T42R 359-364

PepPepPepper and Cupcake

T42R: 359 – 364 (Read in Order!)

The Biography Comics are over!
I’d ask you to kill me but I’m already dead inside.

Cupcake, Witches to follow.

55 Responses to “T42R 359-364”

  1. whatgoat Says:

    cheer up buddy, i’ll buy you a poutine.

  2. flat Says:

    That Dan guy has a shot. We all do. Just need to shape up first before going out.

  3. jeseusdan Says:

    oh come on.

  4. jesusdan Says:

    i totally spelled jesus wrong.

  5. jesusdan Says:

    for the sake of clarification, the first comment was directed at you dan. the second was merely an observation that i sometimes miss things that are right in front of me…ahem.

  6. admin Says:

    Well, yeah, this is all exaggerated for comedic effect.
    My skeleton didn’t really jump out or anything.

  7. Churuya Says:

    But Cupcake really was serving Reality brand wine, right?

  8. admin Says:

    Yes. And I secretly touched her bum while she wasn’t looking.

    It was like the world’s softest body-temperature memory foam.

  9. forgottencake Says:

    T-they’re over?
    But I find comic-Dan so relatable

  10. couchfort Says:

    I like that the receding hair line got worse through the story. Seriously Dan. Stop that. Stop finding faults in things. Find more joy in life and don’t bother to overthink it. The more you sink into your rut, the worse you’ll feel about EVERYTHING. Maybe that girl enjoyed herself kind of. Maybe you should call her again. Idfk.

    Stop being a bitch, Dan.

    <3 Your Friend,

  11. Oblivion Shinma Says:

    It’s like I’m reading my own life!
    I can’t end up like Dan! I WON’T!

  12. Zinaida Says:

    Memory foam…
    I guess that helps.

  13. Kouseo Says:

    Dan, you’re my hero. Because while we over think shit all the time, you can at least enjoy the moment for what it was and still be more productive and talented than I will ever be. Just think that all things that happen to you is preparation for when you meet the girl that’s into you and just for you. Also a nice dakimakura is comfy way to sleep at night. (Not saying from experience…but really is saying from experience.)

  14. Jo-ou Says:

    Why you gotta live in Canada, mang, that shit is out of the way. Let’s meet up in the middle, say Mexico? We’ll have a grand old time. I promise I won’t pet you, but I must insist on watching you sleep.

  15. ma5h Says:

    Smelly bro is my new favourite thing.

  16. ma5h Says:

    I mean skelly, damn autocorrect,

  17. Oscar Says:

    > so orange >

  18. iKo Says:

    Geez Dan, I’d buy you a drink but I’d have to leave my room and then get half way around the world.

  19. Not One Of Us Says:

    Nice dress.

  20. Doo Doo Doo Says:

    I just read all the bio comics. I shed tears.

    I.. I think I might have the courage to go outside now. :>

  21. Aristagon Says:

    Omg, somehow i feel more depressed than normally, Thanks Dan. I guess a Lot of us can identify or relate to such life-situations, its heartbreaking. You should do a regular biographical strip, As you now we all loves to Be reminded of human misery, or the wonders and misfortune of an artists life.

  22. fred Says:

    dan, as you wish. i’m leaving a comment.

    i love how the colour of my dress keeps changing. by the way, i’m not that tall.
    bio comics are great. we could all use more of those 😀

  23. Not One Of Us Says:


    IT’S A TRAP!

  24. Jo-ou Says:

    It was Gallagher all along.

  25. admin Says:

    T-thanks for the comment!

    I wasn’t careful with the colours… something to keep in mind for next time(?!).

    I’d hit it.

    I knew this was coming.

  26. Always bet on Cupcake-tan.. Says:

    Wait, so Dan was actually with 3DPD? I’m disgusted. What happened to you, Dan? I thought you had standards.

  27. Replica Says:

    >What oblivionshinma said.

    I know that feel bro.

  28. fred Says:

    omg dan you’re overreacting. i don’t care about colours. and you have great friends here.

    no, i am not dan’s imaginary friend. and yes, fred is (an abbreviated form of) my real name.

