T42R: 350-354


T42R: 350 – 354 (Read in Order!)

T42R (Polish): 313 – 349 (Thanks, M3n747!)

M3n747 has been Translating T42R since the good ol’ days. He has, like a maniac, even hand-written his translations to preserve the look of the strips. Thanks, man. These make me really happy.

Biography comics (AAAAAAAAAA!) continue tomorrow.

15 Responses to “T42R: 350-354”

  1. goo Says:

    +1 bodum cup

  2. goo Says:

    also: t42r? moar like tl;dr, amirite?
    j/k dan!! ^_^;;

  3. Annaheim Says:

    Well, that was downright depressing.

  4. Reese Says:

    We live extremely similar lives.

  5. saline Says:

    more comics about this Dan guy plos

  6. RGE Says:

    I understand not wanting to work on Witches. It looks like a huge constipation you’ve gathered for a long time, and now it’s blocking the flow. Is the Cupcake enema not powerful enough to loosen those mountains of papers? What can be done? Maybe turn those witches loose in T42R so we can see them being silly before we see them being serious? Undermine their cellulose fortress!

  7. couchfort Says:

    I completely relate to you Dan, as I’ve been sitting on pages of notes and a complete skeleton/outline for a feature film script the last forever, I have yet to get myself to stop fucking around and just write the goddamn thing.

    Unfortunately, Dan, I still hate you. A lot. Your phat booty pic only adds to the hatred, you sad perverted fuck.

    In all seriousness, you teen ass drawing creep; from one writer to another, here’s the best advice I can give you when it comes to these getting stuck moments. I’ve hit a few snags like this over the years, but this way of doing things has always gotten me through. And will again with this next script as well. STOP. THINKING. START. DOING. Seriously, stop thinking about it and just fucking do it. Like literally just go right at it. Get mad at yourself and just attack that shit with violent fury. Don’t stop to think about life and shit, just start hammering it out. You’ll be ripping through it before you even know it. Then turn around and tell all the “I don’t get why you just don’t do it” types (unfortunately almost ALWAYS friends and family, who don’t understand how fucking hard it is to climb from that creative rut and get in the right mind set to “just do it”) to blow it out their asses.

    TL;DR Get pissed at yourself for not doing it, stop thinking about EVERYTHING that isn’t it, and just fucking go at it like a goddamn maniac. THAT is how shit gets done, my friend.

  8. dunno Says:

    Dan, I will always admire how you show yourself to the world even with all your doubts and spaguettis.

  9. ma5h Says:

    More Dan butt-flex please.

  10. Not One Of Us Says:

    Madness… Madness…

  11. Kouseo Says:

    My hero.

  12. Zinaida Says:


  13. 0090988 Says:






    Fucking excellent. Keep up this R. Crumb streak.

  14. Maaya Says:

    :O @couchfort you’ve given the most beautiful description of the concept of “Liangzi” I’ve ever heard outside of a Confucian Philosophy textbook. GO FORTH AND DO IT DAN!

  15. couchfort Says:

    Never read anything about Confucian philosophy in my life, but kind of awesome my mindset is an actual concept. AWRRRIIIGHT.