Vampire Princess 35

Vampire Princess: 35

Using a new brush!
Check out the brush tests in the drawstream gallery. I’m never going back.

5 Responses to “Vampire Princess 35”

  1. question! Says:

    Is the mentioned clock knight a reference to an actual game?

    In any case: This new “style” is really, really awesome! need to try out this brush too <3

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks! =w=

    Here’s the brush setting!
    PS CS6– 6px, round, size control on, brush pose on, noise on, smoothing on, 1% spacing.

    And nope, not an actual game, just the kind of game I’d like to play.

  3. RGE Says:

    Snax is looking quite ferocious in the third panel. Is that the true face of the monster within?!

  4. Not One Of Us Says:

    Hmmm, not so sure about it. It definitely has its own feel, but I’m not sure the charcoal pen look is for the best. Kind of gives it a sketchy feeling.

    Dunno, maybe it’s an acquired taste.

  5. admin Says:

    It’s pretty sketchy for now, but I’m going to work on refining it. It really opens up a lot of possibilities.