  29. Taichi Says:

    Oh, Dan~

    If nothing else, take solace in the fact that your self-deprecation comics are enjoyable to read, unlike some others I can think of.

  30. anon156 Says:

    I have a terrible cough and when Cupcake showed up I was laugh/cough/laughing so hard I actually passed out for a minute. Well done, Dan.

  31. couchfort Says:



  32. w Says:

    Postmodern end!

  33. er Says:

    good ending ;__;

  34. AoC Says:

    Furude Rika?

    Must be nice to know you can always count on the support of people online, should be a good reason to keep improving your craft and moving on. It turns what’s a potentially selfish affair into a communal thing where you feed off other people’s tears and laughter. I’m overthinking this, already had said my piece before.

    December is harsh overall…

  35. admin Says:

    Can’t be helped! I’m h…h….happy?


  36. admin Says:


    I think it’s a good point.
    December can be tough — hang in there, brah.

  37. Aristagon Says:

    Brainmeltdown. This is toooo much to bear.

  38. always a faget Says:

    Just read through these. I was laughing for a while and then reality began to sink in. It was kind of like reading a comic about my future. Only, without all of the talent you possess.

    just keep your head up, alright? ;_;

  39. doma Says:

    Don’t worry dan. Just keep drinking coffee for no reason and drawing 2D girls and always look forward to tomorrow! Then you can do it all again!


  40. psuedonymous Says:

    >I like that the receding hair line got worse through the story.
    Eventually it will recede all the way to the back, the clipping planes will invert and Dan will end up suddenly covered in hair.

  41. TheEFAF Says:

    Dat’s cool. I like autobio comics.

    My breakthrough to “the other side” involved wrenching my brain all at once (yes you gotta be in CRISIS MODE to achieve this) into not giving a fuck what other people thought of me (within societal reason). Everything in my life fell into place after that, and I’m pretty effin’ happy now. Might not be the key for you but it sounds as though it may help.

  42. cwDeici Says:

    Keuseo: That’s nuts, Dan has a shot, but he needs to get out there more like this and not loller around in ‘the right one is waiting land’.

    PS. Nice to see a happy ending. 🙂

  43. cwDeici Says:

    (a shot at finding a girlfriend in general I mean, not saying anything specific)

    Anyway, Cupcake was really mean there… but that actually fits her personality from the comics. : )

  44. zibba Says:


    fresh out of the render

    also, I’m sorry for mushing everyone into one character…

  45. admin Says:


    I’ll post this to the front page in a bit.

    Awesome, man. : >

  46. cwDeici Says:

    Also, just a suggestion Dan, make some business cards with Witches on them, rather than Cupcake butt… it’ll look better to the uninitiated. 🙂

  47. cwDeici Says:

    oh wow, dang, that video is nice 😀

  48. admin Says:

    My card will read:

    Her Majesty’s Royal Butt Branch
    at [connection lost please try again]

    lord of cartoon butts

    Southouse Magistrata

  49. couchfort Says:

    And it’ll just be an extreme close up of cupcake’s leotard covered butt for an image behind the words. You’ll never be invited anywhere ever again. Not even by Frederica. Good thing you have us to torment you in your loneliness.



  50. DYE\L Says:

    needs moar decantering

  51. cwDeici Says:

    it’s a beautiful hybrid ~ ^_^

  52. Atlas Says:

    I had built myself up to try and say something long-winded and attempt at being profound.
    But all I really want to say is, you’re work has always been a big motivator and inspiration some times.
    I wish you the best in all you do.

  53. Taichi Says:

    Cupcake’s tumblr is really entertaining.

  54. sp_ Says:

    Gustav Mahler wrote a symphony after completing his Eighth, but refused to give it a number in observance of what modern musicologists semi-seriously refer to as the curse of the ninth. That is, many of the most influential and successful composers seem to meet their fate after completing nine. Mahler then went on to begin composing a subsequent symphony. He died, leaving it unfinished.

  55. admin Says:


    Thanks man, I appreciate it.
    I better do my best, because my comics are all I have, ha ha.

    It is, isn’t it?

    do not want

    I need to bite the bullet and just gogogo.