T42R 369 – 370

Yum! T42R: 369 – 370 (READ IN ORDER!)
The amazing sci-fi saga continues!

25 Responses to “T42R 369 – 370”

  1. couchfort Says:

    I just don’t feel like we’re on the same page anymore, Dan.

  2. admin Says:

    You know you love it.

  3. Doo Doo Doo Says:

    doushio :<

  4. Trust Jollin' Says:

    Good job, Ark-chan, you killed the last of the human race. Earth-chan is going to be pissed.

  5. cwDeici Says:

    Jeeze, Ark-chan, that better have been a diversionary tactic where you only sacrificed SOME of your passengers…

    Is ‘the Last Ark of Humanity’ referring to Macross btw?

  6. cwDeici Says:

    I do feel sorry for her misunderstanding about the humans being quiet and even worse about her being bullied, I hope those alien ships get what’s coming to them and she feels better.

    … however, as much as I empathize with her and wish her well there is the second issue, jettisoning your cargo WITHOUT due cause is the worst thing a sentient cargo ship can do and would earn her the disdain of any other sentient cargo ships out there (though ameliorated somewhat due to the psychological circumstances). I don’t know what their word for it would be, but ‘oathbreaker’, ‘high treason’ and ‘second-degree murder/crime of passion’ (under mitigating circumstances), come to mind.
    I feel at the very least if she has indeed destroyed humanity once and for all, she should retire to seclusion and live a happy life together with her close ones if they forgive her, or she could find new friends. The harsh version would be to disassemble her.

    Though since there may be no humans left I guess she’ll go without human justice. Ah well, guess Earth-kun can work a few hundred million years until the minerals are restocked on its surface from volcanic activity, then a new civilization can use the easily accessible petroleum and minerals to bootstrap it’s way up to an energy-based civilization.

  7. cwDeici Says:

    … if there’s any primates left on Earth to easily evolve that is. Octopuses and Dolphins are kinda screwed since it’s hard for them to work metals while in water.

    Well, it’s going to be interesting what she does next and how her friends react.
    I’m hoping those were just the escape pods and not the actual cargo? Doesn’t seem like it at all though…

    This reminds me a bit of Eve where I never got into the game enough to accomplish anything. I did however buy one cargo unit of refugee family and deposit them in deep space. ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS. Enjoyed all the drawings except for the last picture with the huge eyes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. cwDeici Says:

    She could go back to Earth-kun… hope there’s more to pick up, but there won’t be… it was the last… but maybe he and the satellites will still accept her.
    She could use her weapons to kill the aliens! Then maybe pick out the DNA if they’re not properly digested yet and maybe have them cloned, I don’t know?
    She could explore space on her own, and find new happiness?

    It’s hard to predict, she just jettisoned her purpose (except to live and socialize with her loved ones, since she’s sentient), what now? ^_^ Looking forward to the next~

  9. cwDeici Says:

    Maybe we can get to see a recently retired (to watch the clouds without sending data to any metereological centers) Puddle-chan cheer her up? ๐Ÿ™‚ (her art and concept was amazing)

    Puddle-chan seems to me to be the kind of girl who’s naturally in love with her purpose/duty, so she’ll be very relaxed and friendly (even Earth-kun doesn’t seem shy at all around her) and might be able to help Ark-chan feel better, and also teach her about the importance of carrying out your functions (it may not hold any more relevance with all the humans gone, but creations still follow their drives)

    Well, whichever this is a good read, nice and conflicting. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Ketchup Chips Says:

    >my sides
    >literally in outer space

  11. Dan Says:



    1. Not a reference to Macross, but I guess the whole ark thing is pretty common
    2. The humans were eaten : (
    3. The head tilt in the final panel was a reference to Sayaka’s “I’m such an idiot” headtilt.

    As for everything else… you’ll see what happens next soon enough. : >

  12. cwDeici Says:

    Haha, yeah, sorry, I have a hard time getting my thoughts down in one post. I’ll be more careful, if you don’t mind I’m sure there’ll be others. Looking towards to whatever comes next indeed! Huh… yeah, that tilt is really nice! I think it needs hair though. ๐Ÿ˜€
    And grrr… I’m having a REALLY hard time wishing Ark-chan well.
    Also come to think of it Puddle-chan might not be that nice to someone who’s abandoned her duty, since she’s been good at it she might not empathize (or is what she really loves water? … too bad we can’t see her eyes… I bet she’s got pretty eyes ; )), so maybe it’s a good thing she’s not there. Too

  13. cwDeici Says:

    she’s especially cute in the last panel of 369 though, and pretty good in several of 368.
    She seemed sincere at the time… I suppose she’s a very young ship AI that needs more experience?

  14. mycoffeeblack Says:


    I got the headtilt thing immediately. The result was a very audible guffaw. This is just one of the many, many reasons I love your comics, good sir.

  15. Oscar Says:

    Don’t forget.
    Always, somewhere,
    someone is fighting for you.

    As long as you remember her,
    you are not alone.

  16. Facebirds Unlimited Says:


  17. Oscar Says:

    Ujuujin = ใ†ใกใ‚…ใ†ใ˜ใ‚“ = ๅฎ‡ๅฎ™ไบบ = Aliens

  18. Facebirds Unlimited Says:

    Eh, just nitpicking about that spelling because I have nothing better to do. Unless it’s some sort of speech pattern, speech patterns are totally moe.

  19. Dan Says:

    I’m sorry, my anime-moon speak is weak.

  20. maaya Says:


  21. iKo Says:

    I wish the ‘more posts’ button either gave me more posts, or was just labeled ‘One more post’.
    But yeah, keep it up ze~

  22. cwDeici Says:

    Eh, I’m sorry to say, I think I’ve come down on the side of wanting to see Ark-chan explode, infant-ship or not. ;P

    Regardless, looking forward to see what happens next!

  23. Jo-ou Says:

    I don’t think Dan actually knows Nipponese, Facebird.

    Now where’s my Ark porn?

  24. admin Says:


    Fixed! The more/fewer buttons add/remove 3 posts at a time.

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