Table at Otakuthon!

Snax I’ll be at Otakuthon Aug 16 – 18 (Table 222, next to the “Chibi Cafe” on floor 2)

Details here!

See you there, I guess?

11 Responses to “Table at Otakuthon!”

  1. Trust Jollin' Says:

    One of these days I’m going to come harass you at an event like this. Sadly, this isn’t going to be the one. Have fun though~

  2. Okaeri Says: This doesn’t mean I don’t like what I got but it’s reaaaally different from what I thought it was going to be about.

  3. Kasumi Says:

    I… somehow missed that Cupcake was going in Skullgirls? [REDACTED] (There’s her from the game, but not an in game screenshot)

  4. Dan Says:

    How did you get this?

  5. Kasumi Says:

    I’m part of the Skullgirls Beta, and wrote a tool to unpack levels.gfs in the data folder.

  6. Kasumi Says:

    Here she is actually in game in a video:

    Her and the other NPCs are starting to get put in. It’s available for everyone to see, not non public or anything. I’m sorry if I worried you somehow.

  7. Dan Says:

    Ah, okay, awesome. I didn’t know she was in game yet.

    The skullgirls folks asked the folks who got characters in the game not to share the pictures and leave the announcements to them, so I was worried for a sec. It’s all cool, though. : >

  8. RGE Says:

    If only I could read the handwriting in those tiny comics from Otakuthon. But that would require a much higher resolution for most of them. And an understanding of Cupcake’s slang. I guess I get the gist anyway: She is awesome and cosplayers are just loser whores. $50 indeed.

  9. jesusdan Says:

    you’ve done well by me dan. huge <3. now get to work on the comics you shit.

  10. Trust Jollin' Says:


    It’s everything I’d hoped for. Nice work, ze~

  11. Facebirds Unlimited Says: