Comic Megaupdate

Snax Shut-In Vampire Princess: 10-11
Cupcake Shorts: 8-10
T43R: 396-397

Gallery: MGNQ
Gallery: Cupcake Animations!

It was fun putting those animations together. I’ll make a proper gallery for those later.

5 Responses to “Comic Megaupdate”

  1. xyz Says:

    bloody hell

  2. Aristagon Says:

    ah, dont kill off Siggy so fast.

  3. Not One Of Us Says:

    Haha, Dan.


  4. couchfort Says:

    And secretly pg 12 is also added. SHIT’S GETTING WEIRD… er.

  5. Aristagon Says:

    I dont even ask where the vampire “Egg” is now.