T42R 373 + Waifus + Doodles

Yum! T42R: 373

Gallery: Cupcake doodle
Gallery: Dakiko Cosplay Guide
Gallery: More Waifus

I wish I could keep both of the Sayaka drawings. Oh well.
If you wanted to pick up a portrait of your (you’re) waifu, there are still seven available slots for April!

19 Responses to “T42R 373 + Waifus + Doodles”

  1. Not One Of Us Says:

    Good show, mate.

  2. Zinaida Says:

    Awesome… Awesome to the max…

  3. cwDeici Says:


  4. Sam Says:

    Is Dan Kim gay? Please answer.;

  5. MaggieZel0x Says:

    No, he has a girlfriend, who helps him draw on his comics.

  6. Trust Jollin' Says:

    1. Mami
    2. Homuhomu
    3. Madoka
    4. Kyouko
    5. Unnamed Indian girl

    36. Walpurgisnacht
    37. Sayaka

  7. Elliot Says:

    1. Sayaka
    2. Homu^2
    3. Kyouyo (With Sayaka combo pack)
    4+. Who cares about the rest?

  8. Aristagon Says:

    Do somebody know a good software to Host webcomics?

  9. Jo-ou Says:

    RIP in pieces Daniel Z. Kim

    1927 – 2013

  10. X Says:

    Is Dan Kim a young clone of Woody Allen?

  11. This is my name Says:

    This is my comment.

  12. Maaya Says:

    Dat Kogami is so MINE :L

  13. Maaya Says:

    dat persona kogami is to die for *pewpews in head* *v*

  14. Jo-ou Says:


    omg ;_;

  15. Dan Says:

    Did you see the Alice?
    Are you satisfied?

  16. Jo-ou Says:

    To be very honest, you could have taken a shit on a piece of paper and I would build a shrine to it.

    N-not that I l-like you or anything, you d-dummy! I didn’t even want a w-waifu, jeez!

  17. admin Says:

    In that case, there is going to be a very special gift for you in the mail. I’ll put it in tupperware.

  18. Jo-ou Says:

    aw yiss

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