypichu. The fact that you presumably want to do this too means this vote is worth 3 votes.

  45. k Says:

    April & May!

  46. admin Says:

    Votes recorded. : >

  47. cwDeici Says:

    Nana goes to heaven!

  48. cwDeici Says:

    … but I know Nana will lose… so please record my vote for Snax inste….

    NO… NO!!



  49. cwDeici Says:

    I wonder what Dan might want from us? I want to make him happy with this recent series of strips.

  50. Anita Ellzey Says:

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  51. Anita Ellzey Says:

    please read my Christmas wish!!!!!!!

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