International Manga Award

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The International Manga Award has awarded NNN a bronze medal.

The International Manga Award is run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan in co-operation with The Japan Cartoonists Association.  The I.M.A. was established in 2007.

[MOFAJ News and Jury info]

104 Responses to “International Manga Award”

  1. Goat13 Says:


  2. Exodisma Says:

    Awesome, congratulations! Proves that not everyone in Japan has horrible taste.

  3. admin Says:

    Thanks, guys.
    : >

  4. Supernymous Says:

    Well done, Dan. Do you know how many entrants you were up against?

  5. admin Says:

    Apparently 145 entries from 30 countries. So, not a huge pool, but I’ll take it!

  6. mycoffeeblack Says:

    Congrats! But even so, NNN deserves better if you ask me. I’m actually a bit surprised at the Gold Winner, though whether pleasantly or unpleasantly I cannot yet tell. “I Kill Giants” was beautiful and all, but for me it’s sort of the standard for a decent graphic novel, and while I’ll recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good comic, I’ve still read better. This might just be my opinion, but I think “Scott Pilgrim” and “Not Simple” could easily give IKG a run for it’s money. Either way, I’ve read NNN more than any of these, and I keep coming back to it over, and over, and over. You friggin’ wipe the floor with these guys, Dan!

  7. couchfort Says:

    Oh wow, well done Dan! Congrats to you!

  8. Dzhon Says:

    You always be a gold medal winner to me, Dan.

  9. Zinaida Says:

    Hah! See? I always say that NNN deserves a bronze medal!

  10. admin Says:

    I just the pity the translation team.

  11. ahr2nd Says:

    Did you also submit Tomoyo’s Room?

  12. x Says:

    It deserves better, but congratulations nonetheless.

    I suppose you should quit while you’re ahead.

  13. admin Says:

    Let’s aim for a Hugo next time, with Penny. Hugo 2047!!

    And thanks, Coffee — I appreciate it. I’m happy with this result, though. : )

  14. Not One Of Us Says:


  15. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    Congratulations, good sir.

  16. maaya Says:

    OMEDETOES! félicitations pour kimi noes succès

  17. AoC Says:

  18. jesusdan Says:

    well done and well deserved sir.

  19. admin Says:

    Thanks, guys. : >

  20. Lanoraptor Says:

    Awesome dude!

  21. licorize Says:

    Gratz Dan! Time to party!

  22. Jo-ou Says:

    A winner is you!

    Now work hard on Penny.

  23. couchfort Says:


  24. forgottencake Says:

    Congrats, Mr. Kim! : D

  25. It's Dantastic Says:


    Actually, other than the fact you can put that in the About section, do you get some kind of prize?

  26. Aristagon Says:

    Well deserved!
    It is realy stunning to see a honoration of your progress as a visual storyteller.

  27. admin Says:

    Jo-ou, forgottencake
    Yep, Penny.

    A plaque and a little presentation ceremony, but that it.
    I wouldn’t mind an update to that wikipedia entry, though… N-not that I really care or anything. G-geez!

    Thanks, man. : >

    … and thanks for waiting through all of these non-updates. : /

  28. X Says:


  29. ;_; Says:

    Congrats, Dan!

  30. MrHankey Says:

    Finally 😀 !!! congrats !

  31. Plaid Says:

    Congrats, Dan. You’ve earned it. People are starting to recognize and appreciate your work.

  32. moe 19.0 Says:

    Adrian-san! Adrian-san!

    We did it, Adrian-san!!!!!

  33. admin Says:

  34. =] Says:

    Hi Dan,
    You’ve been such an inspiration to me over the years both as an artist and a writer. I came across your website several years back and recently came back to your website. I am glad it’s still standing and that your style has remained the same. Congratulations on the award!

  35. admin Says:

    Thanks, =]

    Best of luck in your own work!

  36. RGE Says:

    A medal, eh? Isn’t that one of those things that you could stick to your T-shirt and walk around with? No? Just a virtual medal? Oh well. Congratulations anyway! 😀

  37. Mo Mocha Says:

    I love that they didn’t even try to write out the pronunciation for NNN.

  38. Stencil Guy Greg Says:

    I feel like NNN was probably *just* nonsensical enough to lose appeal. However, we all know Dan can write a consistent narrative, so this is still a victory.

  39. Oscar Says:

    Congratulations, Dan, a Canadian pride!

  40. X Says:

    and possibly some more updates?

  41. acriman Says:

    nice job Dan, keep it up! i love my hardcover copy of NNN, that’s a medal well deserved.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    You don’t deserve it

  43. Elliot Says:

    Oh man, congrats Dan!!

