T42R 383-385

Snax T42R: 383 – 385 (READ IN ORDER!)
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32 Responses to “T42R 383-385”

  1. Trust Jollin' Says:

    Awww. Happy Belated Birthday, Dan!

  2. Okaeri Says:

    Happy Birthday Dan!

  3. couchfort Says:

    Happy birthday, Captain Neckbeard.



  4. Exodisma Says:

    Happy 30 years of being a waste of a sperm and egg, Daaaaaaaaaaaan!

    But seriously where is the joke it has to be here somewhere WHERE IS IT DAN WHERE IS THE JOKE

  5. admin Says:

    The joke is right here. 30 years in the making.

  6. Zinaida Says:

    Dear god, she is a cruel mistress…

  7. Doo Doo Doo Says:

    Goodness. Happy late birthday, Dan.

    It… it’s normal to cry during jokes, right? Right? :'<

  8. Bug Says:

    I’m not good at “Happy Birthdays”.
    So here: http://i.imgur.com/0nKmQ8R.jpg

    (From a galaxy far away… “Happy Birthday Dan…”)

  9. chinko Says:

    Aren’t you ashamed of having another birthday without doing anything of value since the last one?

  10. ma5h Says:

    Happy birthday Dan! Enjoy some jelly and cake!

  11. Jo-ou Says:

    So. You made it to thirty alive. Congrats.

    I guess I lose that bet.

  12. Oscar Says:

    Happy Birthday, Dan 😀 !

  13. Always bet on Snax Says:

    Dan… had a hard life… ;_; Happy birthday you glorious bastard!

    Also thank you for my serving of more delicious Snax.

  14. admin Says:

    Thanks, man. ;w;

    It’s okay, we’re all losers here.

    And thanks, guys. ;w;

  15. iKo Says:

    You updated again, and on your Birthday too!
    Happy Birthday Dan, the years fly by so fast ze~ ;__;

  16. eror Says:


    So, uh, happy birthday, young fellow.

    …Damn you ARE younger than me, eh? Crazy world. Keep kicking man, and don’t ever stop.

  17. W Says:

    Happy birthday, Dan. Good thing that eagle-chan comic was before the last one. Otherwise I’d be in a bad place right now.

  18. K.O'd Says:

    Happy birthday; have a good year! You got an award from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and had a successful Kickstarter before hitting 30, so I’d say you’re doing fine and should take it easy :3

  19. cwDeici Says:

    ya dude, I bet u could totally bag a girl if you really put yourself out there. Now that you have some money (I think) chicks dig that. The hard part is getting someone who’s actually nice. Getting someone who isn’t is often worse than failing altogether.

    Of course I don’t mind if u wait a few more years, till you’ve finished NNN. 🙂

  20. cwDeici Says:

    well, actually I hope you find someone sooner than that, but… don’t forget us!!!! 😀

  21. faget & storm Says:

    Happy belated birthday. These comics hit pretty hard.
    Self-awareness is a bitch at times, ain’t it.

    Just keep on keeping on, man. ;_;

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Happy birthday!

    Keep going Dan! All your friends are right behind you!

  23. Aristagon Says:

    Hope you had a good party?

  24. X Says:

    I miss the black pages.

  25. kirite Says:

    Happy Birthday young one!



  26. Replica Says:

    A-are you… a wizard..?

  27. forgottencake Says:


    Happy belated birthday!

  28. TheEFAF Says:

    Dude, “bag a girl”? I never liked that phrase because on multiple levels it implies dragging someone dead home.

    MAYBE THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEANT, considering our location

  29. cwDeici Says:

    What kind of deviant are you? I meant as a sex slave, not as a corpse! 😛

  30. cwDeici Says:

    (I meant happily forever after.)

  31. Oblivion Shinma Says:

    You still have birthdays?
    Happy belated birthday Dan.
    You’ll start lying about your age in no time.

  32. admin Says:

    I already have white hairs. ;w;