Christmas comic!!

CupcakeMisc Comic: Christmas Tree-chan


Also, there’s Strunndkor-chan for anyone who missed it.

11 Responses to “Christmas comic!!”

  1. Zinaida Says:


  2. couchfort Says:


  3. dfghsghdfgadfg Says:

    gross! ladders are gross!

  4. Zinaida Says:

    Yeah, she is a bit taller than him..
    By a lot. Kinda gross.

  5. Not One Of Us Says:


  6. mondo faget Says:

    at least they wont be alone this christmas ;_;

  7. -._-. Says:

    Have you ever tried to kiss a tree, let alone a pine tree? We have a few issues. First, there are about ten million needles ready to poke your sorry moe-craved ass for attempting such a perversion of nature. Second, assuming you surpassed the needles on your quest for the finest trunk of the trees, that sap those trees give off isn’t gonna just disappear. Now you got a face full of sticky goo (which might not be so bad considering what you were doing to begin with) and open cuts all over that fine neck-beard. Third, that pinaceae (thats a real word, come on herbologists, get it together) has not yet evolved enough to have a mouth. If thats what you want in a plant, try the Venus Fly-Trap. Lastly, and most importantly, moe does not exist in the third dimension… but we do. How’s that waifu of an arbole gonna get a sweet eye patch and go ~uuuuu~ now? Guess I’ll just hang some glass balls off mine and then burn it for heat.

    Happy God Damn Holidays.

  8. iKo Says:

    You’re getting more and more like I remembered you, Dan.

  9. Trust Jollin' Says:

    Thanks for shattering my dreams, man.

  10. fred Says:

    this was perhaps the best thread killer in the history of my facebook wall.
    have you ever seduced a tree, dan? i won’t judge.

  11. admin Says:

    I went to a sugar shack once as a second grader.
    Tapped those trees so hard they gushed sap for months. Awww yeah.

    I also called one of the older girls “babe”.
    Because that’s how the Ninja Turtles addressed April, and that was what cool dudes/ninjas (which I totally was) did.
    “There’s more sap in here, babe.”

    One of the older boys in our group (who obviously liked the older girl we were travelling with) laughed it off and said “Kid knows how to talk! Ha ha.”

    I hoisted the sap bucket.
    I spilled it everywhere.

    Dan Kim: ladies man, tapper of trees.