T42R 371

Yum! T42R: 371


8 Responses to “T42R 371”

  1. Mio Says:

    Have you ever written a story with a happy ending?

  2. admin Says:

    They all had happy endings, especially Nana.

  3. Ketchup Chips Says:

    I think June in Winter is the only comic with an explicitly happy ending.
    PXI, Nana, A&M, Momoka(?) and EVERYTHING in the Maria’s Sea collection end in tears.

  4. Not One Of Us Says:

    Depending on your fetish, every comic Dan does has a happy ending!

  5. cwDeici Says:

    Mnyeh, this was a happy ending of sorts. It’d be wrong for her to scuttle the humans and get a good ending.
    OK, so it’s more like one bright point, but still. Anyway, I’m sure the retired Puddle-chan survived and is making for an alien civilization so she can help them with weather reports!

  6. admin Says:

    The story isn’t over! It’s just getting started!

  7. sp_ Says:

    Victoria! I thought about asking for her. I was also very close to requesting Lum. It’s too bad I can’t make you my personal waifu drawing slave.

  8. cwDeici Says:

    Puddle-chan weather report: Circle of meteors, will they gather into a smaller sphere, and perhaps collide with Luna?