Mega Update

Yum! Gallery: Drawstream Pics
Gallery: Cupcake Fanart
Gallery: Drawstream SNAX IS BACK!
VoD: Drawstream Recording (should be up soon)
Misc Comics: 15 – 19 (read in order!)

Okay, not quite a megaupdate. But an update. I like the mermaid comic.

Also, I am starting a Kickstarter soon. You can see the preview — let me know what you think. It’ll go live next week, I hope. This is sort of a practice run – fulfilling orders, mailing out stuff, etc. If this goes alright I intend to do a bigger KS for a Princess Maker-style Magical Girl raising game.

20 Responses to “Mega Update”

  1. elsonine Says:

    Reading the first few misc. comics, I was beginning to worry about you man. but the mermaid comic was really pretty and I am looking forward to the kickstarter.

  2. Exodisma Says:


  3. admin Says:

    I’m glad you liked the mermaid comic. : >


  4. Trust Jollin' Says:

    What’s the archival box going to be like? (structure/materials wise)

  5. Always bet on Snax Says:

    >New Snax content
    >$17,000 – MYSTERY BOX UPGRADE! Shut-in vampire princess comic upgraded to 8 pages!

    Very yes.

    >Mermaid comic

    Moe mermaids are moe.

  6. Ketchup Chips Says:

    I’m torn between the [ASCENDED WITCH TIER] and [EARLY BIRD TRUE WITCH TIER] editions. If the [EARLY BIRD TRUE WITCH TIER] comes with the archival box from [ASCENDED WITCH TIER], will it be the same upgraded edition print? But wait, neither of those include the TRUE MYSTERY COMIC from [MYSTERY BOX IV]! I’ll have to buy that too!

    How have you convinced me to pay $300 for a book I already own?

  7. Exodisma Says:



  8. Zinaida Says:

    Maya and Raemz!
    Fuck yeah!
    Also, little PPP..!

  9. Churuya Says:

    I don’t care if it’s supposed to be “ironic” or “self-deprecating,” but Dan’s geeky kawaii life is one of the cutest things he’s ever drawn.

  10. Yarp Says:

    Oil-change girl and awkwardly-holding-a-frosting-bag Cupcake pics make this hard to show to anyone not from 4chan.

  11. admin Says:

    O-oh…. hrm.

    Well then. Maybe I’ll change the image a bit…

  12. Ketchup Chips Says:

    Excellent clarification on the tiers. [(EARLY BIRD) ASCENDED WITCH TIER] it is!

  13. X Says:

    Dan , Dan, Dan. Those aren’t butts.

    Go outside, go to a life-drawing class and draw some real butts. And tits.

  14. admin Says:


    You dare insult Cupcake’s butt — the Platonic Ideal of all butts?!

    May your butt be perforated with the legs of fifty deep fungal rots.

  15. admin Says:



    But thank you ;_;

  16. couchfort Says:

    I liked the mermaid story. Its really cute… when you pretend you even have an ounce of humanity left, Dan.


  17. Aristagon Says:

    I am sad that I am to poor for most of the big pledges….

    Hey Dan, its realy interesting, your little summery of NNN actually was less confusing than the actual Book!

    Also, is the last panel you show a new one? Havnt remember it.

  18. admin Says:

    Don’t worry about, man. : >

    The last panels are from pages 103-104.

  19. Aristagon Says:

    I am not sure, when i click page 103/4 i got Black spikes and Grey landscapes.? I meant the Black City scap. Anyway have to Read it all again before the KS!

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