Comics Graveyard (273 pages) + Design Works!

Graveyard: 273 pages
Lots of Metal Fist and Penny, along with a little Kanami, NNN and other stuff.

Design Works: Metal Fist
Design Works: Momoka Corner
The long requested design works. Character designs, some background, etc. You can also access it from the Library > Design Works in the top menu.

19 Responses to “Comics Graveyard (273 pages) + Design Works!”

  1. Dzhon Says:

    You sure are lively lately. Did something good happen?

  2. admin Says:

    Finished the overheard stuff on Penny, so I have a lot more time to do more stuff with immediate, visible results. FEELIN’ GOOD.

  3. mokou Says:

    i loovvee seeing process/design work! especially that pencil layout for metal fist, somethin about seeing ideas worked out traditionally is cool

    thx for putting these up here!!

  4. admin Says:

    Hey, Moukou!

    Thanks! Glad you liked it. : )

  5. Acriman Says:

    “The other is the living shadow of regret”
    HOLY SHIIIIIIIII- seeing that as a plot device in some movie/anime played similar to the twist from The Sixth Sense would be insane…

    Thanks for putting these up, I always love seeing your thoughts and concepts before the final product.

    Also, Snax is olev, even when she’s PLATINUM MAD.

  6. Not One Of Us Says:

    The comic graveyard for Kanami, page 9, speaks volumes.

  7. Doo Doo Doo Says:

    Man, I’m really happy to see all this. Even if it is just rough sketchy work, I love seeing process. You just do the whole foreground/background thing so damn well. And that scenery! Jeez! I.. it’s not like I’m in love or anything! What a stupid thing to say.

    It’s crazy how many resets you go through. The editing process must be harsh, huh? :X

  8. admin Says:

    The new Metal Fist is going to have a few nice twists. Actually, I think it will be really enjoyable the same way Nana was enjoyable: simple story, nice character progress (wouldn’t say development, exactly), a few tugs on the heartstrings.

    Not One of Us
    Just short of masterpiece. I went overboard with those horizontal lines… such excess…

    Doo Doo Doo
    G-geez…! S-saying t-t-that kinda embarrassing stuff! S-stop it already!

  9. ToastCrust Says:

    It is awfully easy to fap to this.

  10. Elliot Says:

    Man, I love seeing design documents and background like this. Fascinating seeing behind the curtain. Especially Metal Fist, I was always really interested in seeing how this would pan out. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  11. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    Dan… I just want you to know that I love you.

  12. Jo-ou Says:

    “At the end of her journey, a magical girl must be naked. Nakedness –> union with nature –> transcendence –> union with a higher power –> rebirth. This is the secret meaning behind transformation sequences.”


  13. Replica Says:

    Metal Fist. Action Comics.

  14. couchfort Says:

    Really remarkable how many versions of Metal Fist you’ve gone through so far. That must be a story you really want to tell and tell right. Version 8 was the most interesting for me because it was the most different. Definitely not the version I’d want to read, but definitely interesting as a comparison to the other versions.

    I look forward to when you finally figure the story out and tell it. Until then MOAR PENNY!

  15. TheEFAF Says:

    I can’t help it, I giggled aloud at Metal Fist v4’s “ICE BEAM” and “METAL” panels. It’s interesting to me how sparse you leave your panels; I’ve attempted rudimentary comic thumbnailing and mine end up noted all over the place like storyboards with motion notation, head position, etc. Never could follow through, but maybe some day.
    Even seeing the pages now I feel like an outsider looking in. You know what’s going on but in most pages it’s not enough for me to tell. (Or maybe I’m guessing well – I’ll never know!)

  16. Jet Says:

    This is what I’m talking about.

  17. admin Says:

    aw lawd

    Elliot and Couchfort
    No prob, people have been asking for it for a while.
    Hopefully the final form of Metal Fist will be worth wait.
    Actually, it’s great that Madoka did what it did — it really makes life easier for exploratory works since it tied up a lot of thing that would have to be addressed otherwise. It’s done a great service to future magical girl stories.

    Always Bet on Dan

    I am only half-joking there, actually.

    This is just the tip of the iceburg — I have three or four full-size 300-page notebooks and one smaller pocket-size 80 page notebook full of rejected written pieces, drawings, diagrams, etc. for NNN, Penny (many versions), Metal Fist, and many, manu short stories. So much junk. SO MUCH.

    Ok. More of this, then…

  18. kirite Says:

    Mmmmm design process and thought processes <3. Love how much thought you put into some things!

  19. psuedonymous Says:

    “The new Metal Fist”
    Huh. I wasn’t previously aware I possessed the necessary gland to produce ‘squeee’. I must make a note of this.

    Also, yay.