Vampire Bride 50-51 + Birthday!

Vampire Bride: 50-51 (chapter end bonus strips)

Gallery: A Vampire Waifu bridal birthday present from Hat-chan!
Also vampire waifu bedtime story cuteness from Nathan!

And delicious Cupcake fromĀ Deculture, Tennis Draws, Mitch, Bloopysensei, and Mint!

And more Vicky & Snax from Grasblade! And Enna from SKRVLL!

And a moe Enna from Rena!

What a great birthday! =w=

5 Responses to “Vampire Bride 50-51 + Birthday!”

  1. Dizeh Says:

    Cake it easy on your Cakeday Dan~

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks! I’m going to draw, eat cake, and play Rorona all day. =w=

  3. RGE Says:

    It pleases me that your birthday is great. It is what you deserve.

    So, Great Witch Enna forcibly sent her Cupcake-influenced daughter to cry a three day lament? Is that what happened? I suppose she wasn’t comfy doing it herself, and that daughter probably needed something to do besides telling her mother what not to do.

  4. admin Says:

    She kicked her musume out for three days to teach her a lesson. Interrupting Vicky and Snax’s love nest was a bonus. Two birds with one stone, ha ha. =w=

    And thanks! I’m having a very cake day today. =w=

  5. Aristagon Says:

    Hope you had a nice BD!