T42R 368

Yum! T42R: 368
Hyper Space Tea Time continues! Good luck, Ark-chan!! GANBARE

Here are some nicer pictures of Ark-chan:
So moe

Also, added more waifus:
Gallery: Waifus

14 Responses to “T42R 368”

  1. DKL Says:

    fukkin’ masterpiece

  2. Not One Of Us Says:

    what in the fu

  3. acriman Says:

    Sweet jesus… Why the hell am I so excited?

  4. Ketchup Chips Says:

    You have again proven yourself the Savior of Moe! Our Moe Messiah!

  5. sp_ Says:

    is it supposed to be bad japanese or just cheesy japanese

  6. admin Says:

    This is how I hear every anime.

  7. Taichi Says:

    You’ve really done it now, Dan.

  8. ashurei Says:

    I’m not sure what I just read but it amused me.

  9. sp_ Says:

    Alright, I finally decided.

  10. anon Says:

    this cheese is too sharp for my tastes.

  11. Doo Doo Doo Says:

    I see Moeman’s conquest of space is going well. :> BUT WHERE NEXT?!

  12. Replica Says:

    Galleries > Core Works > Waifus

    Hahaha oh wow

  13. Kasumi Says:

    Am I missing something or are there only 4 toes on the right foot of this image? http://manga.clone-army.org/gallery/waifu/waifu_007.jpg

  14. admin Says:

    Oh, yeah — someone pointed that out on Twitter, too. I fixed the original but never re-scanned it.
    It’s scanned and uploaded now. Thanks. : )