Cupcake Tumbls


Gallery: Drawstream (Cupcake style tests)
Gallery: Cupcake’s Personal Album (tumblr pics)

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Also watch Zibba‘s cool NNN music video!

6 Responses to “Cupcake Tumbls”

  1. Zinaida Says:

    Goddammit, Dan.. I never get to see this stuff ’till it’s already up…
    So sad..

  2. Zinaida Says:

    Still, happy you took off with that totally awesome new style!

  3. zibba Says:

    My original title was going to be DOTA^2 (2DEEP4U) but even I was getting lost half way through

  4. jesusdan Says:

    in light that lewis carroll got such a large square, i can’t help but think of his illustrator… what are your thoughts on tenniel? i’ve never had a tattoo, but if i’d decided to do so, it would have been something of his.

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