T42R: 374 – 382

Have a cake day or something T42R: 374 – 382 (READ IN ORDER!)
Gallery: Drawstream (Check page 2, too!)


33 Responses to “T42R: 374 – 382”

  1. cwDeici Says:

    whoa Dan…

    damn… I feel real bad now talking ’bout wedgies earlier…

    wow. That was art and blood man.

  2. Not One Of Us Says:

    That voluptuous Cupcake-tan. Aw yiss.

  3. noita Says:

    L-Lewd! (◡///◡)

  4. TheEFAF Says:

    I like it, but also…
    every time I see cupcake’s face I just want to punch it over and over again
    I was really glad when tomoyo ripped that face off sakura

    I think I have a condition

  5. Zinaida Says:

    Thank Christ I saw this ‘fore I left!

  6. Zinaida Says:

    A good thing to see.

  7. Kabuto Says:

    Daijobu Dan-san!!

  8. Jo-ou Says:

    My dick is so hard right now.

  9. admin Says:

    every time I see cupcake’s face I just want to punch it over and over again

    She does have that kind of face.
    I love it.

  10. Trust Jollin' Says:

    I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to look at your thick lines the same way again.

  11. Exodisma Says:


  12. Amy Says:

    Looks like Dan took punching another step further and ripped Cupcake-tan’s head off. Weeping blood for your art isn’t so far off, some friends of mine have some really bloodshot eyes after and art gauntlet.

  13. admin Says:



  14. DKL Says:

    I didn’t really understand what was going on after a while, but I’m under the impression that this was some NTR shit.

  15. Aristagon Says:

    I feel sick from this. I will also Not asking for updates anymore. Woah, Dan, that last updates… I am missing words.

  16. Badscribbler Says:

    >but I’m under the impression that this was some NTR shit.
    Same here, It was glorious and I generally dislike NTR but it’s so out of context it worked.

    I look forward to your next round of symbolic self mutilation after missing updates.

  17. Aristagon Says:

    He became even more unpredictable…

  18. Fronzel Says:

    Dan you are mentally ill.

  19. Grand_Sham Says:

    I thought you vanished there for a while, good to see you came back!

    So is it time to start the “Two updates a week” thing, since (I’m guessing) TCAF ended?
    (As if Cupcake’s ass would ever end…)

  20. Box! Says:

    When was the last time you had a job that didn’t involve drawing? Was it a happier time?

  21. Always bet on Snax Says:

    And this is why Snax is superior, Cupcake is a filthy slut.

  22. X Says:

    > Let’s get ready to update.

    Sure, Dan. Whatever. Whenever. Take your time.

  23. cwDeici Says:

    Always Snax: Indeed! Whoever the Hoff is, he is lucky, the stupid bastard.

  24. Aristagon Says:

    Russian spambot?

  25. Bug Says:

    I always wanted to see what Cupcake-Tan was actually supposed to be as a character. I think this update might make me really want to stick around…

  26. fred Says:

    ( ;゚д゚)

  27. Tadaima Says:

    I forgot to ask…does this mean that now there are (not) going to be tuesday updates?

  28. couchfort Says:

    So updating regularly is “spinning out of control” and now you found your peace, updating when the fuck ever? I fucking hate you, Dan.

    …. Dan….

    I love you Dan.

  29. kirite Says:


    (I loves it)

  30. iKo Says:

    We-we’re not getting regular updates then, Dan?

  31. plague faget of doom! Says:


    this was lewdeep, dan.

  32. Okaeri Says:

    Ok, I laughed harder than I should at that last strip.

  33. admin Says:

    I’m updating!
    There’s a new batch of comics. ;w;

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