STICKY: Kickstarter

HUNGRY The NNN Hardcover Kickstarter is LIVE!

IT’S HAPPENING. The will be active until March 7th! Get in early and grab those early bird rewards!

UPDATE: NNN was fully funded in 3 HOURS. WHAT.

Anyway, I’ve added a stretch goal. I’ll keep adding more as we reach each one. Post in the comments to let me know what kind of stretch goal rewards you’d like!

136 Responses to “STICKY: Kickstarter”

  1. Ryusajin Says:

    Ah crap, and I was just about to go buy that new Fire Emblem 3ds bundle. Damnit Dan, why do you make me choose?!

  2. admin Says:

    Can’t be helped. You don’t need that special edition 3DS, man! YOU DON’T NEED IT!

  3. Zinaida Says:

    Yeah, games are for nerds anyway.
    This is for real men.

  4. DKL Says:

    But I heard that game has like hella waifu simulation

  5. Elliot Says:

    Good thing I got paid on Friday!

  6. Replica Says:

    Book 001 Please.

  7. Trust Jollin' Says:

    hnnnnnnng 3 minutes in and they’re gone

  8. Replica Says:

    I am so glad i sat here watching world clock and F5ing like a bitch.

  9. Replica Says:

    I also think you may have underestimated your cult following here dan. 20 mins in and you’re already nearly halfway

  10. admin Says:

    Jesus fuck what is happening

  11. zibba Says:

    Replica: ditto.

    Now to see if anyone gets the butt tier

  12. Trust Jollin' Says:

    Haha, well this is off with a bang at least.

  13. Strife212 Says:

    I was 2nd pledge! No number in my book though haha, went for early bird hardback!

  14. elsonine Says:

    So, how and when can we make our sketch requests?

  15. admin Says:

    When the Kickstarter ends I’ll be able to send out a survey to collect everyone’s requests. : )

  16. admin Says:

    Thanks, man! I hope you like the book. : >

    001, gotcha.

  17. DKL Says:

    Wat, we’re already $800 away from target lol

  18. Replica Says:

    Haha, awesome!

    How does it feel to be so close to your target goal already?

  19. DKL Says:

    Alright, got onto to $70-tier… I had no idea what the fuck NNN was about, but go get paid my nigga.

  20. admin Says:


  21. DKL Says:

    Never done Kickstarter anything before, but thank god this shit uses Amazon… would’ve been too lazy to pull a credit card out otherwise.

    Also, fuck Dan, put message board back on front page >_>

  22. admin Says:

    Yeah, I should do that. Hrm. I should upgrade the board, too.

  23. DKL Says:

    Give us ass smileys.

  24. Replica Says:

    ^ What he said.

  25. DKL Says:

    Whelp, that didn’t take long.


  26. Ketchup Chips Says:

    Limited (0 of 4 remaining)


  27. admin Says:

    Sorry. : (

    Those illustrations are just going to take a lot of time so I had to limit ’em.

  28. Ketchup Chips Says:

    It’s okay. ;_;

    I pledged for the [ASCENDED WITCH TIER] anyways. It’s just that I had already promised the illustration itself to a friend who wanted it more. I greatly underestimated the enthusiasm (and deep wallets) of my fellow fans.

  29. Zinaida Says:

    That I’ll not be able to acquire any of this has made me horribly depressed.

  30. Aristagon Says:

    Makes two of us…

  31. cupcakefan Says:

    Woah!! This is great! You got funded in 3 hours and we all are going to enjoy more Cupcake!!

  32. Replica Says:

    Dat $10,000 stretch goal…

    Soon my life will be just like one of the webcomics, the biography ones.

  33. admin Says:

    $999,999 – Cupcake cards are not scratch-and-sniff with real magical girl scent.

  34. Ketchup Chips Says:

    So what stretch goal do we need to reach for the rest of Witches?

  35. admin Says:

    I’m working on it. ;____;

    Let me get Cupcake 007 done first.

  36. jesusdan Says:

    see you there. are you really going to pay for the booze? i’ll need it for my nerves…

  37. admin Says:

    Yes, I will. Just don’t order Johnnie Walker Blue or anything.


  38. Replica Says:

    Mr Kim, Commence bubblification.

  39. DKL Says:

    Looked at game releases and ain’t shit coming out for the next few months…

    Trying to resist upgrading my pledge to Leather edition, especially since I just got done paying Konami for a plasma lamp that comes with Metal Gear Revengeance…

  40. Oblivion Shinma Says:

    What are you talking about?
    March is going to see several releases?
    Vocaloid? Disgaea D2? to mention two.
    Theres also Nanoha movie 2nd on BD/DVD

  41. DKL Says:

    I’m off most games, actually.

