Vampire Princess + Felicia The Fucking Strong

Vampire Princess: 25
The Adventures of Felicia The Fucking Strong: 23-24

Felicia the Fucking Strong! From ENB’s Dark Soul II playthrough (relevant tweet)

Gallery: Drawstream

Lots of work on heads. Big Vampire Princess update coming up in the next day or two!

2 Responses to “Vampire Princess + Felicia The Fucking Strong”

  1. Chad Baptiste Says:

    I love everything you guys do, I admire every piece of work that sits in Clone.Manga. I stumbled across Paper XI years ago, and never realized it belonged to such a profound group (I assume) of individuals and such an extremely flushed level of content! I don’t know what I could do to even be a part of your group, especially considering my work does not reflect the level of control and power in the simplicity you demonstrate in some of your strips, but, nonetheless, I send you my thanks for exisiting, because at the end of the day, that’s all I can do. Cheers to you guys!

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks, man!
    Really glad you liked the comics. : >

    It’s just me (Dan) not a group, though, ha ha.

    Anyway, I checked out your stuff — it looks great! Bets of luck with your comics and art, too! : >