Minor Updates

CupcakeGallery: Twitter feed pics
Gallery: Cupcake Fanart from Anonymous!
Misc. Comics: Comic for Pant!es’ Birthday (c/o Medical Whiskey)

Away for a week. Will return on the 29th.

8 Responses to “Minor Updates”

  1. cwDeici Says:

    I don’t get the Happy Birthday part? Still funny tho 😀

    Witches in January or February?

    Anyho, Merry Christmas Dan!

  2. cwDeici Says:

    love the Pep Pep Pepper pic!

  3. admin Says:

    The comic was for Pant!es’ birthday — it was a brutal birthday love-pounding.

    Witches in Jan, I think. A good way to start the year.

  4. couchfort Says:

    “What the fuck am I reading?” definitely sums up this latest “update”

  5. iKo Says:

    Meri Kuri.

  6. Replica Says:

    Merry Christmas from the UK Dan and everyone 🙂

  7. Zinaida Says:

    Merry Christmas from Notmadeupland.

  8. couchfort Says:

    Merry Christmas Dan and Army!