Witches + Doodles

Snax On the Subject of Witches: 33-34

Gallery: drawstream (lots of doodles)

18 Responses to “Witches + Doodles”

  1. X Says:

    No, the text … it hurtsssss

  2. couchfort Says:

    Dannnnnnnnn! We talked about this, Dannnnnnnn. Moar narrative, less experimental wtf-ness with large walls of text! I’ll take black on black pages over this!

    At least it’s slowly happening. I look forward to the complete 300+ page book in 2045. Keep up the good pace, Dan.

  3. cwDeici Says:

    I like the text!
    Narrative is good too though. 🙂

  4. cwDeici Says:

    Though that may have to do with the text being easier to understand… ; )

  5. cwDeici Says:

    btw there’s a typo: ‘enameled’

  6. cwDeici Says:

    Btw., have been reading up on T42 to see if there’s anything I missed (never read through it linearly), and if you ever publish it I’d totally buy a copy.

  7. admin Says:

    Fixed, thanks. : >

    As for T42R, it probably won’t happen.

  8. Zinaida Says:

    Damn, nature.

  9. sp_ Says:

    Dan, what’s a sevant bird?

  10. Aristagon Says:

    I think It was meant Servant, as it is spelled so afterwards. I guess thats some Facebirds/Guardian analogy?

  11. Dan Says:

    Fixed. Also uploaded a couple more pages.

  12. Aristagon Says:

    Awesome Art again. Still often not sure what I am looking at. But maybe it will make some sense in some more chapters/years

  13. couchfort Says:

    I had already decided I liked the added pages, because it flows like a short story narrative, but then I read the text page again and the following pages actually began to make more sense to me, and even the page itself felt better. I guess we really do need more pieces to the puzzle to really appreciate what you’re doing. It felt like putting a face to a name.

    I know I’m starting to really where this is finally going.

  14. couchfort Says:

    really LIKE where this is finally going*

  15. Aristagon Says:

    Wasnt the shorthair blond girl, The Lady of the Castle? And Penny has Dark Hair like in the TopImage. Maybe what we see is the Epilog, Pennys Ghost returned to the castle now with long blond hair?

    Where is Yvv? Facebirds? Whats the Mystery of the death og Yvv’s Doughter? Who are the Intruders? Guardians? Is Witches realy Pnny? Peny? Pnnnnn? NNN? PPP?

  16. Aristagon Says:

    Wow, page 40 is nice! Lots of Dead Servants.

  17. couchfort Says:

    This is a reboot of that series, not a continuation. I think we’ve seen Penny and the Mistress a few times already earlier but not either of these two (I think). I believe the short haired girl is Algis, as the narrator identifies her as.


    It’s getting exciting, thanks for the secret 10 page update.

  18. Dan Says:

    Glad you’re liking it. : >