Vampire Princess 17-23+

Sigrid Shut-In Vampire Princess: 17-23
Shut-In Vampire Princess (cut pages): 4 pages
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6 Responses to “Vampire Princess 17-23+”

  1. couchfort Says:

    I don’t about all of this, Dan. Iz it can be Penny tiem nao?

  2. admin Says:


  3. Aristagon Says:

    Somehow I liked the graveyard pages more.

  4. admin Says:

    It was the wrong focus for the strip. It happens. : /

  5. X Says:


  6. Aristagon Says:

    Yes but Vicky duscovering the corpses was nice.
    And I asume those pages were more articulated in Art than Sieggys Berserk-Mode Pages.