    I managed to keep up with all relevant game releases for the last 2 years straight (and the WiiU console launch), but now I’m cutting back since I didn’t even play half the shit I bought (at release day prices)


    I’m mostly just playing P* games, Rune Factory 4 and a few others this year and saving my money… for… I don’t know what yet.

    As for anime, I haven’t kept up with that shit for a minute, but I’ll likely pick up Hiroshi Hamasaki’s Iron Man OAV when that comes out (as he is one of the few anime filmmakers that still really really interests me).

  42. Aristagon Says:

    All the Time i keep bitching that He should do a Kickstarter. Can barely beliefe He did it now.
    Thats the Moment to say: I said so!
    I bet he may reach 400% within first week!
    Its already 230% within first 24h….

  43. Strife212 Says:

    Ahh, I have regrets about not going for early bird Ascended Witch now ;___;

    Count me amongst those who’d upgrade if it came back~

  44. maaya Says:

    *v* congrats and I hope the lucky 4 that get to have tea with you REMEMBER THIS (12 mins) :

  45. Oblivion Shinma Says:

    I do have around 70 unplayed titles myself….
    Perhaps you’re on to something DKL.

  46. Trust Jollin' Says:

    I’m in the same boat as well. Not nearly at the 70 level yet, but there’s a good 10 titles sitting around, some of which aren’t even opened yet.

  47. DKL Says:

    At one point, I began to realize that my anime collection was getting like that…

    So I stopped buying that too.

    In any case, maybe I’ll actually finish Fire Emblem since I’m not buying anything else until I have to go and pick up Revengeance.

  48. admin Says:

    Yeah, I at some point I realized I was buying games just to have them instead of play them. Now I only buy what I REALLY want to play.

  49. DKL Says:

    This is a problem because I now don’t know what to do with the money…

    I’d preferably like to use it to make more money, but investing seems to be kinda booty because brokers will go behind your back and make bet with companies that you’ll lose money, contrary to what these niggas tell you.

  50. Simon Lepine Says:

    Just stumbled on your Kickstarter, glad to see it worked out and that you’re doing good. Congrats Dan, don’t ever change 🙂

  51. DKL Says:

    Dan, we’ve hit 17K…

    Offer us snax pillow cases now.

  52. Sar Says:

    The next stretch goal should include copies of Fire Emblem 3DS. Y’know, because.

  53. admin Says:

    Simon Lepine

    Thanks, Simon! : )
    I hope things are going well at GL! I’m looking forward to DH4. : )

    Working on it. I wonder if the printer can manufacture them with holes.

    I don’t think those actually exist. According to Best Buy, anyway.

  54. DKL Says:

    I’m playing Fire Emblem right now :awesome.gif:

    Hella waifu simulation…

    They should allow gay marriage though so my female MC can marry Chrom’s little sister.

  55. Mulleto Says:

    Hey Dan.
    Pledged into waifu tier, but I just wanted clarification.
    At the $99 does it include the book in hardcover or is it just the postcard sketch and the mystery comic?

  56. admin Says:

    It includes the hardcover, of course. : )

    You can check the contents of the waifu tier by using the reward chart on the left.

  57. Jo-ou Says:


    I already have the book, Dan! AND YOU DIDN’T EVEN SIGN IT!

    I can’t justify dropping alla dis cash for you…. I cannnnntgoddamnit

    y u do dis 2 me ;_;

  58. admin Says:

    i’m sorry ;_;

  59. Always bet on Snax Says:

    It’s nice to see so many people willing to drop money for a good cause. I’ll throw some money towards a True or Ascended witch tier some time later this month. I love you Dan you glorious bastard. <3

  60. admin Says:

    Thanks man! ;_;

    I’m still having a hard time believing this is happening.

  61. Sar Says:

    > I don’t think those actually exist. According to Best Buy, anyway.

    It doesn’t exist in Europe yet. ;_;

    (Unrelated: Jo-ou: your website makes it look like you’re doin’ OK; good work!)

  62. Aristagon Says:

    Well He Hit the 300% mark. So while we still remain in insanity mode, i dare to ask if an Artbook, or maybe a small Collection of miniatures would be an interesting option in the future for you Dan?

  63. Dono1 Says:

    Don’t want to sound like a duche… but this Kickstarter is actually Illegal in Canada. While the U.S. legalised the Crowdfund Act, any province in Canada and the country gouvernment still haven’t allowed this type of funding. While the CATA is fighting like crazy to legalising it, it’s still not done.

