Cupcake 007 + Galleries

Yum! Gallery: Drawstream Pics
Gallery: Cupcake Fanart

Cupcake: 007

It’s been so long since I’ve updated that you might want to reread Cupcake from the beginning.

Also: NNN Kickstarter continues! Only two weeks left, and we’re so close to the Weekly Updates stretch goal. Tell your friends, your enemies, your dog!


Also, if you’re not following my twitter, you’re missing the fun.

27 Responses to “Cupcake 007 + Galleries”

  1. Zinaida Says:

    A momentus day for the site!

  2. Zinaida Says:

    Momentus.. Nice…

  3. Always bet on Snax Says:

    The other post isn’t a sticky… WHERE DO THE LIES END, DAN?

  4. RGE Says:

    The lies will hopefully never end. Lie to us, Dan. Lie to us.

  5. couchfort Says:

    Well, I see your light hearted Cupcake-Tan continues its dark spiral into… the usual ’round here.

    You’re a horrible bastard Dan. Keep up the great work!

  6. Zinaida Says:

    I dunno, it seems fine to me.

  7. zibba Says:

    its now a “healing type” magical girl story

  8. admin Says:

    No stops on the pain train. Direct route to Pep-pep-Pepper suffering. ;-;

  9. Churuya Says:

    The impossible has become a reality! Weekly updates are here!

  10. Zinaida Says:

    Are you sure..?

  11. DKL Says:

    This nigga gonna give us black pages.

    My life is now complete.

  12. cwDeici Says:

    ~ there sure is a lot of energy in that latest drawstream. 🙂

  13. asdf Says:

    I predict the first six months of the weekly updates will be mostly about the pain of fulfilling the Kickstarter commitments. Or Dan just runs off with the money.

  14. cwDeici Says:

    Who’s this sweet Azulat character, btw? 🙂

  15. admin Says:

    Oh, that’s Azusa/Azunyan/Azucat from K-ON!

  16. Taichi Says:

    The strip wouldn’t load for a while and I thought for a second that scrolling all the way down to see Cupcake playing video games was it…

  17. Ketchup Chips Says:

    Just threw more money at the Kickstarter. How long do you think it’ll take to sort over 500 orders?

    Also, someone bought the butt! What medium will you use to illustrate the pricy posterior?

  18. Trust Jollin' Says:

    I hope butt bras become a thing.

  19. admin Says:

    Yeah, the Cupcake strips are getting pretty big…

    Thanks! It’ll take me a while, for sure. I’ll hopefully have everything out by the end of April, maybe May, depending on how quickly the book printers send the stuff over (takes between 4 – 7 weeks).

    And yeah. That butt portrait. Hmm… I’ll have to actually think about this, now.

    They’re called ‘my hands’.

  20. Plaid Says:

    I kicked in a few bucks today. I’m looking forward to reading the digital edition. I can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store next.

  21. Jo-ou Says:

    No Dan, fuck you. This is where I draw the line. I will not submit to social networking sites just to get more of your content, no matter how much I hate-love you.

    Where you’re going, I can’t follow. But I will sure as shit keep berating you for it.

  22. admin Says:


  23. admin Says:

    And thanks, Plaid. : > Have a cake one~

  24. RGE Says:

    “Well, the front page has changed again:

    I came here to see how it had changed, and all I noticed was that the top image was gone. And I had the option to “switch to full spread”, which brought up the images for all the various comics. And in that mode I had the option to “switch to expert mode”, which brought back the top image, and then I could switch between those two modes, but not the mode without any top image(s) at all. So it kind of feels as if the “no image at all” might have been unintentional. And it also seemed to be the default mode. So that’s why I’m bringing it up. (I’m browsing through Opera, in case that matters.)

  25. admin Says:

    Gah. Thanks. It should be fix now, I think.

  26. admin Says:

    The behavior now should be:

    1) on first visit: the comic chart appears. Expert Mode button is visible.
    2) Switching to expert mode: comic chart disappears, top pic is visible. Full Spread button is visible, which sends you back to (1).

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