Vampire Princess 26-30

Vampire Princess: 26-30

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10 Responses to “Vampire Princess 26-30”

  1. sp_ Says:


  2. GuyAtADesk Says:

    Thanks, Dan!

  3. admin Says:


  4. X Says:


  5. RGE Says:

    The moral is that Enna likes her pillows soft, but her friends hard? Time to toughen up, Vicky! Unless it’s already too late.

    I didn’t quite understand the last two panels on page 30. Are they leading into something else?

  6. admin Says:

    Yeah, they’re leading into something else =w=

    Get your act together, Vicky! Or play games with your waifu forever, whatever.

  7. Facebirds Unlimited Says:

    Well this made my day.

  8. Not One Of Us Says:

    Oh my god Vicky and Enna are so moe gonna die

  9. Aristagon Says:

    Hi Dan, any chance to have the preliminary Panels up on the Site to see your workflow on the Comic? I like to look at WIPs

  10. admin Says:

    Not a good idea, too many spoilers.
    I may drawstream stuff, though.