Meguca Megaupdate

Midori Unreasonable Magical Girls: 1-11 (moved to its own section)
Vampire Bride: 24

Gallery: Drawstream
Lots of new pictures. I’ve been making good progress recently, I think- drawing is easier and things look more solid.

Cupcake’s Tumbl: Cupcake does a asnwer ask4u

17 Responses to “Meguca Megaupdate”

  1. Not One Of Us Says:

    “Hey Mukopyon, get your sweet ass out here!”


  2. Aristagon Says:

    Indeed. More. & PNNY

  3. sp_ Says:

    I don’t understand this anymore.

  4. a57 Says:

    I can’t read the comics it only goes up to 22

  5. admin Says:

    Oops — moved Unreasonable Magical Girls to it’s own section:

    Post updated.

  6. Couchfort Says:

    Whuttttt, crazy new layout. I dig it!

  7. Dan Says:

    Thanks! : D

    Hopefully the site will be a little more usable now.

  8. Aristagon Says:

    Crazy Layout with the intense Blue.
    How is the progress on teh comics? It would be cool if there could be an ongoing discussione even without finished pages. Like information on the Series Worlds and so on? I would love to to read more.

    Oh by the Way, Dan, did you saw True Detectives? I bet you could enjoy the show.

  9. Dan Says:

    information on the Series Worlds and so on?
    Hrm, maybe I do a chat during a drawstream sometime…?

    And nope, first I’ve heard of it. Maybe I’ll give it a look later…

  10. Dan Says:

    Oh, and progress on the comics is coming along.
    Preview below:

  11. Couchfort Says:

    Yo. Where da Penny at, dawg? Dis sum grade A bullsheeyat!

  12. Couchfort Says:

    Also my name now links to my YouTube channel, where some of my short films are available for viewing, including my newest 2-minute project.

    *shameless plugging*

  13. Aristagon Says:

    WTF the CupCake Universe Comics are going straight into some weird directions. <3

  14. Aristagon Says:

    Flap Flap Flapppp & the Sound of something breaking. Epic. Cant wait for Page 14.

  15. Dan Says:

    Page 14 is up! : >

  16. Aristagon Says:

    More more moooooorrrrreeeee

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