Vampire Princess 7-8

Snax Shut-In Vampire Princess: 7-8

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7 Responses to “Vampire Princess 7-8”

  1. Ashurei Says:

    I love this for reasons I can’t even comprehend.

  2. Aristagon Says:

    I can imagine this as an anime 😀

    Was the Eye thing something in the fallen Templar? Or Part of the BUllet?

  3. couchfort Says:

    I see I’ve come back to THE RETURN OF SNAX! So what happened to the Fallen Templar? Did the vampire bite her vag or what’s happening there? O_o

  4. admin Says:

    It was something inside the fallen Templar — vampire egg.

    You’ll see in the next two pages.

  5. xyz Says:

    Oh Captain! My Captain!

  6. Not One Of Us Says:

    Well this got fucking dark quick.

  7. TheEFAF Says:

    “You’ll see in the next two pages.” as though any of the narrative in your comics makes any sense, Dan, ha ha ha, as though we can make out there’s an egg involved at all, much less anything else in your action scenes, ha ha ha