Vampire Bride 49 [Chp. END]

Vampire Bride: 49 Chapter End!

Going to add a couple little bonus strips, get a foothold on the next chapter, then on to Cupcake!

7 Responses to “Vampire Bride 49 [Chp. END]”

  1. RGE Says:

    What? Is Great Witch Enna going lead the ceremony and proclaim them waifu and waifu? Or is that just some cruel torture for Enna that I made up in my head to cover for this happy ending?

  2. admin Says:

    There’s no way Vicky can marry a vampire under the eyes of god… so she’ll have to get a creepy witch to do the deed.
    Being Enna is suffering.

  3. Aristagon Says:

    What about Siggi?

  4. admin Says:

    She’ll be back shortly.

  5. TheEFAF Says:

    I…I tried really hard, Dan. But I can’t figure out what Vicky was hiding and Snax figured out. Was it…feeling worn out? And then…Vicky was shocked that she was trained like a dog? Or is that some sort of metaphor for twu wuv, which lead to that whole staying together and marriage conversation?

    Dan the rules of your universes are 2 foreign 4 me

  6. admin Says:

    Yeah, that’s it.

    Vicky thought she was hiding the fact that she was worn out and unable to take care of herself, but obviously Snax was aware of that. Vicky has been 100% dependent on her for some time now.

    When Vicky realized it was already out in the open, well, there was no reason to hold hold back. Might as well go full heretical.

    Well, there will be some flashbacks soon — you’ll get to see just how bad Vicky is at faking/lying/acting. She’s always been like this.,,

  7. TheEFAF Says:

    I think the thing is Vicky really is so bad at concealing her issues that they didn’t even seem concealed to me either.

    I was like, “Naw, that was so totally obvious she couldn’t think she was hiding it right”

    Ha ha ha