New Layout!

Yum! A new year, a new layout!

Let me know if you have any errors or layout issues! Cupcake and Witches soon! Enjoy the armpit in the meantime!

37 Responses to “New Layout!”

  1. Zinaida Says:

    Damn fine armpit, son.
    Dan fine.

  2. Me Says:

    I can’t see your updates at a glance anymore. orz

  3. Zinaida Says:

    Actually, yeah, that is kind of annoying.
    But like before, I bet I just come to accept it.

  4. Farfeght Says:

    Everything’s so BIG now!

  5. Geist Says:

    Damnit kim, I was getting used to the old one. You know…

  6. asdf Says:

    Having to page down to even see the link to the latest update is kind of annoying. Also if your browser is less than 1200 pixels wide or so the top menu links will be pushed into two rows. Otherwise definitely more stylish and less cluttered than the previous one.

  7. admin Says:


    Try the new “Compact View / Full Spread View” button right beside the “latest updates” header. You can switch between having the updates on top and at the bottom!

    I’m going to try and fix the top menu bar now.

  8. admin Says:

    Please note that you’ll have to have cookies enabled to keep the layout settings!

  9. DKL Says:

    I can’t… I can’t find anything x_x

  10. admin Says:

    Details, please! Where’s the issue?
    Let me know, I’ll see what I can do.

  11. iKo Says:

    I’m a bit overwhelmed too, it feels like I leant on my CTL and + keys.
    I guess I’ll just have to get used to it, it’s the norm to fear change.

  12. DKL Says:

    Particularly, I can’t go and lurk the forum…

    Assuming those still exist lol

  13. admin Says:

    Still there at the moment, but considering deleting them:

    Not much activity … just like the rest of the site. orz

  14. DKL Says:

    DANNY PLS #BibleThump

    Where will we go to complain about lack of updates?

    (but, seriously, there’s some conversations in there that I hope go on to exist indefinitely)

  15. saline Says:

    Hey Dan! Not sure if it’s just me, but the comic reader doesn’t seem to load the comics if I use Opera. Again, could just be me. Anyone else get this?

  16. saline Says:

    ^ actually, they do load – but you have to manually click on each image and select “reload”

  17. Font Dork Says:

    Verdana? Seriously? Verdana looks like ass at anything other than 11pt.

  18. iKo Says:

    I wondered if the boards were being axed when I couldn’t find them, it’s true there’s only really three of us that use it consistently (plus a different newbie every couple of months) but it’s nostal~gii~c.
    I hope you come to a conclusion that’s best for you and your hosting fees, but I’ll really miss them if they go.

  19. admin Says:

    Can’t reproduce on the latest Opera + Win8 — which OS are you using? Which version of Opera? On desktop or phone?

    Font Dork
    …. Arial, maybe?

  20. Font Dork Says:

    If you’re going with sans-serif, any of the following will do nicely: Helvetica, Frutiger, Gotham, Futura or Myriad. Arial is a decent substitute/fallback for Helvetica and more common if you want max compatibility.

    Honestly though, if you cranked down the Verdana to 11 or 12pt it’d look fine. The font is designed specifically to look good in smaller sizes on pixel displays.

    Or go with serif – Minion for the headers looks fucking nice.

  21. Oblivion Shinma Says:

    Ax the forum?
    But that’s my waterhole, somedays my reason for starting the computer at all…

    Seriously. I really like(d) your boards.

  22. admin Says:

    Okay, I’ll keep ’em around and give ’em a little upgrade.

  23. Exodisma Says:

    >Upcoming Events
    >Anime North
    why do you hurt me like this

  24. couchfort Says:

    Even compact view is fucking HUGE.

  25. Doo Doo Doo Says:

    Aww yeah.

    Everything is great.

  26. TheEFAF Says:

    My first response was “shitFUCK WHY”
    Then “okay maybe it’s not so…WHY IS EVERYTHING SO BIG”
    then “shitFUCK WHY”

    Grain of salt there haha even if I do design websites from time to time
    (how many senior citizens using overhead projectors do you plan to have visit?!)

  27. Dan Says:

    That bad, huh?

    I like big text.

  28. couchfort Says:

    It’s not even the big text, the whole thing looks like when you accidentally zoom in too far. It’s waaaaaaay too IN YOUR FACE busy. The actual layout is really nice but it can’t be appreciated when it feels like a little kid trying to show you their drawing by holding it right in your face.

  29. TheEFAF Says:

    I can get used to anything though, given enough time.

    …wait, I’m supposed to keep being mean about this sort of stuff, right? Hate to fuel the fire?
    I was never very good at this.

  30. Dan Says:

    Hm, I’ll see what I can do about the size. I tried to make it so that it looked good on tablets and phones. : /

  31. couchfort Says:

    I’m on a 13″ Macbook Pro, shit is huuuuuuge.

  32. admin Says:

    Okay, let me know if the text is a little better now.

  33. couchfort Says:

    It’s fine on the comment pages, but still pretty big on the front page.

  34. Not One Of Us Says:

    Hmmmm… no sir, I don’t like it.

  35. Oblivion Shinma Says:

    Apart from not having easy axcess to the forums anymore, I like the new design.
    Just want to put that out there.
    It’s big it’s beutifull and you can almost fit all of Cupcakes butt on the screen at once.

    Haven’t tried the site on my mobile yet though. After I put Cupcake as my background I didn’t see the point in logging on from my phone.

  36. jesusdan Says:

    it’s fine, it’s all just dandy. just keep the spinning wheels spinning…

  37. Feedbacker Says:

    Looks nice, but when I click the “more posts” button at the bottom of the page, I’m bumped back to the top of the page and a single additional post is added at the bottom. If I scroll back down and do it again, same thing. Is this intentional or is it supposed to load the next page’s worth of posts?