  64. admin Says:


  65. DKL Says:


    Wait a minute…

    I just went to the Amazon payments thing… presumably, because they took my shit, doesn’t that mean you have an account?

  66. DKL Says:

    Okay, yeah…

    “So it makes sense. In fact the website is a pretty remarkable resource for those with plenty of ideas but not a whole lot of cash. But there’s one massive catch for those of us who don’t live in the US. Because Kickstarter uses Amazon Payments — and not PayPal!?! — the service is restricted to “people or entities with a US bank account, US address, and a US drivers license (or state-issued ID).””

    You apparently need a US bank account… it’s weird that you’ve gotten this far though as I’m assuming that they would’ve stopped you before you got any further.

  67. DKL Says:



    Do you happen to know anyone you really really really trust that’s a US citizen? >_>

  68. Jo-ou Says:

    Jake! omgomgomg ol’ buddy ol’ pal, where ya been? Stop by the IRC channel sometime, I’m sure we can bother Niski to give you ops back.

    @Always bet on Snax
    >It’s nice to see so many people willing to drop money for a good cause.

    I’m not sure funding a well-known pedophile’s lifestyle can be called a “good cause”, but at least we get a nice book out of it! (and butts if that’s your thing)

  69. Aristagon Says:

    Well if he got a buddy with an US Bankaccount all is legit, so don’t make some panic here. I am German but can create a Kickstart too, with a British or US friend to help with the Money stuff.

  70. admin Says:

    Yeah, I have someone I trust handling the account. It’s probably fine. If the feds come after me I have my suicide pill ready.

  71. Jo-ou Says:

    But do you have your HDDs set up with thermite? That is more important, I’d wager.

  72. admin Says:

    I really should set that up.

  73. Mulleto Says:

    Glad to hear you’ve got a U.S account backing you up, what would we otherwise spend our hard-earned money on?
    I was wondering how much it would cost to upgrade from Waifu tier to get the leather bound edition?
    I’m not Saying dumping one over the other, since I’d like to pay and still keep the high priority. S-shut up and take my money, its not like I want you to have it or anything dummy.

  74. Mulleto Says:

    Or adding more for Ascended With Tier rewards, just making sure to plan ahead before I pledge the shit out of myself.

  75. DKL Says:

    Ok cool, then there’s no problems lol

    That said, I was initially confused with leather edition well, but it has since then been upgraded with waifu illustration, albeit not priority…

  76. admin Says:


    If you’re currently in the waifu tier and you want to upgrade, don’t worry too much about getting second tier priority. The schedule each day will be like this:

    Morning: AAA quality – Waifu art (high priority)
    Noon: AA quality – waifu art (true and ascended witches)
    Evening: B quality – book sketches (request)
    Night: C quality – book sketches (non request)

    All day, with breaks: S quality – 1-2 Ascended box illustrations

    So you’ll still get AA quality.
    Sorry it’s gotta be that way — if I let people upgrade while staying in the waifu tier, it actually punishes people for being in the True Witch tier (it’d be rational to just downgrade into the waifu tier and then pay the upgrade fee).

  77. zibba Says:

    Its probably a bit early to be getting into the details of the art requests, but what size are they going to be? I’ve come up with a few ideas, but I don’t think they’d be as good of an idea at the book size (speaking of which, are they going to be the same size as the original printed book?) Also, if I send you some sharpies and white-out, can we get art in the iconic black and white style? j/k, would that even work?

  78. Dan Says:

    The books will be 6×9, as before. but better quality all around.

    As for the art requests… 4 x 6 inches on durable card, most likely.
    No need for markers — I’ll probably go with pencil and/or ink nib.

  79. Always bet on Snax Says:

    >I’m not sure funding a well-known pedophile’s lifestyle can be called a “good cause”, but at least we get a nice book out of it! (and butts if that’s your thing)

    By having us fund his lifestyle we’re saving Canadian lolis by not having Dan Kim lurking around on the streets as he’ll be busy working on NNN instead. I’d say that’s a good cause… it’s certainly not because of the book or the butts, honest.

  80. Aristagon Says:

    Nice to see it is near to 20.000$ now. Sure it slowed down from the initial speed but I guess its still raising at least 1k the next few days. A realy nice result for a bit more than half a week.

    @ Dan: Do you want to create a webshop on your page after the Kickstarter? I am not having the money for a Hardcover pledge right now but maybe some goodies for next month are in my budget. Also, a Set of nice postcards or Posters would make great Ites for sure!