  44. admin Says:

    Thanks. : >

    Put that on my gravestone. : (

  45. couchfort Says:

    Oh good thing you got the site back up just in time for more not updating, Dan.

  46. Jo-ou Says:

    >However, we all know Dan can write a consistent narrative

    That’s like saying “we know Humans are capable of peaceful coexistence”.

  47. Reese Says:

    I-It’s not like I dropped in to congratulate you or anything, b-baka!

    I’m actually here to ask if you applied for a table at Anime North, because registration closed today.

  48. admin Says:

    Yep, applied. I got a lottery number. : /

  49. Aristagon Says:

    4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 your winning chance!

  50. couchfort Says:

    So… how about that Penny?

  51. couchfort Says:

    Uh, n-now eventually you do plan to have COMICS on your comic site, RIGHT? Hello? *Tap tap tap* H-hello? HAHHHHH! Yes?

  52. X Says:

    *normal service is now resumed*

  53. Exodisma Says:

    See, the Dan doesn’t obey set patterns or or or… posting schedules. The essence of chaos.

  54. couchfort Says:

    Dan, uh uh, Dan will find a way.

  55. Exodisma Says:

    Anybody hear that? It’s a, um, it’s an update tremor is what it is. I’m fairly alarmed here.

  56. Not One Of Us Says:

    What’s that? Another Penny reboot? You don’t say…

  57. couchfort Says:

    Pretty sure Penny IS about a girl whose life is constantly rebooted. And we’re seeing glimpses of those brief moments in each life. Dan is so deep sometimes.

  58. couchfort Says:


  59. couchfort Says:

    Daaaaaaan, I read through the archives of some FUCKING AWFUL comic that just WISHES it could Penny…. but its nooooot.


  60. jesusdan Says:

    ya’know Dan, it seems that my best comments are manifested when you PURPOSELY take your site down at the same moment I’m developing them. for this I will never forgive you and you will obviously never suffer the humiliation you’d have had to face had I been able to successfully post. so I guess congratulations to you. fucker. tomoyo42 ftw. ಠ_ಠ

  61. admin Says:


    The site has been pretty unstable recently. I know.

  62. couchfort Says:


    Nah, its some piece of badly drawn, badly written CRAP called Omega Manor. Pretty sure I only read through because I have a thing for redheads. Not a real saving grace in this shit pile.


  63. Mana Says:




    although I must admit I had a hard time understanding what was going on and halfway through I started tripping

  64. X Says:

    *plays some soothing muzak*

  65. iKo Says:

    Well done Dan.
    I hope that motivates you more than your thousands of fans. Not that I’m a fan or anything, g-g-geez!

  66. Exodisma Says:

    Don’t kid yourself, there’s only like three of us.

  67. couchfort Says:

    At least 100

  68. Jo-ou Says:

    There’s definitely more than there should be, all things considered, I’ll tell ya that.

  69. couchfort Says:

    Yeah, Dan’s got a pretty dedicated following for someone who doesn’t draw comics.

  70. admin Says:

    I know you’re only here for the comments section.

  71. couchfort Says:

    Well, it IS the only section that gets updated…

  72. couchfort Says:

    I’d like to think Dan is now working diligently to prove us all wrong, that he does indeed update…

    But we all know he’s just gonna curl up in his sock drawer and sleep for days.

  73. Not One Of Us Says:

    “Well, it IS the only section that gets updated…”

    Fuckin’ BURN!

  74. Doo Doo Doo Says:

    It’s cool, Dan. I believe in you and shit.

    I’ve always wondered if this comment section is like poking a bear, except you’ve never really gotten angry and feral. When you do, do you update? Is that how it works? :X

  75. couchfort Says:

    I used to think that’s how it worked, but if that’s how it worked, Dan must have the patience of a fucking saint to avoid updating weeks, sometimes months, on end of us verbally abusing the hell out of him.

    I think Dan updates based on OUR patience. I think he reads the individual comments, and bases how impatient we’re getting based upon how much MEANER the comments are getting. When a good proportion of the readers go from posting our usual ha-ha-that’s-mean shenanigans to pure contempt for Dan and his lack of updates, then he’s all “Lolz I guess I can update…. PSYCH! ITS JUST A NEW SIDE PICTURE!” or “PSYCH! IT’S JUST A DUTCH TRANSLATION OF T42R STRIPS!”

    What a fuckhead.

  76. couchfort Says:

    I love you, Dan, you magnificent fucker you

  77. Jo-ou Says:

    In all seriousness, Dan knows I, and we, love him. Sometimes too much (stalking is never nice, kids! (I’m sorry)).

