Gallery + Design update

SO INTENSE Gallery: Cupcake Dev + Kickstarter sketches
Cupcake Designs: Profile Stuff

I drew about 270 sketches over the last three days (for the Kickstarter). Almost done. After this is taken care of I’ll be able to draw comics like crazy.

6 Responses to “Gallery + Design update”

  1. Jo-ou Says:

    You promised me Penny, Dan.

    Where’s Penny.

    Where is she, Dan.

  2. ouf Says:

    Poor Nana…

  3. leo Says:

    Ah! That’s mine! Nanaaaa! <3 <3 … ;_;

  4. Kabuto Says:

    That Butt Star in Carmel Starlight~

  5. Zinaida Says:

    Jesus fuck, I love this…

  6. Not One Of Us Says:

    Aw yeah, my strong woman making the sidepic.