  81. admin Says:

    It depends on how many orders the Kickstarter gets. Depending on the numbers I may deplete my entire stock during the KS and TCAF 2013. If the numbers right though, i’ll open up an online shop. : )

  82. Ketchup Chips Says:

    Most recent stretch goal reached. On the draft, what was the amount at which you devote the rest of your life to drawing butts? 22k?

  83. DKL Says:

    I think at this point, I just want more physical comics as a bonus…

    Or Fire Emblem #Kappa

  84. Mulleto Says:

    Thanks for the answer man.
    It’ll help plan for how much more extra money I can pour in.

  85. admin Says:

    New goal up.

    Hrm, it was something absurd like 50k.
    Just… just let me dream! ;_;

    Actually, this already in fantasy land.

    Yeah, the shipping costs and initial print costs just make that impossible, unfortunately. : /

    No prob, thanks again for picking up a book. : )

  86. Aristagon Says:

    Sorry its birthday and i am drunk, so i Demand a Pxi Poster! I want to fillup mynew workplace with posters asap. 🙂

  87. admin Says:

    Ahh.. yeah, sorry, the shipping costs are just way too high. There’s just no way to make the numbers work. Sorry… that will have to remain a fantasy for a while longer… : /

  88. DKL Says:

    You should make an individual Kickstarter for Snax body pillows.

  89. Always bet on Snax Says:

    I’d put all of my savings into a Snax Kickstarter.

  90. TheEFAF Says:

    Two months to draw ALL THAT

    Sometimes I wonder how crazy you are Dan, you can’t manage to draw 100 comic pages a year but you’re taking more than 100 art/sketch requests combined with new and now extended extra comics?

    (hint: all of the non-request book sketches will be one of his patented white or black pages dohoho)

  91. admin Says:

    Nah man, I can actually draw pretty fast if I’m just drawing an image… it’s the writing that slows down the comics. Doing the book sketches will be easy. Waifu requests and box illustrations are going to painful, though. Cupcake and Snax should be business as normal ( DELIVERY IN 2047).

  92. TheEFAF Says:

    Dan we will all be disappointed when 2047 comes around and snax clones are not raining from the sky. 2047 is the promise in all our hearts.

  93. maaya Says:

    2047 is also a good year to talk about Pennies and tributes. They’re like GONE afterall 🙁

  94. Oscar Says:

    Let’s make the $30000 stretch goal happen, people xD

  95. sp_ Says:

    Waifu tier here. If I gave you a choice of two or three mai waifu would you make the choice for me? I realize this might be asking a lot.

  96. DKL Says:

    Sp, you should know by now:

  97. DKL Says:

    Also, Dan, regarding the new stretch goals, don’t write checks you can’t cash >_______________>

    But I believe in you! #Spoobypls

  98. admin Says:


    Yo! You still have about three weeks to think it over. Don’t be a noodle-spined MC — pick your real waifu.

    >two or three mai waifu
    >multiple waifus


    I can manage two black pages a week.

  99. DKL Says:


  100. zibba Says:

    >>two or three mai waifu
    >>multiple waifus


    Thats why I was wondering how big it would be, I was gonna ask for my harem (15) with both kawaiiko and yandere wings, a table-head, sub CEO and head waifu

  101. admin Says:


  102. zibba Says:

    When I was thinking of that, I was wondering how many “Basic Units of Time for Turnaround” we would be allotted… obviously 15 characters would be way too many BUTTs, even in 1/2 BUTT (tomoyo42 style) or 1/4 BUTT (train comics style)

  103. zibba Says:

    now if you really want to this was my original request “concept”, which tells you I know nothing about art or time management

    I showed that to a friend who does art and just got a blank stare

  104. Always bet on Snax Says:

    Why are you such a faggot?

  105. jesusdan Says:

    re: Project Update #11: Leather Book design update!…

    i’ll assume that “wither tier” is a typo…if not, i’m signin’ on for that one. heh.

    that being said the blue edition is making me consider an upgrade.

  106. jesusdan Says:

    and i understand that it’s not the final design. i do like what you’ve done however.

  107. admin Says:

    >Wither Tier

    Oops. I can’t even edit the page now (update have a time-limited editing window). Nuts.

  108. DKL Says:

    I want the leather…

    But I also want the triple AAA waifu illustration.

    This is hard.