    We bug him because we care, damnit, and it’s criminal that he doesn’t do more with his talent.

  78. couchfort Says:

    I see Dan added a few more pages of NOTHING… I yearn for moar

  79. admin Says:

    More nothing coming soon!

  80. jesusdan Says:

    i have no doubt that he’ll deliver…

  81. jesusdan Says:

    nevermind, he already has.

  82. couchfort Says:

    @Admin Dan: YESSSSSSS! This is why I continue to support you. Still wanna see you at a US East Coast con this year.

  83. Clive Says:


  84. Ohara Says:

    Dan You are supposed to get first prize and make money if you are really wish it…
    why don’t you make manga for commercial? ..Dont you make money with your talent?

  85. iKo Says:

    Also, can’t help but wonder how you’re doing at your job.
    Surely that’s also it, you have a job now, so your resources are split- I got a side job, and haven’t finished a painting since.

  86. Reese Says:

    Dammit Dan, have you started on that graveyard yet? I consistently fail to archive every single fucking reboot you do.

  87. couchfort Says:

    “Dammit Dan, have you started on that graveyard yet?” You’re already looking at the comic graveyard…


  88. couchfort Says:

    BTW Dan, I like the establishing shot that is Page 6. It’s very surreal and pretty.

  89. jesusdan Says:

    nothin’ to do…nothin’ to do. hau hau hau, visit clone-army, still nothin’ to do.


  90. Aristagon Says:

    Remember his reactions, the last time we declared him dead?

    Shall we try again before we reach 400 Postings again?

  91. Trust Jollin' Says:

    >Make money

    Sometimes I think that Dan is allergic to money. It’s like his moe charm. “kyaaaa! don’t touch me with your filthy cash!”

  92. cwDeici Says:

    Does Dan like other types of work, just dislike money or just dislike his art and money intersecting?

  93. cwDeici Says:

    Coz if it’s 2 or 3 then maybe we should offer to hire him a therapist rather than offer him cash.

    Then once he’s cured of his aversion to money we can start entrapping him with dreams of glory and consumerism.

  94. cwDeici Says:

    Well, he’s already got glory, but it could be so much more if he worked full-time on it!

    Then again maybe that’d make him unhappy and/or change his art.

  95. X Says:

    *changes the record to moe muzak*

  96. admin Says:

    Hey, Ohara! Thanks again for the Kanami fanart, I’ll put it up soon…

    As for making money with comics — my real fear might be editorial influence. If I need to depend on comics to make money, I’d probably have to end up making a different sort of comic (something popular and easy that allows frequent updates and goes viral easily — gag strips, current events commentary strips, comics that pander to the social media crowd). And then I’d probably end up hating comics, and I don’t that to happen. Honestly, I’d probably just kill myself if this happened (or just drink and read all day and wait until I love comics again).

    If I could decouple money from editorial influence and popularity, I wouldn’t have any good grounds for complaint. Maybe I should set up a donation page after all? Eh…

    Thanks, man. I got another half-page done today, too! Small steps…

    I’m almost always up for long conversations. : )

    Were you expecting a moe reply?
    Too bad! It’s just me, glasses-Dan!

    Man, I’m ALREADY working (or “working”) on comics full time. More money isn’t going to help things get any faster — it’d just help me do it for longer. Speed depends on how confident I am on the worthiness of the project and the difficulty of the current section . : /

  97. Ohara Says:

    I’ve seen a BBS that mangaka exchanging information. They always complain for editors’
    sh*tty requests. In any fields, commercial creators have to fight for such pressers. If you
    hate presser as a commercial artist, it’s ok but manga drawing is so difficult as just a hobby.
    I’m afraid no financial rewards may break your motivation to create

  98. Taichi Says:

    AAH, extremely late, but congratulations Dan!

    I wonder if we’ll ever see Penny grow to be a fine woman or if she’ll be endlessly rebooted, small traces of what we considered her to be disappearing each time.

    One day, we’ll be worthy to receive the Ultimate Penny.

  99. admin Says:

    I’m… I’m drawing her right now!

  100. Not One Of Us Says:

    You thought it would be a harsh comment?

    Too bad! It was just some positive reinforcement!

  101. cwDeici Says:

    I’ll give you money to make it longer!

    Other than that: Sorry for my ignorant comments.

  102. cwDeici Says:

    And thanks for your hard work!

  103. admin Says:

    No problem, cwDeici — I know I’m slow to update.
    Thanks for sticking around and waiting it out. : )

  104. cwDeici Says:

    You’re our hero Dan!

    (hmmm, this was a more fitting sentence since I was coughing from a cold while typing it)