Cupcake Development Work

Snax gallery: Lots of Cupcake development work!

Mostly just trying to fix my sameface problem and get that lineart looking more solid.

Also lots of drawings from Otakuthon. Flip through the other pages of the drawstream!

11 Responses to “Cupcake Development Work”

  1. Zinaida Says:

    Mm.. Always got me by her short hairs…

  2. Okaeri Says:

    Yep, Star girl is best girl. I imagine her shooting homing lasers (like Gunbuster) , transforming her star pin into a giant star boomerang and obviously using a star shaped beam.
    I imagine same face can be difficult to avoid in most animu styles because the nose and the mouth tend to become just lines. Is it just me or are your chins getting pointier and pointer. I am seeing differences in your faces, specially in the upper part of the face.

    Does this girl bought a copy of sakura’s staff? Is she a fan too? :>

  3. admin Says:

    Caramel Starlight <3

    I'm really looking forward to drawing her fight scenes. Lasers in dark subways filled with water -- the lighting is going to be a pain in the ass but so worth it.

    And yeah, that's Sakura's staff. ;w;

  4. Zinaida Says:

    It’s all about the tracksuit-based attacks, yo. Her dual stripes hold her power…

  5. Ashurei Says:

    Second pic almost looks like Amir from A Bride’s Story with that headband. 😮

    Lovely stuff though. Like seeing an artbook before it’s a book!

  6. admin Says:

    It is Amir! : >

    Someone requested her in a waifu request thread. : >

  7. Ashurei Says:

    Oh! Well done, then, haha. I didn’t want to assume. 🙂

  8. psuedonymous Says:

    Dan-kun, hey Dan-kun!

    More spaceships plz.

  9. fred in red Says:

    !!! So it is Amir!!! I didn’t know you read a bride’s story, Dan

    I thought about this for a long time…. can you draw Mulberry as my waifu request? 😀
    I can pay you in tea cups if necessary.

    Also I looked at that dress again, I still think the colour is more red than orange. And fred in red sounds more catchy.

  10. admin Says:

    I love all of Mori’s work!

    And sure, why not. : >

  11. iKo Says:

    Geez Dan, sometimes I forget how skilled you are.
    Good to see it.