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That was fun. A couple more days and the Waifus should be done. I think they’re having a good effect on me – I feel more comfortable drawing every day.

14 Responses to “Waifus + Pencil Cupcake”

  1. Not One Of Us Says:

    Are you saying… PRACTICE is helping you draw?

  2. Not One Of Us Says:

    Further feedback on the lovely Meiling:

    Excellent thighs, back, biceps and triceps.
    Hips could be wider.
    While I imagine Meiling’s butt to be bigger and squishier, as cut as you made her appear it looks very appropriate.
    Forearm could be bigger. Not by much, though.
    For a breast-advert ZUN-like person you are, you did pretty well at natural large breasts there. I think you used the stance to your benefit.
    That hat way too small.
    You jealous, Sakuya.


  3. less_than_three Says:

    Should proabably do the words in pencil and drawing in pen, then make sure the words are legible before they’re ink’d.

  4. Kabuto Says:

    WOW! That Noriko looks great!! The expression of her face looks really badass! And also Dan drawing mechas. Apart from Sniktbub that’s my favorite waifu from the ones you have drawn.

  5. admin Says:


    I updated her a bit based on your feedback. : >
    I could even enlarge her butt and hips a bit more, if you like.

    Maybe I should just typeset the words, ha ha. : (

    Thanks! Drawing an 80s face was pretty interesting.

  6. Aristagon Says:

    I should practice too…..

  7. Not One Of Us Says:

    Well hell, I wasn’t pressin’ for ya to change it, just given’ some constructive criticism for an ever-improving artists – but I can’t say I don’t appreciate it!


    Forearm: much better.
    Oh I do like the new butt. Didn’t dislike the old butt, though. They’re two different but equal butts.
    The hips do seem better, though that just may be the bigger butt obscuring it. However, at the angle and the stance Meiling has, getting a good feel of how to draw the hips must be hard to do.
    Hat better.
    I do find it amusing that you seemed to put more thought into the hamstring for her left leg. Also appreciative.
    Though it does seem like you changed her leg stance a bit, and made her right leg a little thinner? Any reasoning on that?
    With the angle, it’s hard to tell if the delts are well done or not. Seem strong enough, though.
    Not sure why you slightly changed the breast shape. Not complaining, just unsure why.
    Face change is interesting. It gives her a warmer feel while still maintaining her “badass” vibe. Very nice.
    Damn right her sweaty, naked body glistens. You jealous, Sakuya.

  8. zibba Says:

    well…another one done…I was tired of fighting vegas over what I could and could not do… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvVoX6BqIMo

  9. admin Says:

    Pepper~ ;-;

    I’ll link this directly in the next update. Thanks, man. ;-;

  10. TheEFAF Says:

    I guess a waifu is still a waifu if your waifu is….wolverine.

  11. cwDeici Says:

    Love Snax’s last panel to Cupcake. 😀

  12. sp_ Says:

    Confirmed. Dan plays LoL

  13. admin Says:


    I don’t play MOBAs, I just don’t find them fun.

  14. Jo-ou Says:

    Based Dan telling it like it is.

    That’s a bitchin’ Sniktbub waifu, by the way.