  109. Aristagon Says:

    Your Hightlevel Stretchgoals sounds like you even want to get levelled by us fans. Dont die trying 😛

  110. Aristagon Says:

    Oh I just saw the KS just reached my predicted 400% range. Congratulations Dan! The 500% Weekly Updates are comming soon … hrhrhrhr

  111. Replica Says:

    Despite this post being stickied, no updates have since arrived to show that this is indeed fact.


  112. Taichi Says:

    I wish I could have pledged more than $30 :'( But it’s really great to see all of the support for you, Dan! I wonder how far it’ll be by the end.

  113. admin Says:

    It’s cool. Thanks for picking up a book. : )

    I think it’ll peter out at about $26-27k.

  114. Aristagon Says:

    Yes it slowed down. Guess the first week is the crucial time for a KS.

    @Dan : ever thinking of doing an Artupdate on your KS campaign, or a Character intoduction or some images? Not sure you actually WANT it get much highter XD

  115. Ketchup Chips Says:

    If we’re within $1000 of the elusive weekly-update goal by the last day, I will pay my friends to buy their own copies. I almost want to make a second account for the True Witch Tier just because it’s more limited than Ascended.

    There is no escape Dan! THERE WILL BE UPDATES!

  116. admin Says:


  117. TheEFAF Says:

    I expect this kickstarter to make it to at least 30k or I will be sorely disappointed

    I want to see some suffering up in here

  118. DKL Says:

    I don’t know how I’d be able to handle all the black pages.

  119. Trust Jollin' Says:

    I have to ask, how serious is the $50k goal? That seems awfully cheap for a person’s life.

  120. admin Says:

    I’m not doing anything with it anyway.

  121. RGE Says:

    The only thing I wonder about the $50k goal is how compatible it would be with the next planned Kickstarter for that princess maker game. Because it seems to me as if a game would require a lot of work and that it isn’t a comic. Does not compute. But do what you must. I’m not complaining. Just curious. Like a child trying to fit a star shaped piece into a square hole.

  122. admin Says:

    The problem resolves itself the KS doesn’t reach 50k. Which it won’t.


  123. cwDeici Says:

    Wow, I missed this for 18 days (well, I noticed a couple of days ago, but thought it was some crazy cupcake thing and told myself to check it out later, didn’t realize it was NNN!). Glad I’m here in time to support Dan and get a sketch though.

    As many others (including myself) have said before Dan Kim, your genious is rare. Also, I’m sure you’ll meet more people like yourself if we manage to consign your soul to art – I’d seriously consider you if I was a girl and lived close to you.

  124. cwDeici Says:

    (that is, I thought it was a minor project Kickstarter, possibly relating to Cupcake or something else I don’t fully understand… she is pretty neat though)

    Things are slowing down a lot but I bet there’s going to be at least a nice 10% bounce at the end, we may be pushing ourselves early, but we have to win…!

  125. cwDeici Says:

    Ah what the smeg, the next tier is so attractive…

  126. admin Says:


    Thanks for the kind words. A-also for your lets-have-a-game-of-pretend-I’m-a-girl-while-I’m-wearing-a-dress-d-doushio moe sentiments. ;-;

    I am going to draw more comics right now. ;-;

  127. cwDeici Says:

    Hehee thnx for appreciating that sentiment ^_^

    I’m happy this is inspiring you, hopefully we don’t burn you out though. On the topic of inspiration, this may sound a bit cliche/arrogant, but I’m a bit inspired myself at giving more than I expected I would, I dunno, I feel a bit reaffirmed in my priorities.

    Uhm, while I’m being cliche… God Bless us All!

  128. cwDeici Says:

    oh btw if you consign your life away for 50k, like Trust Jollin’ says, to the effect; you can come back and ask for more I’m sure we will all understand, that would only be fair, though regen might take some time.

  129. admin Says:

    Thanks, man. : >

    I have a feeling the KS will top out at a little under 35k, so I think I’ll be safe. : >

  130. cwDeici Says:

    There’ll be a bump at the end, so I think there’s a good shot at reaching 40… but the real treasure is on the peak beyond… you will burn in those flames!

  131. sp_ Says:

    We’re so close to T42R tuesdays.

  132. Oscar Says:

    It’s happening \o/ !!!

  133. zibba Says:

    I wanna predict what the first comic is going to be, but I don’t want to cause it to happen

  134. ayc200 Says:

    I’ve been enjoying your art and writing since Tomoyo’s Room. The website has been free for me, so I’d be happy to contribute to the Kickstarter. Hooray for Dan and us weirdos who follow his work.

  135. cwDeici Says:

    Indeed 🙂

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