It’s almost over.

HUNGRY Just 3 DAYS LEFT on the NNN Hardcover Kickstarter!

It all ends on March 7th.

We’re 4k away from the two-updates-a-week stretch goal.
The hand-bound leather versions and waifu art requests are moving surprisingly fast.


30 Responses to “It’s almost over.”

  1. Not One Of Us Says:

    I shall make you SUFFER

  2. DKL Says:

    When do e-mail surveys go out?

  3. Trust Jollin' Says:

    Isn’t that 5 days from now?

  4. Always bet on Snax Says:

    It appears Dan can’t count.

  5. admin Says:

    This is what I get for living on a weird upside-down schedule. : <

  6. admin Says:

    Okay, NOW it’s really 3 days to go.

  7. sp_ Says:

    Not every hole. Every hole?

  8. cwDeici Says:

    Welp – is anyone friend’s with a store owner or someone who would pay 10k for 20% of an art-slave?
    Haha, JK! … no really :), it wouldn’t be fair on Dan and twice a week is good warm-up for our next attempt… 😀

  9. cwDeici Says:

    really just joking, that’d be a mess ;P… too bad none of us are rich ^_^

    Actually, this is for the better. Dan needs to get used to a tough schedule before delving into cartoon hell Excalicake to slay the Ur-Devils…

  10. Always bet on Snax Says:

    2k in 60 hours? I hope you’re ready for updates, Dan. I can’t wait for glorious black pages.

  11. Aristagon Says:

    44h to less than 1K.

    I hope he will survive long enough till 2014…. 😀

  12. sp_ Says:

    You know what would be funny, if some rich guy dumped $10K in at the last minute.

  13. chrometsuba Says:

    I for one am glad to support this project, making Dan a slave to weekly updates…

    we are almost to the twice a week mark!!! only a few more books to go!!!

  14. cwDeici Says:

    sp: Yeah, I bet if any one of us is rich, that is exactly what they would do. Probably none of us are, but imagine Dan’s hilarious pain. 😀

  15. admin Says:


  16. Always bet on Snax Says:

    Congratulations on breaking 40k, Dan. <3

  17. Oscar Says:

    What is this, the $40000 goal has been reached?
    I thought that people would be more considerate of Dan?
    Hmph *tsun tsun*

    Don’t get the wrong idea, Dan. It-it’s not like we are doing it for you or anything.
    We just want to see you suffer, okay?

  18. admin Says:



    OH GOD

  19. sp_ Says:

    So we’re at $41,261 as of this posting. If everyone puts in just 22% more, Dan is our slave for eternity. I’m prepared to make this sacrifice.

  20. cwDeici Says:

    Me too, but not 100%, and only one fourth of us (at most) is reading this.

  21. cwDeici Says:

    Though honestly I think we should just save up a bit for next time, it’s not a good idea to enslave someone on the first try. Like people date and get engaged before they marry. 🙂

  22. cwDeici Says:

    … well I suppose if one hundred of us add ca. fifty USD at the last hour if it’s reached 45k… I could use a couple of gift copies…

  23. sp_ Says:

    Fuck it. UPGRADING TO SHUT IN WITCH TIER. You better not pussy out on me Dan. YOLO

  24. cwDeici Says:

    Hey, nice to have someone with me, rely less on audience participation and requests from friends. I was a little bit worried.

  25. Always bet on Snax Says:

    Well it’s a bit late and cutting it close but I managed to get my True Witch tier ordered. <3

  26. admin Says:

    AWW YEAH. Let’s have an .-**~ elegant shut-in tea time <3 ~**-.

    Looks like I’ll barely avoid total enslavement. Phew.

    Thanks man! Enjoy the smooth leather and pretend it’s magical girl skin. <3

  27. sp_ Says:


  28. admin Says:


  29. cwDeici Says:

    smooth leather = magical girl skin — o_0 🙂

  30. chrometsuba Says:

    great, does that mean ascended witch textured leather = old lady retired magical girl? =(